LINKIN PARK - "Numb" (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

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LINKIN PARK - "Numb"  (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

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Comments to the video: LINKIN PARK - "Numb" (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

My name is Blaze 1 day ago
Chester would be proud
kazuto kirrigaya 1 day ago
Chester would be proud
Paul Barnett 2 days ago
too deep nice cover but too deep listen to the song, now listen to yours.
L.H. Scoring 6 days ago
Wow! I only just found this Track and I have to say I love the grittiness that was put into this track. You truly sing from the soul and have a passion for what you do! ( I've watched a few of your other videos) Keep doing what you do Johnathon! Your an inspiration to the world!
little roger 8 days ago
Żałuję, że to usłyszałem
Hermanto Bondowosi 9 days ago
Cover what i've done
Hermanto Bondowosi 9 days ago
Ooow. perfect song
el brian rex j5 9 days ago
Epic cover Salud of Argentina
Alex Hazenbiller 10 days ago
After 2:17 I couldn't continue listening..
Dominik ́s BestOf 10 days ago
irgendwie packt mich seine stimme nicht.
Anthony Roses 10 days ago
bad cover
Niji Mudou 11 days ago
Terror time <3
Shark 1469 11 days ago
How have I only discovered this channel now?
Martin Baasch 12 days ago
James Jones 13 days ago
Keep killing it guys!!!!!!!
Joseph Thompson 16 days ago
I love Lee's guitar sooo much <3
Brian Frigon 18 days ago
That is some depth wiseman
Xaden Bertrand 19 days ago
Forever remembered Chester. We will all still stand strong for you.
Sardo Hasudungan 19 days ago
Metalican taste.
Daria aqt :v 19 days ago
This is perfect, just like all your other song covers :')))
oRyzeProductions 19 days ago
Rip Chester great cover as always got the aggression vocals near perfect
Francois Debuiche 19 days ago
Are you the next Chester? A gap has to be filled. And your voice perfectly fits anger, rage and soft and sweet emotions too. I'm a new fan of yours.
Cameron Ray 22 days ago
God damn, it's like Jonathan Young could have been in one of LINKIN PARK's songs. But I really miss Chester so much. RIPChester. ;(
Teresita Ramirez 23 days ago
My favorite song of linkin park:')
Kamran Khan 24 days ago
RIP Chester we will never forget you you defined a generation and we will always love you for it.
Jonathan Greenup 24 days ago
You guys need to cover crawling next!! 👍👍
Qahnaarin 25 days ago
OMG Linkin Park 😍 I love you ❤️❤️
Resti Ayu Anantika 25 days ago
Mike Shinona should ask you to tour with them!
Cheers 27 days ago
Malte _ Markus 1 month ago
Gianni 1 month ago
This is late but is anyone else hearing the super intense lisp
Nessy No-name 1 month ago
Jonathan, it would be amazing if you were to create a whole tribute album to Linkin Park. Your renditions simultaneously respectfully recreate the spirit of each song and yet imbibe them with jaw dropping originality. The care you put into your covers of Linkin Park songs does not go unnoticed and I'm sure many people, like me, have been able to channel and work through their feelings on Chester's death as well as relive the nostalgia for when they first discovered the band through your covers. No matter what projects you choose to pursue, your music is amazing and you are an admirable artist.
B R 1 month ago
R.I.P. Chester.
Filippo Sardella 1 month ago
guys u are great!!
John Benoit 1 month ago
rip chester
Harnish Patel 1 month ago
Who wants to see this guy without a beanie?
xXVexi_SkyeXx 1 month ago
I've noticed how similar our raspy singing sounds
Clemente Osorio Vásquez 1 month ago
Grande Jonathan te mereces mi respeto brother seras una gran estrella algun dia ya lo verás
Billysalsen 1 month ago
When did Rick Grimes start singing? ;3
Lydie Wainhouse 1 month ago
AnacanE 1 month ago
Omg yessss.!!!!
X1FrostDragonX 1 month ago
Im sorry but at 1:27 it sounds like its saying calling naruto calling naruto
Veldman Ens 1 month ago
Miguel Hernandez 1 month ago
Awwww shit. 4 seconds in and I was getting chills. Fantastic job!
Канат Жолдас 1 month ago
Epic. Good job.👌👌👏
Van Vu 1 month ago
Nikola Zdrakov
Scott Day 1 month ago
I think it would greatly behoove you to cover The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars next.
Baron Von Kek 1 month ago
It’s refreshing to hear a cover of this song that’s not a slow piano ballad. It’s a very unique cover, and a very good one at that.
Arlisbloxer05 1 month ago
Its official, its no longer unironic to like Linkin Park.
Sarita Rguez 1 month ago
Hi, could you cover the opening of Shingeki no bahamut second season?
Zsombor Drüszler 1 month ago
Zeke IYF 1 month ago
Chester would of approve this.
mirror_knight likes_meme_sto 1 month ago
That thumbnail is just like when you're in an argument and they won't listen.
Martijn le Rutte 1 month ago
Take a glass of water after this owkay?
Kalma Clemens 1 month ago
another he would have loved <3
KiritoXAsuna 15 1 month ago
Johnathan is such a talent musician and I’m always excited about what he does next
Bastian Arcbast 1 month ago
Caleb, Chester and Jonathan, If someone make a video of those three cover into one I'll be damned
Mon Mon 1 month ago
*my insides have just melted*
Farhan Pattikawa 1 month ago
Rip the best vocalist of all time Chester Bennington :(
Musicgirlsam 1 month ago
Please do a leave out all the rest cover
AXL Sins 1 month ago
You know a song is good when it gives you chills. Remembering that no song has ever given me chills before.
Ethan Battle 1 month ago
Falling in the black by skillet PLEEEAAASSSEEE
Eric Dolbec cote 1 month ago
Good job.
Zar K 1 month ago
This can be a kingdom hearts theme
Dawn Cree 1 month ago
Stab me in the heart will you.  pun truly not intended
junior 104 1 month ago
Like si estrañan a linkin park y a chester
Omar Htiouech 1 month ago
I wish that you take viking death metal to the next level you have the almighty Odin' voice,
Zach Umi 1 month ago
i think you should try let it die by Starset
Rubén Hurtado 1 month ago
sin palabras
Sheryar Aasaf 1 month ago
Am i the only one who can’t access this on spotify?
노래연습용 1 month ago
What the hot cover!
Greg Meyers 2 months ago
Yo! Jonathan Young, bro you got it going on with that vice! You nailed every note and the beat/sound shot up like rockets. Keep up with the amazing kick ass songs, man.
MegaPoisonboy 2 months ago
Thank you dude :-)
Scott Summers 2 months ago
Please do a cover of Symbol from Food Wars, Jonathan Young
Planeflyer Birdie 2 months ago
Ohhh yesssss It's AWESOME
Planeflyer Birdie 2 months ago
Ohhh yesssss It's AWESOME
Precious Muscious 2 months ago
Yong Bang Xiang 2 months ago
dope af
Levi Ackerman 2 months ago
Ludzie nigdy nie zapomną o Linkin Park oraz Chesterze
Scott Day 2 months ago
I think you should cover The Catalyst next.
Legion 2 months ago
Can you cover the version of this song that's just dogs/foxes barking?
Ved Prakash 2 months ago
Sing linkin park papercut song
MasterChiefSamus 2 months ago
This isn't something I can write where people know it's me, so I write it here. My mother has depression, something she's admitted to me herself. She refuses to treat it, and without her knowing she's also helped me keep from admitting I have my own depression. Now this ain't some sob story where this song helped me survive through such dark times. Now that I finally grow aware of all this, hearing this song and this particular cover makes me think of saying thank you to her. I appreciate the lesson, and the love she's shown despite such a flaw. Because she also grew up with someone disappointed in her, doing the exact same thing. Someone that never gave her the love I was given. I am no longer numb. By the way, cool cover!
Allisson Santos 2 months ago
melhor que o original, parabéns
Tera Ráza 2 months ago
This is absolutely perfect. really great song :)
Sputterbugz 2 months ago
Ciel x 2 months ago
This song makes me very sad because my father *USED to* play this song for my mother when I was younger.
Kimeshin Govender 2 months ago
It was nice.but i didn't feel it. I love the original song..kinda nodded off for this one
András Bella 2 months ago
Please make with Mr. Hyles ;)
EL King 2 months ago
Ptn j'la répète en boucle cette vidéo la musique je le kiff
Matias Villagrasa 2 months ago
2:16 wolverine singing Numb
William Brimer 2 months ago
amazing version
LinkinPark4ever2000 2 months ago
Thank you for making this video! I'm downloading this cover right now ♥️ keep up the great work bro
EduardGamer 2 months ago
R.I.P Chettos xd
BABAM BANGET 2 months ago
I love this song
Colleywoodstudios 2 months ago
Zyad Mhasni 2 months ago
Great job dude!
PARIS JR 2 months ago
Father Piggy 2 months ago
Badum Badum Dum Dummmm
FRAXIM 2 months ago
do yuo sing back in black of AC DC please
Max4Million 2 months ago
You come close to his voice