GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

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Comments to the video: GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

Vucko100 8 months ago
Also I forgot to tell Rhino Tank has longer canon so it can spank cars and people away :P Enjoy watching though!
MrHalna 13 days ago
Gta SA-47 21 days ago
Watch hope this makes your day
Luka Lehmann 29 days ago
Vucko100 the sponsor you said white instead of write
Vibes Virnz 1 month ago
Nice vid
Habibi 3.0 1 month ago
Mali jedi govna
denilson forte forte Gamer parada soft Lim 1 day ago
Seu v******* não faz mais esse vídeo
batata gamer oficial 2 days ago
NxB Lovers 2 days ago
This Race Khanjali Tank Winner 🏅
сашка загребин 4 days ago
Т 34 85 не трожь он всех нахер парвет ваших rhino
MaximilianMus’ Son 6 days ago
I need someone to white my paper too
Aiden Chen 7 days ago
khadjali also has grenade launcher and a plasma gun (I have the khadjali I gta 5
No One 8 days ago
kids don’t try this at home
Gang of demons 8 days ago
bruh its like comparing a musket against a m16a3
Александр Кулигин 9 days ago
Кто Русский?
BaRANEK 10 days ago
Its ew PL-1
Inc0gnitø 10 days ago
The Pl-01 OBVIOUSLY wins.
Tengo12ySoyPRO 11 days ago
I am Argentina :v
Rodrigo Sousa 12 days ago
Só só eu br
colde player 13 days ago
Сразу вызнал т 34 85
Burak Kaya 13 days ago
Rhino tank is 3.000.000$
Sale X 13 days ago
Veljo Srbine
Juhan Rossouw 14 days ago
Rhino tank is trash
Syroboi 16 days ago
Ko bi rek’o. Kakav Muđa evo ga najveći domaći YouTube-r
Nicolás Canales 17 days ago
The Rhino it's better.
Gta SA-47 21 days ago
I know t 34 a old TANK but a good one(WOT) I LIKE BOTH TANKS
Rupteon 8 days ago
WoT is a Game. the T34 were produced and effective in Mass,single Ines were Trash. In direct comparison to other tanks the t34 would lose,they are poorly built
Moster Killer41 21 days ago
Kirillons top videos 21 days ago
Kuckt bei meinem kanal vobei da sind auch coole videos über GTA 5
Lil Cat 22 days ago
Grass That’s Green 22 days ago
Thats a polish 5th Gen tank. Way better than the outdated Leapord or Type 90 look.
Dwiandra Cahaya Ramadhan 22 days ago
Russian bis detected
Black Wood 25 days ago
Mtia-ghost 25 days ago
Gta5 dead
fabiyan fm 25 days ago
khanjali naic
The MarshMello 26 days ago
Khanjali hacker LOL 😂😂
sheldon kfd 26 days ago
Lol upgrade the khanjali to max level and the rhino will fail badly
alvaro amaya 26 days ago
Josh S. 26 days ago
Song name in 6:24? @Vucko100
Rafael Anunciacion 26 days ago
I can say that the other tank(not rhino)is a advance technoligy but not rhino so give the othe tank(again not rhino)a bonus point
Did you know khanjali tank is weak to destroy things and Rhino tank can destroy thing easily but Khanjali tank speed is fast and Rhino tank is hard to destroy
Николай С 27 days ago
ВЫсер какой то забугорной игры и обозрение олеши построеный на типо знании механики танков! Ебни рядышком с танками электрический импульс, твоя хуйня хуй усвой будто называющаяся кончится не успев завязаться, механический же поедет и далее
at the moment the news 28 days ago
Vous êtes le meilleur des jeu rokstar
rona abejo 28 days ago
rhino wins why? because the rhino is mighty
i changed my name biaches 28 days ago
Rhino is better than the khanjali
tales Silva 28 days ago
Gostei mais q merda tantas coisas q mostro nestes vídeos sobre GTA aparece tanta coisa diferente q eu q não tenho mod Nei uso rgj não tenho pra usa armas carros e várias outras coisas. Mais muito legal a comparação dos dois
we are all funny by Momin ali 28 days ago
Ľařê sáa ôhño sé téŕay ma riďa pãy ûùh
we are all funny by Momin ali 28 days ago
Biggest fail caught by a fan in video 6:17 it says kandjali n u wrote khanjali
Captain lenny 28 days ago
Rhino IS better
Jason Balczer 29 days ago
Lol I just faced a khanjali with a rhino tank
Rhino is best tank for gta5
Heera Saggu 30 days ago
theme song name?
ThomerTD 1 month ago
Can you fly with a tank firing behind?
ՏԵօʍԹ ʍɑՏԵҽɾ 1 month ago
1:09 that sexy lady on the most dangerous race
#Bolsonaro刀丹工ム口 1 month ago
I like the Rhino (PT-Br) eu gosto do Rhino
kaper pl 1 month ago
AMEÃNÇAS! 1 month ago
If that Rhino was the one of gta 3 or vice city XD
hey how to draw?? 1 month ago
Vice city tank vs all tank
ZICA VIRUS 1 month ago
トッポギ 1 month ago
O Soldado Gamer 1 month ago
So you using AA turrets to shoot at tanks?
ERRORS LK 1 month ago
can i play mp on i3 / 4gb ram and intel 620 . Recently played sp without lags (used some lag fixes)
Bryan Ramos 1 month ago
Boom! There u have it dats why it called rhino tank
RojoFern 1 month ago
Why is an intact T-34-85 sitting in Los Angeles?
Maga Mutsaev 1 month ago
Ты неплохой человек
Дмитрий Шишов 1 month ago
Т-34-85 in Rus.благодарю,что показал
James Halliday 1 month ago
Man it’s been a while since I played gta v I remember when it was just the rhino and no ceo stuff and just basic stuff
FBI døggo ! 1 month ago
Khanjali reminds me of the bavarium tank in Just cause 3
potato LEADER 1 month ago
more like PL 1
Kayden Hutchinson 1 month ago
I think it would be cool if there was a tank that turned into a helocopter call the 480 Kaiju and it has Kaiju written in the side in Japanese that would be cool
You Tube 1 month ago
Recomondation: Rhino tank
SimpleGamingF2P 1 month ago
In real life those aa or anti aircraft can do nothing except scratch to those tank even to ww2 tank.
SimpleGamingF2P 1 month ago
Khanjali is actualy polish mbt p2000.
В гостях у Mansory 1 month ago
Song 0:02?
Muselk A Legend 1 month ago
Csgo gloves mint or cobalt??
Izi 1 month ago
2:41 anyone knows name of this vehicle? I really want to spawn and play it by myself
Ceylin S.M. 1 month ago
Şuanda youtubenin yeni gümcellemesiyle bu yorumu okuyon avrmı
Shane Rademeyer 1 month ago
U also forgot about the Khanjali railgun
Shane Rademeyer 1 month ago
I'm from Poland so yeah, GO KHANJALI
Shane Rademeyer 1 month ago
I'm from Poland so yeah, GO KHANJALI
Shane Rademeyer 1 month ago
I'm from Poland so yeah, GO KHANJALI
Ivano full HD 1 month ago
Stvarno neznam ko ce pobjedit
Danger Danny 1 month ago
Using pubg flare gun in gta v
Атомный Джостик 1 month ago
Оба танки неплохи
BMW Z8 1 month ago
that's the German leopard 2a4 instead of an m1a1 Abrams. i thought gta was in America?
虛無 1 month ago
Gabriel the Red Lion 1 month ago
The Rhino looks far better compared to that Khanjali shit. Rhino looks like a badass tank, Khanjali looks like a weird dildo.
Kacper Wisniewski 1 month ago
It looks like polish tank
MilesBlasius 1 month ago
causr it is pl-01 :)
argentin230 1 month ago
It's basically a tie
Joshua Tulong 1 month ago
that's aa gun bro not 4 machine gun
Jiddan Edan 1 month ago
Flergun ?
Patton3815 1 month ago
No Railgun
Gabriel XGamer_12 1 month ago
Gaming guy 1 month ago
I have a feeling that u are russian, is that correct? Because its russian subtitles
Kafar 303 1 month ago
Leopard 2A7 (rihno) is heavy tank PL-01 Concept (khanjali) is light tank Why are you take it to the test
илья гетьманськый 1 month ago
Очень классные видео
Dark Light 1 month ago
Amazing edit
Gaming Soir 1 month ago
Actually to be exact thats not a t34 thats a t34-85 to be exact a t34 has a smaller gun and turret
elvirus xd 1 month ago
fous gaming 1 month ago
9rb dislike don't have GTA online
Footbalĺ Iňdia 1 month ago
1.17 flare gun pubg
Ednaldo Pereira 1 month ago
The Leo was better than the PL-01 at smashing the car because the PL went streight foward and hitted the car with the front plate, however the Leo dodged a little bit and hitted it with the track.
Корнелий Сципион 1 month ago
Go Rhino VS Armata T-14!
أربعة تسعة 1 month ago
Khanjali win for1
OZON 1 month ago
Над шалый пулей которая должна была проколотить танк я вообщем угарал! Rhino это тяжёлый танк из-за этого у него больше мощи и массы, как следует припятствия он проходит лучше, и благодаря массе и мощи он протолкнул собственного соперника, дистанция меж гусеницами вообщем не при этом!
Mc menor Mr oficial 1 month ago
Alguém br
Panther 1 month ago
T-34-85 is a russian tank it is a medium tank with good reload a Tier 6 russian tank with good mobility