LINKIN PARK - "Numb" (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

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LINKIN PARK - "Numb"  (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

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Comments to the video: LINKIN PARK - "Numb" (Cover version by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht)

Ved Prakash 16 hours ago
Sing linkin park papercut song
MasterChiefSamus 18 hours ago
This isn't something I can write where people know it's me, so I write it here. My mother has depression, something she's admitted to me herself. She refuses to treat it, and without her knowing she's also helped me keep from admitting I have my own depression. Now this ain't some sob story where this song helped me survive through such dark times. Now that I finally grow aware of all this, hearing this song and this particular cover makes me think of saying thank you to her. I appreciate the lesson, and the love she's shown despite such a flaw. Because she also grew up with someone disappointed in her, doing the exact same thing. Someone that never gave her the love I was given. I am no longer numb. By the way, cool cover!
Allisson Santos 21 hours ago
melhor que o original, parabéns
Tera Ráza 1 day ago
This is absolutely perfect. really great song :)
Sputterbugz 2 days ago
Ciel x 2 days ago
This song makes me very sad because my father *USED to* play this song for my mother when I was younger.
Kimeshin Govender 2 days ago
It was nice.but i didn't feel it. I love the original song..kinda nodded off for this one
András Bella 3 days ago
Please make with Mr. Hyles ;)
EL King 3 days ago
Ptn j'la répète en boucle cette vidéo la musique je le kiff
ani-Kun ャシ 4 days ago
man this is good <3
Matias Villagrasa 4 days ago
2:16 wolverine singing Numb
William Brimer 4 days ago
amazing version
LinkinPark4ever2000 4 days ago
Thank you for making this video! I'm downloading this cover right now ♥️ keep up the great work bro
EduardGamer 4 days ago
R.I.P Chettos xd
BABAM BANGET 6 days ago
I love this song
Colleywoodstudios 8 days ago
Zyad Mhasni 9 days ago
Great job dude!
PARIS JR 9 days ago
Father Piggy 9 days ago
Badum Badum Dum Dummmm
FRAXIM 10 days ago
do yuo sing back in black of AC DC please
Max4Million 11 days ago
You come close to his voice
DAB 12 days ago
RIP CHESTER beautiful way to remember him is with music!!
Dan Chevalier 13 days ago
'm not a big fan of Lp cover!! but you cover is awsome!! like all the other that you made!!! ;) RIP chester ;')
xigbar 13 days ago
For chester ! Gone but never forgotten
jhon florence narciza 13 days ago
this music was so good
Gemlnwza007 13 days ago
I become สืบพันธ์
Ashcroft Music 15 days ago
Awesome Job!! That was fantastic! Go check out our recent vocal cover of Numb! You won't regret it
Edward Asare 15 days ago
Your voice man, its EPIC.
Connor Brith 15 days ago
благодарю,Честер бы оценил.
Sig R 15 days ago
Rest peacefully Chester ❤️
Noah Slepcevic 17 days ago
I actually knew Chester personally and I am sad that he is gone R.I.P Chester
Arush Chillar 18 days ago
Frog leap Studios
J-tallica 1 18 days ago
0:00 - 0:01 King Ghidorah?
Ahmeda .bashrc 18 days ago
Awful things - lil peep!
Eddieo9999 19 days ago
no disrespect to Jon he has a range Linkin Park is not there
Χρυσανθη Ζερβοπουλου 19 days ago
One year ago one lengend have past away Rip Chester 😭
SaintGlory 20 days ago
I like the original key best
White Devil 94 20 days ago
I started crying while listening to this.
TerraMC YT 23 days ago
Jesus christ, what have my ears blessed me with? <3
Reema Al-Bargawi 24 days ago
jonthan hunter x hunter depatuer please <3
maskedmessenger 24 days ago
Rest in peace chester
cparle87 24 days ago
Oh wow. How did I miss this gem while looking through your gallery?
TheComputerMissy 25 days ago
I love your covers, so bloody much. I know it's not your usual style, but maybe you might consider some day covering the band Ghost, maybe Ghuleh/Zombie Queen or some other song, I would love any of them covered by you :D
tawernus 25 days ago
In The End plss or From the inside
Kate Rachkovskaya 26 days ago
Душевно, до слез ;(
redPANDA Quote 27 days ago
I have a new appreciation for this song
Lost Zone 27 days ago
Sounds amazing!! RIP Chester.
Harshit Pandey 27 days ago
U can't beat Chester Bennington
Dana Healy 28 days ago
Oof. chill bumps. This is amazing!!
Drago Yordanov 29 days ago
No one can do this better than Chester. RIPChester
georgeous 30 days ago
Duuude, you should totally cover this fire by Killswitch Engage. Love your voice man. Keep it up
TheSkrapter44 1 month ago
I think the Original is godlike.but your Cover/Version of it is close enough to say even Chester would be proud. Rip.
chaymae el jouhari 1 month ago
The best cover so far
Fredbeargames97 1 month ago
Awsome song bro!
mirageX22 1 month ago
Kimiake 1 month ago
Kept hearing you say it as vont lol
Lior Dahan 1 month ago
you should really do plug-in baby by muse, it will fit you so good in a lower key
Andrew Pitocchelli 1 month ago
Dude. Amazing work 💯
Стас Костиков 1 month ago
good song
sumith menon 1 month ago
Superb brother. I used to hear ur version atleast once in a day
Tina Estrada 1 month ago
I say you do Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Lola Milano 1 month ago
PlayGuy91 1 month ago
Dr. Tankenstien 1 month ago
Dude, you should do a heavy metal version of the Rick Roll song just for giggles.
FLEX TIME 1 month ago
Respect bro
Watson's World 1 month ago
I've been waiting for this cover since chester's death.
TheVocalTune 1 month ago
Thanks for singing this throwback. well done!
Дмитрий Рудницкий 1 month ago
Fucking fake
Ixchel 1 month ago
Chester would be very proud of this cover :)
Pisica Daniel 1 month ago
Ow the edge.
Ginny Kempson 1 month ago
Why don't you do songs from Labrynth? You sound like David Bowie a bit. I wanna hear a rock version of Magic dance!
Okasih 1 month ago
Way too metal sounding, too deep of a voice. 4/10
Sarah Wyman 1 month ago
I don't always think the material you pick matches your vocal style but this was amazing! You and Caleb have some of the best harmony I've ever heard. This really felt like a touching tribute to Chester Benington
Ирик Зайнутдинов 1 month ago
R.I.P. Chester, maby the best try) thanks
Mel Bourdon 1 month ago
KATSUKI BAKUGO {I'm sorry I tried} 1 month ago
AMAZING! I love this song I relate to the lyrics a lot thanks for this cover! 😔😎👌👏👏👏👏👏
Miserable Mochi 1 month ago
Enrico Giacomini 1 month ago
This song will always remind me the mornings of many years ago spent on the bus to go to school! Good job!
Dionte' McBride 1 month ago
Mauricio Lopez 1 month ago
Numb as it should be. *change my mind*
Diego Maure 1 month ago
Epic covers
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem 1 month ago
could this fit steven or what? it could be the song that would lead to storm in the room or something like that
KRDecade 1 month ago
RIP Chester. Great cover.
Kyle Hooker 1 month ago
Damn, this is actually really good. I don't listen to much rock either.
JonesOmega ! 1 month ago
You finally hit 1million and I missed it ;-; congrats on 1million subscribers man.
Alex Kyrotera 1 month ago
Another masterpiece. Great job man, cant wait to see what else you have planned
aeonyx daniel serrano esopinoza 1 month ago
Por favor has cover de -Ashes by Seline Dion
Jezebel von Tex 1 month ago
Everyone who ever battled depression feel the urge to SCREAM with a voice as powerful as yours. Thank you for doing it 🖤 some day I will die, but not today and not from this darkness taking over.
Audi RS 1 month ago
Linkin Park ❤󾓨✌
Retarded Potato 1 month ago
New Chester? R. I. P Chester tho.
TheScottishJackSparrow 1 month ago
My, my foot is numb Got pins nd NEEDLES
James Adams 1 month ago
Awsomw Jonathan mate please make more
Bre Miller 1 month ago
I just love how haunting his voice sounds. It really sets the mood and sound for this cover♡
Steven Nelson 1 month ago
can you do the globglobgab?
Melrose Cumillaf 1 month ago
I love you man, thank you for this.
reaper 146 1 month ago
Thank you bro
reaper 146 1 month ago
I love this song
Alejandro Loza 1 month ago
RIP Chester. Music won't be the same with him.
Алексей Сафонов 1 month ago
Joanna Grace 1 month ago
Rest In Peace Chester