Grand Theft Auto 5 Online - Officer Speirs - Biking Accident

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online - Officer Speirs -  Biking Accident

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Comments to the video: Grand Theft Auto 5 Online - Officer Speirs - Biking Accident

Football Lover 2 years ago
No matter how many times I replay 11:00 I can't stop laughing
Amanda Villegas 2 years ago
what's the spears you my biggest fan ever I hope you can play GTA with me yay
PaNdaxPwnZer 3 years ago
Zach Myers 3 years ago
all of America isn't a big city. I live in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire.
Dennis Dinsmore 4 years ago
It is a realy funny game that is halarios and glitchy as hell
Dennis Dinsmore 4 years ago
Yo you should play this game called skate 3 that is on xbox
CoZy Anthem 4 years ago
Dc universe online
Liam Gombrich 4 years ago
Kevin Maloney 4 years ago
Try il2 stormovik 1946
LWTHEWORRIOR 4 years ago
do more bike videos
todd barton 4 years ago
really? like how come all your fans try to kill you? like is it for the credit just so they can go to there friends and be like im so cool i killed Speirstheamazing! like make me king! really? but still i wanna ask you and i hope you answer right? like when are you doing live streams like do you post it on facebook or twitter? just answer cause i wanna catch them. i really do! :D
mikel Arnett 4 years ago
keep playing gta 5 online its awesome
mikel Arnett 4 years ago
you are awesome man
Joe A 4 years ago
speirs play more lcpdfr
isaiah deleon 4 years ago
Your videos always make me laugh keep it up speirs
Michael Finn 4 years ago
awesome spiers
Andrew Stirnaman 4 years ago
I have flight simulator x for windows and it's awesome but you should use ur penis ( stick )
nathan spratt 5 years ago
U should do a biker gang
Connor Nugent 5 years ago
You are the best
Dylan Hughes 5 years ago
Play gta 4 with me my gamertag is Dylanh899
Hani Maycid 5 years ago
I know what brand you are talking about
MyNamesDjoo 5 years ago
You should play minecraft
39killer Redneck 3 years ago
+Seth Jorden  no minecraft is dumb
Jimanez House 5 years ago
Teddy Barnett 5 years ago
Should've been able to kill Chris back there. Would've been really funny is if Chris, Tim, Avs, and Buggs were there.
Str8 Gta 5 5 years ago
U mean premium rush
Jack Simmons 5 years ago
i wuv watchin yo videos
Sam Woodcock 5 years ago
I have no fucking idia lol
Billy Winkler 5 years ago
I watch your videos like 98% of the time that I am on my laptop. You're an awesome guy. Just to let you know there is a website called Pirates Bay its url is but sometimes it wont work. Typically you can google it It's worth a google xD anyway you can find all kinds of applications and games on there. You will need a torrent downloader which you can get from there as well. Currently I am downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator X it may take a while but in the end it is worth it. Enjoy!! haha
Ray cordero 5 years ago
Play call aduty 2
Ray cordero 5 years ago
Yore Finney
Victor Sanchez 5 years ago
I love snow because we don't have to go to school
GalaxyAlex 5 years ago
I got Flight Sim X for $5 NEW at Game Stop
Kate kate 5 years ago
play test drive
dakota Oakes 5 years ago
Only thing it down here is raining and raining and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
Jocelyn Calderon 5 years ago
do you have a playstation 3 speirs????
Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 5 years ago
Play gmod
jason diorio 5 years ago
Play san andreas itls like gta5
waddle's Gaming channel 5 years ago
MineCraftPilly 5 years ago
are they lick hot pockets they are gross i never had one but they lock gross
seabass0130 5 years ago
please play need for speed rivals
bigohicks 5 years ago
Speirs!! Play more pay day 2 and more simulators, plus gta like always they're pretty funny
alreadyDropU boy 5 years ago
in real life when u ride a wheelie u go a long distance u got to pedal faster
Austin Hastings 5 years ago
Austin Hastings 5 years ago
what is the son in the beginning i need to know  
Asian Hypebeast 5 years ago
use the moon gravity cheat with the bmx bike please
Jake Northern 5 years ago
Could you play some far cry 3
Ethan Maher 5 years ago
jesus cruz 5 years ago
Im gettin snow i live in MASS
Satis Mentibus Obvia 5 years ago
Premium Rush, was that the movie you were referring to? 
dipperbag99 5 years ago
play dead rising 2
i have seen drive
Tracen F 5 years ago
you get shot dead all you notice is that ur tire is poped
mariannetom2 5 years ago
can you play bioshock please
They Suck 5 years ago
Do not need flight simulator you have GTA 5
charlie clarke boxall 5 years ago
I think you should play minecraft
Chase Likescandy 5 years ago
Can you please do more vids of you on a bike?
Dominator2930 5 years ago
+Grantus OD Dead Rising 3 is an xbox one exclusive, and speirs doesn't have an xbox one
Dominator2930 5 years ago
Make a video with the north Yankton glitch
Jennifer Frostman 5 years ago
i have snow
Jennifer Frostman 5 years ago
play kill zone shadow fall.
MCPhantomX 5 years ago
Gaming Redneck 5 years ago
Do skyrim mods
Ranal Ape 5 years ago
funkycong 5 years ago
Ryan Ellis 5 years ago
i just bought gta 5 and im gonna play it soon
Ryan Ellis 5 years ago
we got like 3 feet up in incline village nv
Diamond aka Nashiela videos 5 years ago
No one comments
Anthony Menginie 5 years ago
Mod bro
Anthony Menginie 5 years ago
Do the military
Anthony Menginie 5 years ago
Yankee63 5 years ago
Arma 3!!!!!
Malcolm Waith 5 years ago
i like ur videos keep making them
Joseph Giordano 5 years ago
Play x plane it s a plane game
Bass and Brass Outdoors 5 years ago
I wish u had PS3
Aidan Papa 5 years ago
Species find all to the ester eggs
Peter Merrill 5 years ago
Do flight simulator
dirty dan 5 years ago
My favorite thing about you is you upload like crazy!!!
Eva-Marie Douglas 5 years ago
midnight club
keeshawn Hobbs 5 years ago
+SpeirsTheAmazing HD I know dem bikers are god damn annoying especially with hot weather like Florida's
keeshawn Hobbs 5 years ago
Love that shit mon lol
TypicalTJGuy 5 years ago
We got a foot of snow here in southern Indiana.
Michael Fader 5 years ago
Hey speirs you should do something like walk or bike from ls to mt. chilliad 
aiden cowper 5 years ago
Yes your Canadian
Jessie Reyes 5 years ago
You better not stop making GTA 5 videos
MrPat1130 5 years ago
[HAZER]BinuralHalo739 5 years ago
was up speirs ur a amazing guy keep it up u inspired me to stay as a gamer when Im sad I watch u when Im happy I watch u I always watch u
LE_SALTY_ ORANGE_YT 5 years ago
bucknuts95 5 years ago
FSX is great, Speirs. I fly planes all the time. Let me know if I can help out at all with that.
Mr. Hunter 5 years ago
play team fortress 2 Speirs!
George Georgiev 5 years ago
Speirs can you make a GTA travel with bike to mount chilliad
FreddyNL 5 years ago
Play rome 2 totalwar.
FreddyNL 5 years ago
Hes in a bicycle <- incorrect.
XBclemX 5 years ago
It's snowing like crazy and we have school cancelled today as well as yesterday I live in south Jersey
Burn Crang 5 years ago
And spin tires and assassins creed 4
Burn Crang 5 years ago
Play stick rpg2 on pc
Andrew Miller 5 years ago
I'm from London and we have shit tons of snow yo xD
Flyingfishthing 5 years ago
kerbal space program or metro last light
Dustin Bailey 5 years ago
check out my lcpdfr vids full patrol days and installing mod tutorials will come
Flyingfishthing 5 years ago
while almost every single fucking school in Oregon is closed, there is my school with no snow at all. even though the news says its supposed to fucking drown in snow
Clayton Brelage 5 years ago
Haven't had school for 3 days because of snow I live in roseburg,Oregon USA