Cosplay Spotlight - New York Comic Con 2017

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Cosplay Spotlight - New York Comic Con  2017

Thank you to all the cosplayers who participated in the video. Please leave a comment down below to let me know your thoughts on the edit. If you're in the video, leave a comment with a your time code in the video and a link to your own channels / Instagram pages. I'll pin them to the top so viewers can find more of your content. Also DM on Instagram if you'd like any of the video files. Thank's for watching, Cheers! Video Shot with Lumix GH5 Lumix 16-35 2.8 Sigma 18-35 1.8 with Metabones Adapter Zhiyun Crane V2 Edited on Premiere Pro CC Music: Roary Unbroken - Licensed from Musicbed 80's Neon Light- Licensed from Audio Jungle Sunrise Pop - Licensed from Audio Jungle

Comments to the video: Cosplay Spotlight - New York Comic Con 2017

Jamal Johns 11 months ago
This is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for including my Super Lex 49 seconds in! You can find me on instagram: jamal_johns or check out my YouTube channel:
Jennifer Reed 3 months ago
Awesome cosplay costume 10/10
Arvid nathaniel 9 days ago
yes THE Spider man ameri ca
David Bobowski 1 month ago
Love that one that dressed up as the convention building!
Joe Duke 1 month ago
Interesting to put faces on the people who want so badly to kill as many babies as possible.
Gankassauro 1 month ago
4:56 that trinity is spot on 👏
big nose 1 month ago
2:00 2:44
Bailey Bahr 2 months ago
You have my sub my friend! Great job!
Yanni Mouts 2 months ago
thank you so much for the support <3
kitoko Art 2 months ago
Pretty dope, nice work and so smooth. I got some inspiration for my next CMV!!!
Split Dimension 3 months ago
sydney marie at 2:39?
Yanni Mouts 3 months ago
Yitán. F9 3 months ago
Min.6:06 FOREST GUMP!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀
Ryan Kent 3 months ago
Fantastic montage
Marvin Mcmiller 3 months ago
Supergirl is beautiful.
Good Day Mate 3 months ago
Man, this video was SO well put together! Also loved the background music. Great job!
Alfonso Ayala 3 months ago
1:08 beutiful supergirl
Nahato K 3 months ago
Ryan Robert 3 months ago
Jerry Stillwell 3 months ago
sad thing the girls are nerds but hot nerds so they wont date ugly men anyway what you need is a nerdy nerd girl thats hot. there rare
G. Rogriguez 4 months ago
Waoooo.great video.🔱💎🔱
Juda Teixeira 4 months ago
k apareceu cada coisa ridicula
Pursue News 4 months ago
When that Steppenwolf cosplay in the end is better than what we got in the movie
julio cesar guadamuz jimenez 4 months ago
Wwwooww in this video can feel the magic in every cosplay 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Jo 4 months ago
Thank you. It is a cool Video
Bully Violator 4 months ago
Yo finally I saw someone dressed as a Warframe. Though I'd rather it be the Lotus or Ember Prime (drool) (nose bleed) And also finally my favorite character from the fifth element a.k.a. yo main man gets some recognition.
Calabozzi Spartan 4 months ago
What a great world of fantasy!
David F.D 4 months ago
5:08 Who is she???
Yanni Mouts 4 months ago
@allithetrashlord on instagram as the anime character Nozomi
Your Problems Aren't Mine! 4 months ago
Most expensive costume, Kitt!. 😉😉😂😂😂😂
xavierprotocols 4 months ago
1:06 That Supergirl is hotter than the one on the tv show :)
Tedious Maximus 4 months ago
Love that little Star Wars chicken walker costume!
Aiesha Izaguirre 4 months ago
your videos gave me life today, thanks. SHBSCRIBED
Slider617 4 months ago
Man.that Swamp Thing costume FTW!
Maxi Aban 4 months ago
4:18 Woowwwwwwwwwwww nice venom, lionel messi and captain america hahahaha !!!
Cheik Bamba 4 months ago
american good
JRD Gonmei 4 months ago
The Wolverine cosplay was dead on
olongapo city Drrmo 4 months ago
Nicely done.awesome video!
Itz Deathstroke 4 months ago
We need more Doom cosplayers
ZxD 4 months ago
What an awesome video! Pure magic!
Vee Lee 4 months ago
Brilliant editing, kept it interesting throughout.
Justis 4 months ago
the starfie and raven looks way better than the netflix adaptation. tbh
Ден Бубл 4 months ago
Детский сад
william raphael santos 4 months ago
People Are Awesome Compilation
william raphael santos 4 months ago
Trinity, Strega Delux Skin. Warframe <3
Louise V.R 5 months ago
wow garrus 0:55 <3
Jishan 5 months ago
OMG! Love the videography here 😍
El Mcchicken Gaming 5 months ago
i know i already commented but you are amazing im a beginner at vlogging and edits and i could really use some tips you are amazing at transitions and edits
Tatiana Mia 5 months ago
Wowwww that is a awesome video..
Jean-Paul Germain 5 months ago
This video is excellent but you’re showing these beautiful costumes are way too fast.
Yanni Mouts 4 months ago
I agree, I worried people would click off if i stayed on one person for too long. regardless this year I focused on more/longer shots of cosplayers in this years NYCC video. I hope you enjoy it.
Gabriel Medeiros 5 months ago
Dat beauty and the beast tho
El Mcchicken Gaming 5 months ago
0:53 oh wow im in love lol amazing edits and movement this is amazing
claudinei noob 5 months ago
very good' ''
ted brown 5 months ago
What a great video. You guys really do capture the magic of cosplaying. I'm a huge fan of it and have cosplayed a few characters in the past. The red headed lady at 1:27 is a friend and she was super excited to be in your video, when I showed it to her. Good work guys, looking forward to seeing more!
Larry Quisno 5 months ago
Didimiss steampunk cosplay
Pendekar Lapok 5 months ago
We bands together by the cosplay
Chris Gemmell 5 months ago
Wow so many pretty ladies
Shetty Yadav 5 months ago
Waiting for the THE DARK KNIGHT to be return
YOU'RE WELCOME 5 months ago
and, loved the video, enjoyed it and such amazing Cosplayers! 5 months ago
8:10 Buy my books girl! I love her!
Reginald Andrews 5 months ago
I went again this year on opening day, Thursday! SO MUCH FUN! I always enjoy the positively charged atmosphere of Comic Con! Going to AnimeNYC for the 1st time, in November next.MORE FUN!
Pinsqueezebic 1 5 months ago
That black panther weirdo def ruined the shot of homecoming spidey.also,super girl was smoking.i like titties
Isabella Scott 5 months ago
Some of these costumes are spot on
TheMothman001 5 months ago
Loved it. Really well put together! Some amazing outfits as usual!!
OsamaKhalid18 5 months ago
Amazing job, would love seeing u in comicon Dubai
Jameson 5 months ago
That was awesome !!!
big baby josh 5 months ago
solomon A 5 months ago
With my Dreadlocks I think I'm going to go as Static Shock to MCM comic con London😁😀😀
Akbar Humayun 5 months ago
Yo where is gokuflex at??
ipung tirta 5 months ago
Dc mrvel 👍
Amara Winchester 5 months ago
My first NYCC didn’t dress up but second one this year I did :)
Amara Winchester 5 months ago
Just WOW
Gifted Monkey 5 months ago
GREAT Photos, Footage & Editing!
Steven Roloff 5 months ago
Awesome job! Loved it!!!!
Martin 5 months ago
10-10 for videography. 11-10 Style. 12-10 Editing! - - - Easily Best Cosplay video so far this year!
Yanni Mouts 5 months ago
Thanks, this comment made my day
Lawrence Stevens 5 months ago
4:33, now that’s what star fire should look like. Not a cheap black prostitute
Alkaest 77 5 months ago
Name girl Wonderwoman please, she so beautifull ^_^
Iza The Divine Hero 5 months ago
5:25 > When you don’t expect to see someone cosplaying as a character form your favorite series because it’s like really unknown.
Curly4Superman 5 months ago
Great video
TZuqI Keul 5 months ago
04:31 she should be the one in the movie she looks just like her lol
TZuqI Keul 5 months ago
01:42 you shall not pass lol!!!
TZuqI Keul 5 months ago
the camera man is fucking great!!!
Dishon L. 5 months ago
Why do I feel as though I'll see Marshmallow. I would have dressed as him and go.
G 5 months ago
Is that Blade at 6:12?
G 5 months ago
+Yanni Mouts Cool thanks
Yanni Mouts 5 months ago
KING ELMO 5 months ago
That was amazing. Awesome work brother
GSpotter63 5 months ago
Good job.
Yanni Mouts 5 months ago
Joseph W Gnall 5 months ago
I'm going TO NYCC '18 this Saturday for the first time. I'm going dressed up. Figured go big or go home. Going as the Lone Survivor from Fallout 4. I can't wait!
Yanni Mouts 5 months ago
Fantastic! Hope you have a great con.
eLJaybud 5 months ago
Wow, they really do commit for this con. Loving that first classic Wonder Woman, they should have given her the film role. 😀
Kira Kaktys 5 months ago
Thet's cool
Jeffrey J 5 months ago
Me and my wife are going to Comic Con Ny 2018 for the first time in a week. Do the majority of people wear costumes (cosplay). we would like to but don't want to look like idiots. lol anyone?
Jeffrey J 4 months ago
We went and had a blast..My 7 yr old son dressed up but me and the wife didn't. Next year we all will do cosplay. thanks
Adam Steele 4 months ago
There are plenty of simple cosplays too, heck even Flo from the progressive commercials got big one year. But the main thing is to enjoy. Its rare that anyone would try to shame you for it and if they do. Don't worry, we don't like them either. Every event or group, once it gets big enough, has some bad apples. We just try and teach them to be better than that.
eLJaybud 5 months ago
Dress up anyway, otherwise it's just not as fun.
Yanni Mouts 5 months ago
A majority of the people who go do not cosplay, most people dress casual with a geeky T shirt or hat. Cosplay is very welcomed but i think the most important thing is to be dressed comfortable with good shoes because you'll be standing and walking for a majority of the day. Best wishes for you and your wife to have a great Con!
MemphiStig 6 months ago
7:50 who's this guy? Crossbow-ba Fett?! i like it!
Adrian c 5 months ago
Looks like medieval mandalorian.
Joseph W Gnall 5 months ago
Looks like steampunk boba fett
Kaven Noel 6 months ago
the deadpool girl at 2:35 should do a cosplay of annie leonhart !!!
Twig Faults 6 months ago
Oooof, I want to go this year(2018) as Mei Hatsume.
leo tucker 6 months ago
Out of everything here I even saw a warframe I'm impressed
Lilian Hernandez 6 months ago
I wish I can go to Comic - Con and others too :(
ALEX JAMES 6 months ago
Mike Daniel 6 months ago
Great video and music! I'll be going there this year first time to NYCC, I'll be there as Ash Williams, spent a good amount of time/money on my costume to make it Movie Authentic!
1800Martina 9 months ago
What character is 2:45?
Yanni Mouts 6 months ago
it's Rorschach from Watchmen
McCall Carlson 7 months ago
1800Martina Looks like a mashup of several characters from Watchmen.
pakuyucca 11 months ago
Your video is awesome ! *-* !!!
Yanni Mouts 11 months ago
thank you.
Johnny Nightmare 11 months ago
Awesome video! You did a great job. Im the Beetlejuice at 3:46. Don't got many channels, but feel free to add me at
Ashley Gormley Adams 11 months ago
I swear these videos get better every year. Love it!
MeilingT888 11 months ago
It was awesome to meet you at NYCC! This is such a great video!!! 2:13 madd_joey () is the Captain Amari (Overwatch), 7:25 _arr0ws_ () is Blackwatch genji (Overwatch) 7:25-7:28 Maemaetwin ( | ) is Beekeeper Mei (overwatch)
Stelios Mav 11 months ago
Bravo! Awesome job with the video ! I wanna go some day to comic con 😢
Stelios Mav 11 months ago
Yanni Moutsakis Damn now you are getting me excited 🤩. Yes we should do that!! I showed my friends also your videos and they liked them btw
Yanni Mouts 11 months ago
one day we should! even if i have to fly to the EU so we can go to one together.