Над видео могла бы быть ваша реклама.
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Под видео могла бы быть ваша реклама. - OH NOT AGAIN

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Comments to the video: - OH NOT AGAIN

سعد التميمي 20 days ago
2:45 10:40
Brody Carver 27 days ago
I've stayed up 84 hours in a row
So Frosty 30 days ago
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Even though it's really not but that's the saying.
Tj back1992 1 month ago
I know this was 2 years ago but the longest I stayed up was 5 days and that was back in middle school I don't think I could do that now
Brayden R.B. 1 month ago
2 days. It was really hard
Frankie Jackson 1 month ago
my favoretnumber is 2 because 2 +2 = fish
Frankie Jackson 1 month ago
72hrs is the longest i have ever been up playing fortnite
Lee Horton 2 months ago
reprovedrope14 3 months ago
Speirs do you care?
Retr0 Da Havka 4 months ago
I like the video as soon as the like button loads!!!!!
Dragonstar 4 months ago
I went went for 2 entire months with only 3 hours of sleep er night. It made me seasonally reconsider going to work at camp next summer.
random gamer 4 months ago
Tell me do you care you will
Little Red Yeti 6 months ago
I’ve stayed up for an entire night 3 times maybe more
KillaCam 23 6 months ago
Doddgy Jeff 6 months ago
72 hours
Skull Gaming 5782-Neon Savage 6 months ago
I have stayed up for a week.For a bet
Scoutcat4 6 months ago
ive seen the suiced squad movie and im eleven gangster shit
Levi Tate 6 months ago
48hr and 46min is my latest
eric poston 7 months ago
i have the hat all the posters the album n the movie
Ian Remillard 7 months ago
Typical speirs flooding his tub no offense
Deadpool 10178 8 months ago
40 hours
BrandonStanley ToxicEra 8 months ago
Speirs, do you care?
BOB ROSS 8 months ago
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting something different to happen
ZPMiesterB NS 8 months ago
34 hours rookie numbers speirs try 76
G 4 G4MING 9 months ago
My favourite number is 69
TheEpicFox 9 months ago
For days I thought I was going to die I was like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Cthulhu Jankinx 10 months ago
you are the only YouTuber I know that gets hurt off camera, keep it up I love your vids
Josh Pieters 10 months ago
anthony andrew linhart 11 months ago
12:50 i lost my shit. died laphing.
Alpha0727 11 months ago
A couple of years ago for about a three month period, once every week, I would stay awake for 36 hours straight watching anime and cartons.
Federico Cortez 1 year ago
Is any body also mad at speirs
Tavmanian Devil 1 year ago
>this is late I once stayed up from 6 AM to 7 AM (2 days later)
Michael Marotta 1 year ago
Nope not lying
The Animal Area 1 year ago
36hours binge watching youtube
Hunter Greene 1 year ago
Going on 35 hours right now
Michael Lawler 1 year ago
Two days
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Ethan Cooper 1 year ago
Speirs do u care?
Heavy Gunner 1 year ago
72 hours is the longest that I have stayed up
Saltyrabitts 1 year ago
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The Bolt 1 year ago
the longest i've stayed up was for 48 hours as a dare
Hi Player 1 year ago
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Hi Player love your tag
gbg5 1 year ago
Rylan Mcdowell 1 year ago
cris Gutierrez 1 year ago
Julian Gomez 1 year ago
Spiers do you care
Priska Pascal 1 year ago
General Delz 1 year ago
Speirs we dont have to tell u to do it. JUST DO IT!
process harbor56 1 year ago
Spiers do u care
youvsme fun 1 year ago
All night
Staticvevo 1 year ago
5 days and counting
FirstTrooper 4312 1 year ago
4 days. I nearly died.
ThisIsTheNameOfMyChannelIGuess 1 year ago
6 days
Mike S 1 year ago
lajtningsped 1 year ago
Fang Snake 1 year ago
do anotherrrrrr
DW Gaming 1 year ago
27 hours
Mike Williams 1 year ago
akaEcho 1 year ago
93 hours
cody passmore 1 year ago
current prediction: he spends the entire episode raging on level 7.
Jared Askew 1 year ago
Do you care?
Michael Marotta 1 year ago
92 strong hours
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Michael Marotta lyer
VentingGecko 59 1 year ago
3 day and 2 hours
Robert Griggs 1 year ago
Favorite number is 75
Robert Griggs 1 year ago
More of Carkour plz and I stayed up all night
Ronnie ́s HQ 1 year ago
hypnoticoiui 1 year ago
39 HOURS i listened to music for all the night litterally
Eric Walton 1 year ago
60 hours. Worst time of my life.
akaEcho 1 month ago
Longest I remember is roughly 103-105 hours. But I have multiple sleep disorders.
LasJohn Griffin 3 months ago
Three days straight dang
سعد التميمي 9 months ago
Eric Walton good lord
michael Brown 1 year ago
Speirs do you even fucking care😂
Ian5700 1 year ago
speirs do you care?
SamHydeDisciple ye 1 year ago
I like how the first 4 minutes of the video is just Speirs driving and crashing in the same section of the map with no progression
Santee Baumgarner 1 year ago
Finish this map plz
Hamoddaa 2002 1 year ago
2 whole days
Norman Hopkins 1 year ago
I stayed up till 9:00
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Norman Hopkins thats the longest youve ever stayed up
Tracey Thornton 1 year ago
38 hours
Zucc ツ 1 year ago
49 hours and it sucked
RedneckTheAwesomeHD 1 year ago
Speirs do you care
Steven M 1 year ago
34 hours in the middle of a school week
james born 1 year ago
favorite number is pi. Cause it's better than tau.
skylandking 1 year ago
I have been awake for 3 Days
thebluecommet 1 year ago
a day
Kenneth 03 1 year ago
good movie
Kenneth 03 1 year ago
I have stayed up with absolutely no sleep for a week straight. I have sleep apnea
BCLILBOOSTD 1 year ago
56 hours and 30 minutes and im 11
Bob Stephens 1 year ago
I stayed up for 3 days. Straight.
Tyler Ray 1 year ago
zackthefordman Zack the fordman 1 year ago
all. night. and. day
iCeleport 1 year ago
do you care speirs
Connor Hurley 1 year ago
AccurateGamer05 1 year ago
Old McDonald Had A Farm Then It Ex-Plo-Ded
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Dylan Herring
The Animal Area 1 year ago
Dylan Herring anazing
AccurateGamer05 1 year ago
2 Days
Larry Tichy 1 year ago
34 hours? Child's play. I've stayed up for 1.2 weeks or 9 days STRAIGHT before. No Im not saying yours isn't cool Speirs. I love you. OOH SHINY PENNY!
friskstillplays 1 year ago
all night yup
Kaleob Coker 1 year ago
4 day's
Yanneta Dwyer 1 year ago
I been up 5_00 o clock
Jon Massengale 1 year ago
Yanneta Dwyer y u so stupid
Planethread 35 1 year ago
I stayed up 2 days and passed out as soon as laid down
nightstalkers_ revenge 1 year ago
Stayed up for a whole week
Henry Robets 1 year ago
spiers u used the medium difficulty car not the easy one
Henry Robets 1 year ago
2 whole days
William Burns 1 year ago
I tore my ACL in my left knee doing parkour
tony johnson 1 year ago
axe me a question