Star Wars Battlefront II (dunkview)

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Star Wars Battlefront II  (dunkview)

Can't even play as a ewok or a jar jar or that star wars penguin I keep seeing at target.

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Prince Noctis 10 hours ago
Wow, who else heard the KOTOR kashyyk music?
Wolf 14 hours ago
*EA* never seems to fail 😧
Mother Russia 1 day ago
Assassin's Creed is a good franchise
Neff Artistry 2 days ago
get that gayshit outro outta here papa johns
Fierce Brosnan 2 days ago
I would buy this game JUST to be Darth Maul. And that's probably it. And maybe Kylo Ren. but yep.
TubeNoodleMin 2 days ago
That's why you don't catch me fucking dogs anymore
Blingiman 2 days ago
I find that i do way better using mouse and keyboard with the starships
DillBertDraws 2 days ago
There goes EA trying to sell 3% of a game again
luckiestblock 2 days ago
I think the best part of the video is the fact that I'm unsure if the Win loot boxes actually exist or it is a joke
Jorge Sanchez 3 days ago
Thank you for being you. In a world full of strangers you bring join too everyone!
Mistrz Yoda 3 days ago
You have very old computer
Yvonne Arellano 4 days ago
Oh god, the voice actor for Darth Vader in the game sounds weak.
janko 3 days ago
have you heard kylo without his mask
SnugLyfe 4 days ago
Look at the bottom of the last article ;)
Elijah Beukers 5 days ago
What I say to anyone that complains about getting heroes too late in the game G I T G U D
Mete Tural 5 days ago
I'm Han Solo, I'm Han Solo. hmm hmm hmmmmmhmm. Wait this is recording?
Link Mc Saucypants 5 days ago
The best song to end a video, OH MY GOOOOOOOOD
Jorge Rivera 5 days ago
The campaign was so horrible, besides the glitch fest and horrible dialogue..98% of the rebels are women.
Gaspani Frinzi 5 days ago
Ok, time to make a dunkreview of pubg! Ahhhhhhh, will be so funny
Nathan Waite 5 days ago
I feel like ea abuses dice
Random Guy 5 days ago
Im not a Star Wars fan i just enjoy Dunkey's videos but damm that Darth Vader voice even made me cringe.
Gamal Elkordy 6 days ago
This is the second Battlefront video by dunkey to end with a 2/5 score with Han Solo playing over news articles about how shit the industry currently is
Galaxy_05 6 days ago
Dessu Arska 6 days ago
all we need is battlefront II 2005 rework.
spartanB0292 6 days ago
I'm so excited for this game. All the shit they're gonna do to apologize for the horrible launch. If its anything like what happened to Battlefield 4, then this game is gonna be great. And if it isnt gonna be, eh thats fine. I'm gonna buy it for like 10 bucks maybe.
dkdanxD 4 days ago
This game is really fun and awsome to play but. I wish they didn’t cross the timelines! I hate running around as rey and fighting someone like darth maul or Darth Vader because it gets rid of the feeling of the real Star Wars.
dkdanxD 4 days ago
TheEmperorHyperion ye I agree bro say if they locked certain Hero’s to certain maps
TheEmperorHyperion 4 days ago
Indeed. They made having the CIS, the Clone Army, the First Order, and the Resistance pointless by doing that. Maybe if there were an option to lock heroes based on timelines, then it would've worked.
Brandon Johnson 7 days ago
Battlefront 1 was a fantastic game. Controls were great, gameplay was great, graphics were awesome, it was near perfect. The ONLY problem was not enough maps, which was fixed throughout it's cycle. But because people whined about it not having enough maps at launch, EA decided to just focus on making a ton of mediocre content instead of polishing the game. People say they want MORE content instead of BETTER content, and this is the result.
scifinerd17 7 days ago
“A sense of pride and accomplishment”..
Brance Schear 7 days ago
The campaign isn't bad. The AI might be bad when you're playing on easy mode but the campaign itself isn't bad.
Brett Debner 7 days ago
this dude is hilarious omg
Marcus Aurelius 7 days ago
Assassin's creed is a good franchise
Nick Croucher 7 days ago
Looks like you're just terrible at the game with poor internet connection.
Soldier_66 7 days ago
In my opinion the game is fixed. The one thing that I have a problem with that I don't really care about is the loot crates.
Rizon1985 7 days ago
Hey now. Dice used to do very good single player. It's just that it was called custom battle. And the bots sometimes felt more real than real people and any modder from the old BF games knows how brilliant the engine was made. Dice had some freaking geniuses collected 15 years ago. What you have to say is, Dice doesn't do storyline.
Spooka 8 days ago
You know, all they had to do was take the ORIGINAL battlefront 2 and make it look better.
ertrnbvfertnrbf 8 days ago
thought I heard optimus prime when Vader spoke
Zephyr360 8 days ago
Vader sounds like Optimus lol
Tristan Thomas 8 days ago
that last article was like a punch in the gut, the beta was so good
juicitron 8 days ago
kylo gurn
SharkOp Gaming 8 days ago
What is the “Han solo” song at the end of the video?
shotenzo2 8 days ago
to fix battlefront 2 you need to make it battlefront 2
FlamingNinjaGamer 9 days ago
No. Just. No. Just stop, EA. Just stop. I can't take it.
AnonymFilm 9 days ago
It is not laggy, It's only you having high PING
Mand'alor 9 days ago
Watched dunkey's video. Did not buy game because of it. Ended up buying it anyways. It's actually fun. A lot of the points are not true (maybe they were but not anymore).
TheEmperorHyperion 4 days ago
.You just gave EA more money.
J gw 9 days ago
Mand'alor no point. I'm sure you'll just lie and say they arent there again like before.
Mand'alor 9 days ago
Cool, if you come up with arguments instead of insults I might be willing to answer you.
J gw 9 days ago
Mand'alor that was one of his criticisms dumbass. Hurr durr his criticisms aren't there anymore
Mand'alor 9 days ago
There are. So?
Lord Turtwig667 9 days ago
I recently got this game, and a lot of these problems are not there anymore. Some of them are, but for the most part I love the game. It’s a lot of fun. But dying as a hero happens waaaaaaay too easily, it gets annoying sometimes
Kosta Tourlis 10 days ago
I just got a ps plus ad for battlefront 2 discounted 😂
iAidanugget 10 days ago
I pissed myself laughing at the articles at the end when it went from Battlefront 2's beta shows that EA has made some improvements to Battlefront 2 is a disaster
nenume 0 10 days ago
tfw they made paladins jump on the microtransactions train :(
ShortyCircuitGames 9 days ago
Zabbleberry 10 days ago
Ok dunkey I love you man, but I'm just gonna say I fuckin love battlefront 2! I think the battle points and heroes is a great addition to the game because I have found the best way to get battle points is shooting people. I guarantee you if kill a ton of people you will have more points than someone sitting on an objective, so think of how fast you can be a cool guy if you're shooting the shit out of someone while you are on an objective. You get points for damage you get points for the objective and you get points for the kill. I play on Xbox, not pc, maybe that's the reason I don't lag and have a good time and you did lag. And donkey how bad could the controls be on pc man? I get the star ship stuff but on the ground? Whatever. thank you.
Blizzardtron 11 days ago
Im that weird guy that liked battlefront 2’s campaign. Resurrection sucked balls tho.
Hᴇᴊ Mᴏɴɪᴋᴀ is running in the 90s 11 days ago
I remember when I first played mw1. I ranked up twelve times in like 2 hours.
Reigand 11 days ago
Can't wait for SW BF3
Bigboy Bob the cob 11 days ago
I love the game hate the lag
AMINU bk 11 days ago
It has gotte. So bad im not even sure the win crate joke was a joke
Youtube Pizzer 11 days ago
I f***ing love DOOM 2016. Errr. Doom 2017 because I play it on the switch.
superilyes25 RBLX 11 days ago
I miss battlefront on psp
Noah Pierce 12 days ago
first game ever i went 80 and 1 as a pilot on that droi d wookie map
KoPebbz 12 days ago
KoPebbz 12 days ago
Ea should change their name to Ua. Unfinished Arts. Dunkey please come out with a follow up review after some of the seasons. I know that most games that have a very bad start dont usually eventually become the greatest game ever, but we are talking about star wars. Plus the developers are actually listening to most of the fans. I would very much want to here your opinion on this game after they finish it.
Medelino 12 days ago
DLC will be free
Dave Id 12 days ago
Name 12 days ago
Why does ea get hate? They MADE skate 3
Awesomeninja Gaming 13 days ago
When he said “Dice doesn’t do single player”, did he mean that they are bad at making single players or that it was bad because they didn’t do the single player?
Jordan Moreira 13 days ago
Lice Traber 14 days ago
EA and DICE are talking together: EA: we are making another star wars game? DICE: yes EA: do you wanna hear some ideas? DICE: sure I do EA: that will costs you 10000$ DICE: you know what? Let me make the game and you are making the bug fixes EA: all right. That'll cost you 2000$ (It's a joke :D I love ea and I love the game Also i think it works flawless and is almost perfekt [except some heroes they are sometimes to strong]but that is only my opinion)
Lice Traber 14 days ago
I have only 16 mbit per second and it workes flawles
Gregory Moran 14 days ago
Good job using the least accurate gun for the segment where you complain about how it feels to inaccurate at long ranges.
Vladimir Putin 14 days ago
Erm sorry about that turns out it's an extra 60 dollars for better Internet connection
luke sofer 14 days ago
ths game made me so fuking angry i nearly broke my new razer mouse i got for cristmasso i just uninstall.fuck ea
Angelo Tornabene 14 days ago
Why did battlefront go so downhill.shame. I️ remember playing the original battlefront s and was a solid game
Devan Romero 15 days ago
Another game I had trouble with lag was for honor. Compared to that, Battle front II lag is nothing. In for honor the match would just end and you would be kicked out of the game time after time. It wasn't just a one day occurrence. It was the entire time. Even the single player couldn't get away from the server shutting down. Even in single player you would get kicked out to the menu screen.
Jackson Block 15 days ago
Dunk you should make a video playing the pandemic battlefront 2 Star Wars so everyone can see how much better it is compared to this ea garbage
Cruhatt 15 days ago
NO. -sad donsly
WolfrenPlayz 15 days ago
I buy the game. Finally downloads. Open the game. “You don’t have the recommended intel driver” I have spent three days trying to fix it. I can’t fix it at all.
That Dead Guy 16 days ago
EA greatest hits.
RootBearr Stuff 16 days ago
Great Outro Song Choice
Stealth2668 16 days ago
Outro mix?
What up Pro 16 days ago
Only thing wrong with what you said was that it is super hard to get heroes it’s not that hard you just have to have skill
Orban Robert 16 days ago
Zorph 27 16 days ago
All they had to do was remaster the old ones and they would be set
Al ex 16 days ago
EA just ruin great games with their greed
Joorji V 17 days ago
I'm going to bite you with my shoe
DRJ Wizzle 17 days ago
cant use dx12, cant play online with constant rubber banding. but i do enjoy playing aracade mode i guess
Hufflepuff Rules 17 days ago
It’s laggy cause your device is shit
J gw 9 days ago
Hufflepuff Rules of every other game plays fine online then it's battlefronts problem
Hogwild 16 days ago
That wasn't the problem but ok
Chibi Robo 16 days ago
Hufflepuff Rules like your console is the strongest of all of them
Hargey _ 17 days ago
thank you for always being real
the edgy duckling 17 days ago
Are u sure that we don't need to pay for anything extra? Ea: *snorts suuuuuuure
Mr Legit 17 days ago
I don't lag
BoofisHD 17 days ago
0.6/10 No dagobah system
AwesomeAnyway 17 days ago
EA:uh oh, that's alot to fix. EA employee: well we have to fix it the sales are down EA:make a loot crate that gives you everything and fixes everything EA employee: but we still have to do work. EA:do you think i'm gonna give you 75 more cents to work on a update?! no. So make a loot crate for that
Privileged White Male 17 days ago
After watching all these shitty online gameplay, I think Halo 5's multiplayer online is the best thing ever!
J gw 9 days ago
Privileged White Male lets not get carried away. Having a finger amputated might be better than your head chopped off but that doesn't mean it's good.
The Jester - Fool of Hearts 17 days ago
Star Wars battlefront II was terrible, laggy, and filled to the brink with microtransactions and pay to win mechanics. This is definitely not a way to correct to mistakes of the last game. 10/10 IGN
The Jester - Fool of Hearts 17 days ago
Star Wars battlefront II was terrible, laggy, and filled to the brink with microtransactions and pay to win mechanics. This is definitely not a way to correct to mistakes of the last game. 10/10 IGN
Kainlarsen 17 days ago
It would also help if they didn't make the entire game cost 2 grand.
Tdak1128 18 days ago
Burn it to the ground
007 films X 18 days ago
Dice isn’t good right now but the bad company series and bf1 were Kool
Helmi Alf 18 days ago
Jason please play Doki Doki
Gihli _ 18 days ago
I have had this game since launch and still haven’t played Kamino
snowontheweb 18 days ago
Just wish Star Wars 1313 wasn't cancelled.
TheEmperorHyperion 4 days ago
Or Battlefront III. The real one before EA fully took over.
Xray_Murphy 18 days ago
Good Game,Bad Community
dj rágógumi 18 days ago
,,star wars battlefront III Announced
Spicy Lynx 18 days ago
Dunkey isn’t good at Darth Maul, I’ll leave it at that