Grubby | Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne | Orc vs. HU 1v1 Against ToD - Melting Valley

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Grubby | Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne | Orc vs. HU 1v1 Against ToD  - Melting Valley

I accidentally run into ToD on the ladder and we decide to make it a competitive one. Very fun match! I was told ToD put this game on his channel, so here's my perspective. (Game Played 27-Aug-2017) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Click Here for My Live Stream: Click Here to Follow me on FB: Click Here to Follow me on Twitter: Click Here to Follow me on IG: Hi! I've been a pro-gamer for 12 years, and I'm a big fan of Blizzard games like WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm. My channel is welcoming to new and experienced players alike. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here:

Comments to the video: Grubby | Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne | Orc vs. HU 1v1 Against ToD - Melting Valley

FollowGrubby 1 year ago
I accidentally run into ToD on the ladder and we decide to make it a competitive one. Very fun match! I was told ToD put this game on his channel, so here's my perspective.
A V 1 month ago
The dispell at 24:33 must have crushed his soul. LOL
Sachit Shetty 1 month ago
great game
Petra Musterfrau 1 year ago
lol Grubby, ToD will hate you til the end of days now because you uploaded that game xDDD
Ricardo Garcia 1 year ago
Great game!
Sonia 1 year ago
FollowGrubby what play by you, perfect solid orc.
TekkenJam 20 days ago
do you play with default keybinds?
Psychedelian 1 month ago
Orc is a beast when at full power, that Blademaster+Shadow shaman at high levels is near unbeatable, look at how the blademaster melts the mountain king and clean up after the batrider suicides. Human has nothing on orc late game.
Raph Ael 2 months ago
Which commands do you / does he use to switch camera positions on map? space ?
5olar1s 2 months ago
when you put towers up you always put them randomly or in a line. you could improve that positioning. if you put them in an arc, every time the enemy tries to attack one it gets shot by at least another one, better two or three. if you put them like tod in this game in a bunch, they protect each other. your positioning is the least sophisticated, that's what I observed.
Demon Günther 2 months ago
lowpert 3 months ago
tods micro is fucking sick! he is all over the map doing things
Seraphage 4 months ago
Freakin awesome insight bro, haven't played in ages but loving this
CombMaHairBitch 4 months ago
GG does ToD ever beat you? Have you ever played him in WCG
Ivan Zekić 5 months ago
Master Grubby
DonMakaveli Thuglife 8 months ago
Tod noob. grubby ftw
Alex Perez 9 months ago
ivan savic 1 year ago
dude soooo fast clicking
Neper 1 year ago
Two wc3 monster playing on this game, holy shit what a good game dude!
MilanVucic94 1 year ago
My god was this fun to watch! Almost as fun as 2v2 with Tod. Great opponent, great play by both.
Destracting 1 year ago
Tod amazing
Muamen Hussein 1 year ago
finally tod not salty :D
lala pea 1 year ago
Muamen Hussein 1 year ago
Petra Musterfrau 1 year ago
lol while you're at it you also should ask if he likes blademaster and if he is salty all the time. put an PJSalt at the end of your question in twitch chat :)
Muamen Hussein 1 year ago
haha will do
Petra Musterfrau 1 year ago
Muamen Hussein ToD not salty? Go to his twitch channel and ask him about this game and enjoy your lifetime ban 😂
topherno 1 year ago
So epic, especially those last fights! It must feel awesome to bladestorm a fleeing army :o
RunninFromTheK9 1 year ago
Tod is nice with multi tasking as are you that was a dope match very nice good stuff fellas
Leo Tchobanian 1 year ago
Good game. But the sound from your keyboard is just too loud. Can you do something about it?
Gwendal Picard 1 year ago
Favorite players, what else to ask?
Đävïđ 1 year ago
damn good game
TheRealTrikein 1 year ago
Does the clicking multiple times for move controls do anything or is it just to warm up?
RunninFromTheK9 1 year ago
Aphotic 1 year ago
its called APM(action per minute).to keep the fingers at check. warmup.
TheRealTrikein 1 year ago
Why was it oops to play with ToD? Because you both stream? Shouldn't that make it equal since you could both see the other's stream?
TheRealTrikein 1 year ago
Ahh, ok. Makes sense. Thanks!
Daar Darkness 1 year ago
DankWarMouse Ya I believe Tod has a reputation for getting upset when he loses, especially to grubby.
DankWarMouse 1 year ago
@Darkness, at the beginning Grubby said hope no one gets upset, was this a reference to that? Has it happened before?
Daar Darkness 1 year ago
TheRealTrikein They are friends and do 2v2s alot. It can leave a bad taste in teams mouths if they start doing 1v1s and one wins them all or somthing. Than the other gets bitter or jealous whatever and it ruins the team dynamic.
Александр Ксенофонтов 1 year ago
at last!
machineR90 1 year ago
Evolution from simple to complex creatures is just a fairy tale for adults. GG both
Frederick Lasch 1 year ago
Why the Shadowhunter unload items at minute 30:00 Medallion of Courage and the Mantle of Intelligence, and picked it up again, after Spiritlink?
Frederick Lasch 1 year ago
+iHeartCoolStuff okay, thanks
iHeartCoolStuff 1 year ago
My guess is he was just looking at the HP / mana difference with and without items. Or he may have wanted a smaller mana pool while his clarity potion was giving him mana regen. I don't think it has anything to do with spirit link.
Lucas Ferreira 1 year ago
@FollowGrubby I'm 27, and watching you playing, take me to the golden age of wc3 and of my life. I was a orc player because of you, I'm a big fan of yours. You`re amazing ! Thank you for reminding me of this incredible time of my life!
Frity Fantom 1 year ago
TOD is such a noob when it comes to 1o1 against good opponents. He is a really good 2o2 player, for sure. He is only uploading wins on yt. That makes him really chamless because he is loosing many games for sure.
Gwendal Picard 1 year ago
Slash ignore Frity Fantom.
Mateus Mancilla Herrera 1 year ago
LOL, tOD is one of the greatest players of Warcraft history dude.
Jonas jakobsens1 1 year ago
Jeff Adams these kids are so stupid for calling him noob when he have won wc3 champion ship
Jeff Adams 1 year ago
Frity Fantom ToD aka Mr. Merlo to YOU. Is a legendary WC3 player. Get a clue dweeb. Bow down.
Gnomkopf 1 year ago
Thought it would be closer, Grubby reks him:D.wp both
RAdekk K 1 year ago
David Fields 1 year ago
You know things are super cereal when Grubby hits high pop.
Petra Musterfrau 1 year ago
yes, things are super cornflakes
Food junkie 1 year ago
OH my god, what is this twitch i have to start watching. Dude you 2 are the best.
Clocala 1 year ago
SilverKitsu 1 year ago
I got you, Saturday and Sundays is when he streams WC3, it's awesome
Nathaniel Dance 1 year ago
mass bat banzai for the win.
Yoan G 1 year ago
You are the boss of WC3 !
Corey 1 year ago
16:26 I think Grubby would like it if donations were divisible by the daily goal, too. (math geek couldn't resist)
Deutungshoheit Agonie 1 year ago
MatiKosa 1 year ago
One of the best games ever on this channel, huge APM by Grubby,
Jordan White 1 year ago
Hey Grubby, great game! I was curious. do you select the games you want to be uploaded on youtube yourself, or does your youtube manager person do that for you?
ichabe dichlieb 1 year ago
I think Cassandra does. not 100 pro sure though.
KKomchi 1 year ago
great game
Gondwana 1 year ago
So happy you doing WC3 again, I first heard about you in the early 2000s with your Far Seer replays xD
ppshchik 1 year ago
Me too :) Grubby vs alt)duckie @ Blizzard WWI
Zaki D 1 year ago
Why there's no remastere for wc3 or wc4 ? :(
Martin Lazarov 1 month ago
There is 😬
David Fields 1 year ago
Look up Armies of Azeroth. It's still incoming, but it should scratch that itch when it gets here.
Eye of Tomato 1 year ago
zaki i think blizz did say that they wanted to remaster wc3 a little while back
Minu Chlebo 1 year ago
what was the problem here? why they were considering to not play competitive game against each other? streamer against streamer thats good isnt it?
Minu Chlebo 1 year ago
Daar Darkness how? i have played lot of games ( w3, hots, cs, cod, wow pvp.) and never experienced that. when is one in team better than u, u know that fact and u will accept that fact and learn from him. how can lose to a better teammate damage team? when i lost all the time to my better teammate or my worse teammates lost against me all the time it never did any harm to the team or relationship
Daar Darkness 1 year ago
Minu Chlebo It is also because they do 2v2s together and it can ruin a team if one is winning 1v1s against the other all the time.
Minu Chlebo 1 year ago
Andrei Mateus Mancilla Herrera well i was not asking about that :D. i was asking something completely diferent - why grubby was ooops and didnt want competetive game against tod. And answer was they are friends and tod is salty everytime and making remarks after losing and rage quits
Mateus Mancilla Herrera 1 year ago
LOL is true tOd gets very salty but its part of his personality, he is like a bad guy compared to Grubby boy haha. So tOd is one of the greatest players off all time but Grubby was the number one for many years (obviously not now i think) so its not rare to see Grubby winning against tOd most of the times, tOD know it and he knows that he will lose 70 % of the times against him. But they play because is a showmatch, two great players doing his job, showing us a very high level game, thats the reason of the game and the streaming.
Minu Chlebo 1 year ago
thats funny :D i didn't know that. i saw only few tod's games on his channel. ty for explaining me this boys
Elhabitante13 1 year ago
WHAT??!? Omg that gona be the Best in my year xD
TheGuyWithSunglasses 1 year ago
Very well played vs the legit but lame strat of mass tower human air.
Starcraft 2 ProReplays 1 year ago
Such a nice coincidence
Mendez 1 year ago
Can we see a match where you loose?
Destracting 11 months ago
check out Tod's channel and you will see grubby loss haha
Velly 1 year ago
I have seen several matches where Grubby lost. The most memorable one was where he lost to the same guy back 2 back but he only posted the 1st of the 2 matches. Grubby lost the 2nd match against the same guy again but he never uploaded it. It was a long and epic match too.
Corey 1 year ago
Grubby does post games that he loses. I think there was one within the last couple weeks.
HemoLuck 1 year ago
Claus Elser i don't think 😂 neverrrrrrr
DaKeN 1 year ago
wp grubby and tod
Silas Pierre 1 year ago
Welp lol
Ena 1337 1 year ago