Monster School: Haircut - Minecraft Animation

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Monster School: Haircut -  Minecraft Animation

19:58 Skeleton sit on Herobrine's head Monster School: Haircut - Minecraft Animation INSPIRED BY: Willcraft.Animations Please Like, Share, Subscribe! WATCH MORE MONSTER SCHOOL VIDEOS OF TOM: AND DO NOT REUP MY VIDEOS

Comments to the video: Monster School: Haircut - Minecraft Animation

roblox 999 wow 2 hours ago
Rodrigo Lara 5 days ago
😂😂35 56
pepelovebaby rainbow 9 days ago
Skeleton is little bit scare
black mask 10 days ago
Tom you,r video super
Nova 3000 10 days ago
Ghady TVChannel 12 days ago
7:00 mr bean's haircut
La Ode Ali Khaidir Ismail 13 days ago
slime wkwkwk
La Ode Ali Khaidir Ismail 13 days ago
Slime [350 cm] Spider [800 cm] Skeleton [1 m] Herobrine [1.3 m] Zombie [1.35 m] Pig Zombie [1.4 m] Ghost [2 m] Iron Golem [2.5 m] Enderman [4 m] [Largest Monster]
La Ode Ali Khaidir Ismail 13 days ago
Iron Golem [Good]
La Ode Ali Khaidir Ismail 13 days ago
Pigman Zombie=Bad [1]
La Ode Ali Khaidir Ismail 13 days ago
Zombie=Bad [0] Skeleton=Bad [2] Crepper=Bad [1] Spider=Bad [0] Iron Golem=Good [7] Wither Skeleton=HACKED [9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999] Slime=Bad [4] Enderman=Bad [6] Ghost=Bad [3] Herobrine=Bad [2]
Nael Touazi 13 days ago
Pigman -999 Loser
Ema Nukutabu 13 days ago
You shoud have an f because you haven't done anything at all
carine 15 days ago
I love school monsters😄😁
carine 15 days ago
Its so cool
saifulflora1 15 days ago
zombie hope you feel better
saifulflora1 15 days ago
stupid zombie pigman
Christian Boral 15 days ago
19:58 herobrine said WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT
chris warsiit 15 days ago
f K you bigmen
Claudia Santiago 16 days ago
Jerk to zombie dislike
**Oukirsaa** 21 days ago
19:36 when you are angry(0.25 speed is cool)
NJPJ 21 days ago
baldis's basics 22 days ago
The chest made herobrine look like baldi
Orange Juice Gaming 26 days ago
Zombie just kicked skeletons head of at 1:15
Nat. C. 27 days ago
1:02 1:05 hem
Nael Touazi 27 days ago
Zombie pigman is a cheater Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff----------------------------- herobrine use jailbreak and use zombie pigman on preson is the lost
ZombieGamer Hd 1 month ago
Poor zombie stupid herobrine
Agnieszka Śliwińska 1 month ago
T_REX GAMER 1 month ago
*That's why I never get my hair cut btw I don't have any hairs :(*
Humaira banu 1 month ago
Your vidieo is so so so funny that my stomach was paining
Arlen Quilapio 1 month ago
Don’t like this tier bad word
m 1 month ago
4:57 and that’s why you don’t try to copy your classmate
Kal Kee 1 month ago
Pig zombie 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
Bon bon and funtime freddy 1 month ago
I love zombie! He need a a+
Epic Gamer101 1 month ago
Me: (teacher) Me:*give pigman a F——————
LM ISMAIL SALEH 1 month ago
random 1 month ago
The old version is way better because the zombie did a peepee
DRAGON KROS ANDREI 44 1 month ago
Crazy Gaming 1 month ago
Lol 19:58
sambeltran007 1 month ago
And Zombie
sambeltran007 1 month ago
Skeleton is a bully
Osman kaan AY 1 month ago
Fuuuuuuuuuuu Q
Hans Gabriell the Paw Patrol Fan Est. 2004 SEA PH 1 month ago
4:26 Funny!!! 😆😆😆
Aleksander Kärg 2 months ago
Lol lol lol lol lol lol lololl
Adrian Kozlov 2 months ago
Fking noob Zombie pigman
Kavin Don 2 months ago
So good :)
jsadramelch 2 months ago
1:00 to 1:15 can someone tell me the name of that song that's playing?
İsa Gül 2 months ago
ahahahahah Great video bro :)
mystery ender sans 2 months ago
19:53 so funny
عالم يوسف 2 months ago
حلو فديو 😃😄😍😛
Rachelle Mea 2 months ago
No creeper
firemagicz joss 2 months ago
No pigman no like
Jennie Rincon 2 months ago
Me loved the vid yo :).
Sonic 1232 2 months ago
Lollol Kod 2 months ago
Pigman is Real pice off shit he suck Fuck you pigman
Topias Koponen 2 months ago
7:47 Nazi logo 😂
kinoxmateo 2 months ago
Liliána Lezsofi 2 months ago
Hüje zombipig😎
Sindy Martinez 2 months ago
XD I'm so cool that's so a some! XD
William Wahyudi 2 months ago
Yes pig mqn
Dragonul purpuriu 2 months ago
Fack you Sckeleton
Christopher Hatfield 2 months ago
Caden Burke 2 months ago
When iron gloum comes it has soul night music
John Kelvin Faz 2 months ago
Fuck u pigmen
Maddie Ruiz 2 months ago
Where did zombie learn how to kick like that?
Kazuki Misu 2 months ago
mystery ender sans 2 months ago
1:00 name song?
Eliška Pešková 2 months ago
Is golem
wojenny pieseł 2 months ago
Cool 😂😂
Panda Raivoso 2 months ago
Ódio do Herobrine pq ele bateu no Zombie
ALDI ARSYAD_ 2 months ago
Carl Johnson 2 months ago
Yeah poor slime
Xxx Lea playz xxX 2 months ago
3:25 Baldi lol
minea mustonen 2 months ago
minea mustonen 2 months ago
Alper Yılmaz 2 months ago
Zombi ve iskelet G
Phương Thảo 2 months ago
Im hate zombie pig man
Stella Turchin 2 months ago
I you funny hair
Valeria del angel 2 months ago
5:11 dead slime!
Blair Lawson 2 months ago
love you videos
Jane Macatlang 2 months ago
Slime just copy ghast's hair cut stupid slime
lets play games augystun 2 months ago
1:06 looks like sex
AubosAndIDogsAndAnimatronics40 Aibos 2 months ago
11:39 What The F**k!
Susan Ladera 2 months ago
Thats sovery funny hahaha 😂😂😂
Tuyết Đào 2 months ago
THE KILLING_ _DRAGON 2 months ago
Александр Мелрроо 2 months ago
Zion Staley 2 months ago
Lil Oreo 2 months ago
Rko is from wwe u can make a spear or superman punch too from wwe
Milki 813 2 months ago
Telma Bastos 2 months ago
11:38 WTF
Xcherry 2 months ago
Ya Zombiye acıdım amk yazık lan😕😦😨😟
jan kościuszko 2 months ago
for those who dislike: bad animation is a style for animating monster school`s
Kajus Sipavicius 2 months ago
Ill like to kill zombiebigman
Lusipardi 2 months ago
1:05 Waaa
JackGamer 200 2 months ago
This channel is cool and I’m subscribing
hpa ralte 2 months ago
I Love pitman why fail
Limo man pro Hernandez Muñoz 2 months ago
Fue el tonto doctor
marcos Vinicius 2 months ago
Like of spider
Izauta Meireles 2 months ago
Não sei
Izauta Meireles 2 months ago
que isso