GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

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Comments to the video: GTA V - Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

Vucko100 6 months ago
Also I forgot to tell Rhino Tank has longer canon so it can spank cars and people away :P Enjoy watching though!
Francisco T Orbasido Jr 5 hours ago
Khanjali tank was made in japan (i think) rihno was made in amrrica
Marcus Vinicius Apolinário P 2 days ago
LEGO Minecraft 3 days ago
Hallo du arsch
_ PROZINHO 4 days ago
Canal lixo
Jorge C. M. 5 hours ago
Jorge C. M. 5 hours ago
Jorge C. M. 5 hours ago
5:58 LET'S*
Jorge C. M. 5 hours ago
4:46 LET'S*
Zns Zns 22 hours ago
Omg what shitty ass crap this is
WahyaW 1 day ago
Where you get the new tank?
WahyaW 1 day ago
Who here after hear killshot?
guja elo 1 day ago
khanjali it's Poland thank i 💕 poland
3loy XleB 2 days ago
За Т34 и двор стреляют в упор
LolyPop 2 days ago
The Khanjali Is just some new gay shit that is more expensive, people think More expensive and newer is better, but old school always wins. The rhino is better.
Roman Zabala 2 days ago
Holaaaa soy Español
American Mapping 2 days ago
That kanjunali is totally the bavarium tank from just cause 3
Arda Güngören 3 days ago
Khanjali Have Railgun - But You Need Money
Razeen Rameez 3 days ago
Led Fish 3 days ago
Khanjali is pl-01 concept! Idiots!
Rithin Raghu 3 days ago
How are you these vedio
Kuuri Boyy 3 days ago
You forgot the proxity mines and railgun in khanjali
Rowan Jones 3 days ago
the Rhino tank wan in gta san andreas i think as well
Mibrik:З / Мибрик:З 3 days ago
*Армия российских вперед!!!*
SidqiZ_234 Pro 3 days ago
This for play Gta San Andreas.Gta SA for winner.gta V for gayyy
BAZU gaming 3 days ago
Salman Khan 3 days ago
Salman Khan 3 days ago
Jasmina Drinić 3 days ago
To vucko čestitam
Aaron Garnica 3 days ago
Sag du
ابو فهد السرحاني 5 days ago
العربي يسوي لايك
Borówka Basia 5 days ago
Polish tank PL-01||||||| idiot
Tom Rail 5 days ago
in sea Is another abdoned tank
Лёша Брилёв 5 days ago
Т-34-85 top
Sonu khan 6 days ago
I love GTA5 😱😚
the titan buster team nightmare 6 days ago
Now for some reason I want to play gta V and world of tanks
AZZOS 7 days ago
I prefer rhino
Krystian Kubiak 7 days ago
Rhino is legend :D
Landoz Lad 7 days ago
Don’t forget about the TM-02s Rail gun
It's your call! 7 days ago
enjoy ur video man. new subscriber. 👍👍👍
Nikolay Yurievich 7 days ago
Вот уж не задумывался, что PL-01 будет лучше Leopard 2A4
Kimbouuh 8 days ago
U forgot the fact that u can launch yourself with the Khanjali and it's personal vehicle so u can Call it anywhere
Kimbouuh 8 days ago
Sorry for bad english I'm from finland
foxy126 PL 8 days ago
Khanjali is polish tank (pl-01) t-34 is rusian tank used by poles in czterej pancerni i pies movie series
THEOFILO4 8 days ago
Rhino 100%%
Sushil Shrivastava 9 days ago
Is it khadjali or khanjali
share the life hacks 9 days ago
This place is located in offline mode or online mode
share the life hacks 9 days ago
Where is this place located in the game on map
Kane Zacchaeus 9 days ago
As long as the design sucks , its no good for me lmao
Leo_ Pacheco 9 days ago
Nuttela vs taiz
DOBLOCU GAMER 9 days ago
Rhino is good
BlindzNetz _ 9 days ago
Lol includes paid promotion
Mateo Rendón 9 days ago
The edition is very stupid
gta games 9 days ago
You are the gaming king
Adrian Słaby 10 days ago
Yea PL-01 Concept wins
Blue Foxy 10 days ago
Sure the Khadjaili is better than the rhino, but you can get 4 rhino tanks while khadjaili needs 4 people (when fully upgraded) to operate all of its systems.
Pyrotechnic81 10 days ago
Shan Pasarya 10 days ago
M1A2 Abrams would beat both
Yzwxx Hmm 10 days ago
Nss br aqui
Melody Smith 10 days ago
dose it halfto take so fucking long at the beginning
Darshan Patel 11 days ago
Night_ hunter 11 days ago
i like your intro🙂
Big O 11 days ago
There's a spelling error in the video
Lando Gibson 12 days ago
Nice video
Dragon ball Z 12 days ago
I'm an American
king KKRR 8 days ago
Dragon ball Z an asian that wants to be an American
king KKRR 8 days ago
Dragon ball Z so what
Aiden Lodge 13 days ago
Resolution tho my guy. That shit crazy good
Trollefza 13 days ago
M1A2 Abrams comes in Hold ma beer
Chajnic Lampich 13 days ago
---------- G T A 5 M O N E Y
SirLaser 13 days ago
Chajnic Lampich 13 days ago
---------- G T A 5 M O N E Y
Kubx 2000 13 days ago
Polish technologic !!! Polska!
Lazar Keravica 14 days ago
Jesi ti iz srb vucko
Ger - 14 days ago
*Number 2 is my favourite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
Mr Vlad. 14 days ago
Two players molested me with the khanjali until i sacrificed myself for cthulhu
Jjj Ghbbh 14 days ago
So the tank last 2 sec longer with machine gun fire but dies 4 shoots less with a tank makes no sense because you said they did the same damage
XboxXD Lord 14 days ago
Both are pretty good
XboxXD Lord 14 days ago
Both are pretty good
xXMarcell_DavisXx 14 days ago
THE word THE actually exists.
Rylen Lobo 15 days ago
Can anyone tell me where is this location in gta plsss
Vegeta Principe de los sayains 15 days ago
CUBI RIDE 16 days ago
Szymeczek XD 16 days ago
Sebastian Hansen 17 days ago
What is the intro song om this video
평창수 17 days ago
Fares Sdiri 17 days ago
The Rhino is a German Leopard 2A4, why is it in an american map, wouldnt it make more sense to put the M1- Abrams?
Filipe Gomes 18 days ago
Should I buy akula or Khanjali
Hazzar Gordon playz Gordon 19 days ago
Rino tank is better thanks vuko
Zentrax 19 days ago
Nice video
Julian Tabita 19 days ago
Did u program these objects gj ima hit that sub and notification button
Zvonimir Ćužić 19 days ago
All subscribe on my yt chanell
That cool nerd Yt 20 days ago
So they will ignore the kanjali's upgrades? Smh
Edis Basara 20 days ago
Napravi jedan video na nasem
Cheshire Cat 20 days ago
Put zentorno up to the fighter jet, in description it said it was a fighter jet on wheels
Homo Ludens 20 days ago
Saving to get both.
Łewak 96NNŻ 21 days ago
Super odcinek, a montaż OP.
Outré - A Cure for Curiosity 21 days ago
Is it Khanjali or Khadjali
vippopper 21 days ago
1:53 tou misspelled khanjali
John Jack 22 days ago
Looks like a rip off of the just cause 3 tank
kspot legends 22 days ago
Wait how are you doing pull ups????
VLADOS COMBAT 22 days ago
Eli Martin 22 days ago
You didn’t upgrade the new tank. It has a rail gun cannon that’s how I know. It can also get upgraded armor and engine
ninja gamer 17856 MLG nouscot 22 days ago
Prefiero el otro no el rinho
Luis Pullazi 23 days ago
Rhino tank as 3'000'000$ no 1'500'000$
STYM -The Oficcial 23 days ago
Most of the times he spelled the khanjali as khadjali
Carl Aspinwall 23 days ago
I find the rhino can fire faster and when the Polish light tank gets hit it gets flung all over the show. Plus if you get run over by a rhino in a car you die.
FOG _TRACKS 23 days ago
Lmfao u paid for a promotion u waste