GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

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Comments to the video: GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

Vucko100 4 months ago
Also I forgot to tell Rhino Tank has longer canon so it can spank cars and people away :P Enjoy watching though!
David, Schmidt 6 days ago
Also it's possible to shot someone with a sniper in the rhino
BLACK DRAGON 6 days ago
Vucko100 OK thanks
Alex R 7 days ago
Vucko100 when you shoots at the tanks. Maybe the blast radius has already damaged the Khadjali.
clown192 15 days ago
And if you accidentally hit a wall or pole or anything with the cannon of the kanjali it will flip you around like you are a rag doll. Weird GTA physics.
Ladislav Žitný 12 hours ago
5:27 - *TIGER - 34 !! :0*
Ladislav Žitný 13 hours ago
4:17 *No Vucko100, one RhinoTanks spot is snipable, search on YouTube bro.*
DrummieGaming one 13 hours ago
To WHITE that A+ paper for you
Dina KS 20 hours ago
Vucko kralju
maurane labazi 21 hours ago
son of the bitch
JFields Dembogurski 1 day ago
d b 1 day ago
Кто там скотина увидел какой под танк попал
jorgo nako 2 days ago
Music intro?
FrizzleTits 2 days ago
oof random ad
Smiling Kanye 2 days ago
CTEPKA 2 days ago
Leopard 2A4(4?) vs PL-01
Shahriar Kabir 3 days ago
FBI Wants to know your location
Das Daniel 3 days ago
and the railgun ??
belirsiz oyuncu 3 days ago
chenzain 4 days ago
kenny playz gamez 4 days ago
If u fully upgrade it, it also has 1 grenade launchers the back people can operate and u can change the main gun to a rail gu altough the damage doesnt change alot
enduro natan 4 days ago
penetration jak penetracja
enduro natan 4 days ago
0:42 its motorcycle armor
OPOSITE 4 days ago
Khanjali win
RAPITZAA subscribe 4 days ago
Stop using bulet proof its buletrecictant
Prune Juice 4 days ago
It looks like that OneSpotGamimg Guy is a vucko100 wannabe
Jase B 4 days ago
That drag race was dope.
Player Baldi’s basics 4 days ago
Oh my god super wow
Robin 5 days ago
4 dowN 5 days ago
vucko od kad ti snimas
Pyronix 5 days ago
You forgot the railgun attachment on khanjali and the remote grenade launchers too
Pyronix 5 days ago
White that A+ paper, yeah great grammar for a website that makes you have better grammar.
Ivan Valencia 5 days ago
What the hell is that a mod?
your average communsit 3 days ago
berak squad 6 days ago
Its realy good
David, Schmidt 6 days ago
Wtf is this all vanilla?
MMonsterZz GamePlayz, Hacks, Glitches! 6 days ago
3:40 Fortnite thermal Scope😂😂😂😂
Bayram Karakaş 6 days ago
Türkçe bilen varmı
Poradniki na telefony 6 days ago
Khanjali is the polish tank :)
nirzer Mahadeshwar 6 days ago
I love khadjali feature s
Jack of all traders 6 days ago
Man I wish GTA 5 was still realistic and not pay to have fun
DEJgamer 7 days ago
The khajali not have one *BULLET UPGRADE*?? the bullet upgraded to one RAIL GUN???
CAPATOB 64 REG 7 days ago
В канжали можно уничтожить водителя.стреляя в нательный лист впереди под маленьким углом.не один испытано на копах.
جوكر 999 7 days ago
Wow play kod
Natasha Pace 7 days ago
What does this video have to do with college
Velimir Kolakovic 7 days ago
Jesi li SRBIN
КАНАЛ ПЕЛЬMEN 7 days ago
Rhino the best tank in the world
Leonarda 7 days ago
rhino thank is a classic fun machine
Bros_ 4 8 days ago
The tank training because they gonna war
sebas Stein 8 days ago
Rhino tank is so useless with its armor, only takes 3-4 explosives while the moc alone eats 12
Week Yang 8 days ago
Honestly I rather get the cheaper one
Hank Coffeys Number one fan 8 days ago
No one gonna mention that fucked up ad, this guys a real piece of shit.
Crimson cringe 8 days ago
Which ai can beat vucko100
Ervin Bayani 8 days ago
Does GTA V have apocalypse tank like in red alert?
MBK BMX 8 days ago
your average communsit 3 days ago
How? How is it fake?
Mr. Cote 8 days ago
Наши танки самый сок
BenoBert 8 days ago
Video idea: Kuruma vs Duke O'Death
Momentum GD 8 days ago
You forgot to do kanjali with upgrades and railgun
Даниил Маркин 9 days ago
Пиздеееец одинешенек из самых накрученных танков с свирепой бронёй сачёт какому то пулемёту вы чё ебанутые его РПГ не пробьёт блять перед полнейший
Lorenzo 9 days ago
So you tested an upgraded version of the new tank agaisnt the old stock tank? Do you see where you went wrong?
Pozitiv tv 9 days ago
Just СССР just Т-34-85
roman bratny 9 days ago
TM-02 Khadjali this is polish tank
ОскО 9 days ago
*the best content of gta5*
Динар Наумов 9 days ago
Еблан сука. Рино тяжелее электро танка. По этому он лучше проходит препятствия. Какой же ты тупоумный, поогите на хуй.
Sukur Rehimov 9 days ago
Gencelilere ewq olsun))
Rigizkigy2 10 days ago
There is also a old tank, Panzer II in the ocean
jonabrony 10 days ago
The khanjali is a PL—01
Jancuga 10 days ago
Moj zivot je laz ipak mudja nije najjpopularniji balkanski youtuber
Nicole Vargas 10 days ago
Nice dude
Team Ivy Trash 10 days ago
Rhino is better
Paul Harvey Huertas 10 days ago
You forgot the upgraded version of the TM-02
Tamr. 606 10 days ago
الي عربي لايك
_XENO_ 10 days ago
Хотя бы танки российские)
Просто Незнакомец 10 days ago
HHMMMM.. It's Hotline Miami. ??
APEC Perdonó 11 days ago
Is epic
APEC Perdonó 11 days ago
How hoy did that
Boulder 67 11 days ago
Khanjali looks like a PL-01 tank
Ghost Shooter 12 days ago
1:56 khadjali.
mr_ fanister 12 days ago
Я из рф
I sexually identify as a Trigender Pyrofox 12 days ago
There are way more features to the khanjali tank that would have gave it more of an upper edge
Шахбан Шоипов 12 days ago
Эмм они однообразные, то что новоиспеченный танк можно сделать лучше не добросовестным бывает, если бы Rhino можно было сделать лучше он бы во всем обошёл бы этого нового танка, и + в главное в танке не скорость а проходимость.
Ghost Dominguez 12 days ago
Hey dude I saw the ramp with the Puerto Rico flag you Puerto Rican caues I am
Артём Кизеев 12 days ago
Lol leo 2A4 vs PL-01
The MeOPlaY 12 days ago
T 34
Riple Fastfood 13 days ago
Хуйня какая то
MrWhatdafuBOOM 13 days ago
5:04 Trevor, what were you doing with that lady back there? :)
BlackGaming TV 13 days ago
Super video bro bravo WELL Done 👏👌👌👍
Bobby Ong 13 days ago
hi can someone tell me how to spawn current DLC cars in story mode? doesnt seem to work for me
サブチャンネルタイトル泥棒358 14 days ago
Mr Badman 14 days ago
I have suddenly realized that Rhino is a Leopard. why not Abrams???
Бив Штекс Сгущёнков 14 days ago
Аууу кушать кто собственный?
Mursu Studios 15 days ago
Digital Resistance 15 days ago
lmao i have both and tanks sucks. best thing is chief transport
Some Yeasty Boi 15 days ago
I love the shell shock music 👌👌👌
XENO CHANELL 15 days ago
Т-34-85 ! Россияне кто здесь ?
Tharun Jayakumar 15 days ago
glory to soviet union
maki 15 days ago
PL-01 CONCEPT (Polish Tank)
akhi dot cf 15 days ago
Dag Gang 15 days ago
rhino(name)chiwtan khajail(name) pl10
ID0920 15 days ago
Rhino более бронирован, а соответственно и весит больше. Поэтому он весьма просто сумел проехать чрез забор, а 2-ой танк более лёгкий, совладал ужаснее
Ben Nicholls 15 days ago
Can you sell the khanjali
батл 15 days ago
ты хуесос
Кровосос Серёга 16 days ago
Rhino best
Aditya Rako 16 days ago
TShow TShow 16 days ago
О нас вспомнили:)