GTA 5 - Most Epic Action Film - Unstoppable (Cinematic fan made)

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GTA 5  - Most Epic Action Film - Unstoppable (Cinematic fan made)

A BadAss Film about a prisoner who escapes and goes on a crazy rampage of car chase across the Lost Santos! GTA 5 - Action Film [Last Man Standing] GTA 5 - Most Epic Action Film - Unstoppable (Cinematic fan made) GTA 5 - Action Film [The Merryweather Heist] GTA 5 - Action Film [Trevor vs Lost Bikers] GTA 5 - Action Film [Crystal Maze] GTA 5 - Action Film [Father & Son] GTA 5 - Action Film [Funny Irish Biker] All the weapon sounds in the video are replaced and edited with new sounds in the Editing Software. Please share, like and subscribe to support the channel for more videos in the future. Visit my facebook page for more Action Films: Twiter Music used in the video: -Doug E Fresh - Freak It Out -Its Hard Out Here For Pimp-Terrence Howard -LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out -Mad Max- Fury Road (Original Soundtrack) Brothers In Arms - Junkie XL NWA- 100 Miles And Runnin -I Believe In Karma - Salvatore Polizzi vs Juzzie Smith -Mad Max - guitar guy -Mad Max - Immortan Joe's Theme -James Brown & 2Pac - Unchained -Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton - Freedom -Brother Dege - Who Did That to You

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Dario Ajducic 1 month ago
This was my first video in GTA 5 so dont complain about lack of story, i used this movie to get familiar with the rockstar editor. Check the description for other movies with story. Subscribe and like!
Edward Scorp 21 hours ago
Dario Ajducic oí
Franco Garcia 3 days ago
That is one badass prisoner
Joshua D 10 days ago
This was awesome. The GTA V editor is sick. Been watching Neebs gaming's vids using the cinematic editor and it turns out excellent. Bravo though my man. very entertaining for a non-story-line, run-em gun-em.
Christopher andersson 10 days ago
Dario Ajducic greatest gta movie i ever seen.
Audrey Méthé 13 days ago
Dario Ajducic iiiiiiiiii
Femke Lookman 10 hours ago
Very good men!
matheus daniel 1 day ago
Eu ri mais da risada dele do que o vídeo
Muhammad Saad 3 days ago
Fast furious 9 just wow
ฟลุ๊ค สับลอย 3 days ago
BADAS DAMUTHA 4 days ago
Epic I love the ending
martina decruz 4 days ago
Nice movie 👌👌👌☺
العربي العربي 4 days ago
وااااااو . قمةالابداع
Inna Cristobal 5 days ago
That head shot was sick
Goody 6 days ago
did you have to make him so ugly tho?
Dario Ajducic 5 days ago
Goody Yep
JT Michaelson 6 days ago
Amazing editing job. Very premium work.
Angeline Wilson 7 days ago
This. The. Shit
Salam Tanriverdiyev 7 days ago
Amandeepsingh Ghnaiyasingh 9 days ago
Bohot hi achi video hai
Carla Shirley 11 days ago
Make more and you can be famous
Dario Ajducic 10 days ago
Carla Shirley Will do!
PLAY like a PRO 11 days ago
Guys, check this out!
mohit kashyap kashyap 11 days ago
I am no enjoying in this video distance relationship
Rolando Mena 11 days ago
ce. comiende. la. fiesta👍👍👍☝☝🍺🍺🍺🍺✌👏👏👏👏👏
Asankadyrov Kuba 12 days ago
Lorenzo Vincenti 13 days ago
Lorenzo Vincenti 13 days ago
Hello afayu
UnknowNinja Zx9 15 days ago
Great job, can’t wait to see more!
Dota Ozzy 16 days ago
Chec my trailer GTA v Movie made bye me >>>>
Kartik.rajput Rajput 16 days ago
Pleases enter the hindi lanuvage
Jose Rosa 17 days ago
José Rosa
Djeferson Fereira França 18 days ago
Djeferson Fereira França 18 days ago
2:28 se esse e loko tem um que e mais ainda
Tudor Costin 18 days ago
Fack the car!
abderrahim mostefaoui 19 days ago
j ai me beau coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooup
Bhushan patil 19 days ago
I have dell inspiron 4GB ram i5 processor intel hd graphics 4000 direct x version 11 117GB Hard disk free will gta 5 work on my pc pls pls pls reply
Luis Cruz 19 days ago
no fuck
Electric Adventures 20 days ago
This film propels the stereotype that gta players are violent
Xuan Xuas 21 days ago
Hollywood paedophiles need take note on real compelling film making.
Punjabi Tandoor 23 days ago
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Coooooooooooooooooooooool don't complaint about this video very cool song make it more realistic
King of PS4 24 days ago
abin antony 26 days ago
great video
craig murphy 29 days ago
They realy should make real about this haha
Kevin Kampl 30 days ago
1:31 Que tipo de mods es ese :v
Sardo x sempre 30 days ago
gg brother
Dodin Awaludin 30 days ago
devil614 1 month ago
Lost interest at a few main points: Typical license plate issued by Lambda/FiveM Online overuse of sticky bombs basically made my brain throw up in disgust, given that this guy's girlfriend was apparently living in a house full of them. Find a new way of evading pursuing vehicles Pulling weapons out of thin air. SeemsLegit 3:39 Has a home, a girlfriend, and as we will learn, a lot of weapons up his asshole, but doesn't own or choose to wear anything aside from prison issue blendingin ucantseeme 7:11 to 7:20, the military jeep drove in a relatively straight line, despite having the wheels cut hard to the right logic 8:26 Anyone that close to a cop firing at your skull isn't coming out alive 9:26 After all those county sheriffs, what is a city cop doing out here all by himself? And why are BOTH doors open? 9:50 I suppose he carried that chrome monster truck out to the car he stole along with all those guns nobody saw materialize until he needed them? 10:32 More city cops while he drives past the very prison he broke out of earlier that day 10:49 Add grenades to that list of weapons. Starting to think he kept all that gear up his asshole 10:59 You had to use the Blimp explosion? Why? 11:28 /me reaches down pants and pulls pistol out of asshole 11:57 180 blind shot? This guy must've had an XBOX in his cell to shoot that good 12:55 More blimp grenades 13:44 [I realize this one isn't your fault] Cop breaks side window so he can shoot his gun through the windshield RockstarLogic 14:44 Pig meets piglets 15:09 Has very good aim, chooses to shoot taillight out instead of brains. Most bulletproof plastic taillight cover ever made 18:30 Deploy RED WHITE and BLUE anal parachute! 18:47 Proof he keeps his guns in his ass, and not in the truck 19:08 Parachute is now SOLID RED (???) 20:01 Carl Johnson?! Is that you? 20:22 Pulls an even BIGGER gun out of this ass 21:54 Finally learns how to make custom license plates 22:24 to 22:43 Looking for freedom, but drives like an idiot. finds more cops instead (City cops way up in Paleto Bay, mind you) Starting to think this guy WANTS to go back to prison, so why break out in the first place? 25:04 That RPG was in the car I stole. I swear. analexplosions 25:37 Needles missing from dashboard? 25:52 Suspicions from 22:45 confirmed. Other than that, not bad cinematography. I still want my 26 minutes back, though.
Dario Ajducic 1 month ago
devil614 You can take that list and stick it up your ass, cause i don't give a fuck what you like
Akash Dutta 1 month ago
Better th than Rick and morty
ام ميرال 1 month ago
هههههههه هذا رجل مهبول
Rungwipharat Thongcharoenthithat 1 month ago
Mario Ionita 1 month ago
Are gust stupid video are the stupid man
Tiago games br 1 month ago
Vai se folder desgraçado
Puneet Pal 1 month ago
Download kaise kare
M . ruiz 1 month ago
Thats dope
yajaira fernandez 1 month ago
Not the ending I wanted but great video by the way
yajaira fernandez 1 month ago
8:39 inside of car still have a window 8:40 the window is broken wth
gamer's world 1 month ago
Is this guy in gta 5 have unlimited petrol in his car.
maicon nerd 1 month ago
Que da hora adorei
omacon X 1 month ago
Great video
ខ្ញុំ ខ្មែរ 1 month ago
Sad 😥😥
Abdou Damas 1 month ago
is he rich now or dead ? 😂😂😜😝
Abdourahim Anne 1 month ago
That was a good one brother, I am a fan and a player of GTA use to play until I dream of it running all night lol. That was a good video, pls keep on doing videos like this and bring GTA fans to enjoy movies from cutscenes of a great game. Bless up, greetings from Dakar Senegal.
John Philipose 1 month ago
I see you Bro, the Greedy vault Boy 1 month ago
When I see Gta5 Videos I Click Like Hell on wheels.
Szymonicus 1 month ago
Like and Sub for fantastic work! Make more! ♥
GEOGAMER HD TV 1 month ago
wow wow wow like or subscribe
Youssef Karim 1 month ago
Why the heel he get back in the prison
Dario Ajducic 1 month ago
it's nice there! Food, gym, drugs and shit.
Chloe Jenkins 1 month ago
Nice drifting man
wanakmal wanabdullah 1 month ago
l like the video
Eusebb 1 month ago
A real movie, when? :(
ATOMICG 1 month ago
So today I upload my first movie on my YouTube channel then I saw your video! My respect. Believe me I know how hard was the editing and find the best spots for camera! Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷
Casandra Jackson 1 month ago
Jason b
Casandra Jackson 1 month ago
Yes it is and he was a great
alt the de be 1 month ago
んうにょー 30 days ago
alt the de be なぜ?笑気に食わなかったら見ないほうがいいぞよ
Donyelle Monk 1 month ago
Armani Armani 1 month ago
Thes is the gamed names plz
game mobile 1 month ago
Ml bo
ivan gamer 1 month ago
Erik jr Beltran 1 month ago
Yo the film was great
Yogesh Arora 1 month ago
Nice graphic
gregory vega 1 month ago
My dude has the looks between Too Short & 50 Cent.
Amit Kashyap 1 month ago
Owsmmmmmmmm cool i like this very much
lTwinCitiesl 2 months ago
Dislaik por esas vacas muertas :v laik por el resto del vidio
Devendra Mina 2 months ago
gta 5 ke movie hinde ma kab rakaga
Jupallipraveen kumar 2 months ago
Not bad. it is just only a chasing that's it.
Amine Nacht 2 months ago
stefan DJORDJEVIC 2 months ago
Ti si srbin
Dario Ajducic 2 months ago
stefanpro DJORDJEVIC Nop
Rishu Vlogs 2 months ago
it was amazing.
Rudolf Scheiner 2 months ago
That end!
Alain AMB 2 months ago
çok çirkinnnnnnnnn
D Frank Grob 2 months ago
why did he drive back in real life he would stay in jail for life or die
Hmangaih Zuala 2 months ago
A kalna pianga hmamrua a nei zel a.
thien nguyen 2 months ago
game sạo lồn lên youtobe coi người ta bắt tội phamđi(usa) game chơi ngu
Pogba Tv 2 months ago
Surtout quand il roule sur les voitures il es explose et quand il esquive la police en plus ils ont ramener tout les policiers et quand il roule sur les vaches ( il est trop cool ton film) THANK YOU en plus j'ai 11 ans jpeux pas joue à GTA et mon père va vendre ma play.. C'est une longue histoire merci quand même.
Pogba Tv 2 months ago
Trop bien je mabonne
Luis Arturo Anchante De La Cruz 2 months ago
Que pro
Borys Michalak 2 months ago
10/10 !!!
TRUNG LÊ 2 months ago
Jeremy Gonzalez 2 months ago
Badass video
Pengleap mnr 2 months ago
Why back?????
Luke Hyland 2 months ago
Where did he get all of his weapons
Thariq Thassim 2 months ago
repetitive shit! could have done better
Dario Ajducic 2 months ago
Thariq Thassim Lol, I bet you are fun person to be around
micromedia26 2 months ago
absolutly stunning.great job dude
Dario Ajducic 2 months ago
micromedia26 Thanx, gotten a little lazy lately.i have to finish another video soon so keep watching
Wael Er Rekhamy 2 months ago
Wtf hahahah shit yuo