Над видео могла бы быть ваша реклама.
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Под видео могла бы быть ваша реклама. - OH NOT AGAIN

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Comments to the video: - OH NOT AGAIN

random gamer 15 days ago
Tell me do you care you will
Little Red Yeti 1 month ago
I’ve stayed up for an entire night 3 times maybe more
KillaCam 23 2 months ago
Doddgy Jeff 2 months ago
72 hours
Skull Gaming 5782-Neon Savage 2 months ago
I have stayed up for a week.For a bet
Scoutcat4 2 months ago
ive seen the suiced squad movie and im eleven gangster shit
Levi Tate 2 months ago
48hr and 46min is my latest
eric poston 3 months ago
i have the hat all the posters the album n the movie
Ian Remillard 3 months ago
Typical speirs flooding his tub no offense
Deadpool 10178 3 months ago
40 hours
BrandonStanley ToxicEra 4 months ago
Speirs, do you care?
BOB ROSS 4 months ago
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting something different to happen
ZPMiesterB NS 4 months ago
34 hours rookie numbers speirs try 76
Amernath AK 5 months ago
My favourite number is 69
TheEpicFox 5 months ago
For days I thought I was going to die I was like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Cthulhu Jankinx 6 months ago
you are the only YouTuber I know that gets hurt off camera, keep it up I love your vids
Josh Pieters 6 months ago
anthony andrew linhart 6 months ago
12:50 i lost my shit. died laphing.
Alpha0727 7 months ago
A couple of years ago for about a three month period, once every week, I would stay awake for 36 hours straight watching anime and cartons.
Federico Cortez 7 months ago
Is any body also mad at speirs
Tavmanian Devil 7 months ago
>this is late I once stayed up from 6 AM to 7 AM (2 days later)
Gerald Forrest 8 months ago
10 days
Michael Marotta 8 months ago
Nope not lying
the animal area 8 months ago
36hours binge watching youtube
Hunter Greene 8 months ago
Going on 35 hours right now
Michael Lawler 9 months ago
Two days
the animal area 8 months ago
Ethan Cooper 9 months ago
Speirs do u care?
Heavy Gunner 9 months ago
72 hours is the longest that I have stayed up
Saltyrabitts 9 months ago
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The Bolt 9 months ago
the longest i've stayed up was for 48 hours as a dare
Hi Player 9 months ago
the animal area 8 months ago
Hi Player love your tag
gbg5 9 months ago
Rylan Mcdowell 9 months ago
cris Gutierrez 9 months ago
Julian Gomez 9 months ago
Spiers do you care
Priska Pascal 9 months ago
General Delz 9 months ago
Speirs we dont have to tell u to do it. JUST DO IT!
process harbor56 9 months ago
Spiers do u care
youvsme fun 9 months ago
All night
Staticvevo 9 months ago
5 days and counting
FirstTrooper 4312 9 months ago
4 days. I nearly died.
ThisIsTheNameOfMyChannelIGuess 9 months ago
6 days
Mike S 9 months ago
lajtningsped 9 months ago
Fang Snake 9 months ago
do anotherrrrrr
DW Gaming 9 months ago
27 hours
Mike Williams 9 months ago
Echo__ 9 months ago
93 hours
cody passmore 10 months ago
current prediction: he spends the entire episode raging on level 7.
Jared Askew 10 months ago
Do you care?
Michael Marotta 10 months ago
92 strong hours
the animal area 8 months ago
Michael Marotta lyer
VentingGecko 59 10 months ago
3 day and 2 hours
Robert Griggs 10 months ago
Favorite number is 75
Robert Griggs 10 months ago
More of Carkour plz and I stayed up all night
Ronnie ́s HQ 11 months ago
hypnoticoiui 11 months ago
39 HOURS i listened to music for all the night litterally
32190308 1 year ago
speirs why dont you change THE FUCKING CAR
Eric Walton 1 year ago
60 hours. Worst time of my life.
سعد التميمي 5 months ago
Eric Walton good lord
michael Brown 1 year ago
Speirs do you even fucking care😂
Ian5700 1 year ago
speirs do you care?
Stop Living 1 year ago
I like how the first 4 minutes of the video is just Speirs driving and crashing in the same section of the map with no progression
Santee Baumgarner 1 year ago
Finish this map plz
Hamoddaa 2002 1 year ago
2 whole days
Norman Hopkins 1 year ago
I stayed up till 9:00
the animal area 8 months ago
Norman Hopkins thats the longest youve ever stayed up
Tracey Thornton 1 year ago
38 hours
Zucc ツ 1 year ago
49 hours and it sucked
RedneckTheAwesomeHD 1 year ago
Speirs do you care
Steven M 1 year ago
34 hours in the middle of a school week
james born 1 year ago
favorite number is pi. Cause it's better than tau.
skyland king 1 year ago
I have been awake for 3 Days
thebluecommet 1 year ago
a day
Kenneth 03 1 year ago
good movie
Kenneth 03 1 year ago
I have stayed up with absolutely no sleep for a week straight. I have sleep apnea
BCLILBOOSTD 1 year ago
56 hours and 30 minutes and im 11
Bob Stephens 1 year ago
I stayed up for 3 days. Straight.
Tyler Ray 1 year ago
zackthefordman Zack the fordman 1 year ago
all. night. and. day
iCeleport 1 year ago
do you care speirs
Connor Hurley 1 year ago
AccurateGamer05 1 year ago
Old McDonald Had A Farm Then It Ex-Plo-Ded
the animal area 8 months ago
Dylan Herring
the animal area 8 months ago
Dylan Herring anazing
AccurateGamer05 1 year ago
2 Days
Larry Tichy 1 year ago
34 hours? Child's play. I've stayed up for 1.2 weeks or 9 days STRAIGHT before. No Im not saying yours isn't cool Speirs. I love you. OOH SHINY PENNY!
friskstillplays 1 year ago
all night yup
Kaleob Coker 1 year ago
4 day's
Yanneta Dwyer 1 year ago
I been up 5_00 o clock
Jon Massengale 1 year ago
Yanneta Dwyer y u so stupid
Planethread 35 1 year ago
I stayed up 2 days and passed out as soon as laid down
Shadow Wolf Gaming 1 year ago
Stayed up for a whole week
Henry Robets 1 year ago
spiers u used the medium difficulty car not the easy one
Henry Robets 1 year ago
2 whole days
William Burns 1 year ago
I tore my ACL in my left knee doing parkour
tony johnson 1 year ago
axe me a question
Coleton Cash 1 year ago
I ghcvghn hxhbfjncnnsi nfuhdhhdhhdh bdhchj be jurisdiction
the animal area 8 months ago
Qwerty Wii qwerty Wii quo yup 3rd taxon
the animal area 8 months ago
Q William
DRAWdKING 1 year ago
Sorry but I'm a huge Lord of the rings fan and Gandalf said Fly you fools not Run you fools get it right. !!!!!
Gavin Mccray 1 year ago
I've stayed up 5 and a half days before
Theemrald Dog 1 year ago
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different resaults
RAPIDDEATH3076 1 year ago
I've stayed for 72 hours before
theonlyone thatistheanswer 1 year ago
stayed awake not slept
theonlyone thatistheanswer 1 year ago
I've stayed up for four days before. that's the longest I've slept
Hipro 84 1 year ago
I dont hate you but. You should finish that map man. Your awesome btw, i couldn't do any of that
Carlos E. Alarcon 1 year ago