Топ 10 рейтинг лучших игр от третьего лица в жанре Экшен РПГ (3dr person Action Rpg), для слабых ПК и ноутбуков.

Project Awakening PS4 - Official Trailer (New Action RPG Game 2019) • Release Date: TBA 2019 • Platform: PS4 Game Website: ►SUBSCRIBE:

Top 10 Best Action RPG Series! // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Role playing is fun, but you know what’s better? ACTION ROLE PLAYING. These are the action oriented role playing game series that have become titanic franchises in their own right. So, for those of you that like decent portions of excitement mixed into your inventory manage and xp grinding, stick around! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Action RPG Series. 00:37 10. “Borderlands” (2009) 01:12 9. “Kingdom Hearts” (2002) 02:03 8. “Monster Hunter” (2004) 02:48 7. “The Witcher” (2007) 03:39 6. “Deus Ex” (2000) 04:26 5. “Fallout” (Bethesda Era) (2008) 05:15 4. “Mass Effect” (2007) 06:01 3, 2 & 1: ???? Special thanks to our user “Dan Paradis” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion page @ Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. VIEW INSTANTLY: WatchMojo's Social Media Pages Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

Конкурс с Lenovo Legion: Канал Lenovo Legion: VK Lenovo Legion: Игры в выпуске: Code Vein (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4); Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom (PC, PlayStation 4); Exzore: The Rising (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4); Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4); BioMutant (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4). Вступайте в наши группы: Telegram - ВКонтакте — Twitter — Facebook —

Here 13 of Bests New Upcoming Action RPG games 2018 & 2019 will release for Ps4, Xbox One and Pc. please SUBSCRIBE == == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts

Here are the best Action RPG games ARPG that are also similar to Diablo, this list of action ARPG's contain the best list of Action Role-playing games the play like or are similar to Diablo. Alvis On Twitter:

New best unreal engine 4 mmorpg & action RPG games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere Somone requested it so just did hope y’all find some good to play. Business mail:- VinIsHereYT@gmail.com Following are games name & links:- 1)Blade 2:- 2)Overhit:- 3)Royal Blood:- 4)AxE: Alliance of Empire:- 5)Darkness Rises:- 6)Bless Mobile:- Coming later this year 7)Honkai Impact 3:- 8)Black Desert Mobile:- 9)Icarus Mobile- Pre-register (kr) :- 10)Hunting Era:- Android- apk:- iOS- 11)Hit Reboot:- 12)Lineage 2:- 13)Seven Knighs 2:- Upcoming 14)The pascal Wager- Not totally sure its made on UE4 or not but looks really cool that's why wanted to show Pre-Register:- Ingame Songs:- 1)kadenza- Harpui:- 2)Hyper Portion- Snow Day:- 3)Unknown Brain- Inspiration(feat Aviella):- アンドロイドiphoneのための最高の新しいRPG MMORPGゲーム 안드로이드 아이폰을위한 최고의 새로운 RPG MMORPG 게임

In this video I review my Top 10 PC Action RPG games available as of January 2017. This list does include both Diablo clones and MMOs. Are there any games that you think I missed? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 PC Action RPG games of 2017! *Note - Diablo 3 also has a Witchdoctor and Crusader class, and POE has a Scion class! 10 - Devilian 9 - Victor Vran 8 - Fight the Dragon 7 - Neverwinter 6 - Chronicon 5 - Torchlight 2 4 - Diablo III ROS 3 - Grim Dawn 2 - Path of Exile 1 - Black Desert Online

In this video I highlight my Top 5 favorite Diablo style games or 'clones' that are available as of 2018. Some of these games are older but they are the ones that I have the most fun playing. Some of these support modding and there are some very good ones out there with active content creating communities. I encourage you to check that aspect out if you find a game that you really like. 1 Path of Exile, 2 Grim Dawn, 3 Torchlight 2, 4 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, 5 Van Helsing Final Cut Let me know what you think of the list and thanks for watching! John 3/16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 4/13, 14 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE! Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!- Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE! Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!- Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE! Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!- Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE! Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!- Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- In this video, we take a look at 10 Upcoming ACTION RPG's in 2017 You NEED to Play. Which of these have you played? Comment your thoughts on the 10 Upcoming Action RPG's in 2017. These are the Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG Games in 2017. Subscribe here! - Follow us on Twitter! - Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - NieR Automata Horizon Zero Dawn The Surge Scalebound Mass Effect Andromeda Lost Ark NIOH Kingdom Hearts 3 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Dauntless ***Check these videos out!*** 10 AWESOME Games Coming in October 2016- Top 20 Upcoming 2016/2017 Games with the BEST GRAPHICS- Final Fantasy 15 - 60+ Minutes of AWESOME Gameplay- 20 AWESOME Upcoming FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS- Top 20 Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games in 2016 and 2017- Top 20 Upcoming Games in 2017 Gameplay Compilation- Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (.) Source: -. Artist:

Is Blizzard finally creating a freaking Diablo MMO? Is everyone desperately itching for Lost Ark? Why the hell is there a Japanese popstar dancing in the background while I’m telling you about all this? We’re sorry, but we don’t have any answers for you right now. Well, maybe just on the J-pop girl, since we know that’s Vita from Master X Master, in case you want to google it. So, no Diablo MMO and Lost Ark is still probably a couple of years away. But if you want some valid alternatives while you wait for that to happen, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten Diablo-like games that are the best available right now or in a few months. Let’s begin with our Top 10 Free Online Action RPG Diablo Like Games 2016~2017. Top 10 Free Action RPG Diablo Like Games 2016~2017: 10: KingsRoad 9: Drakensang Online 8: Devilian 7: Realm of the Mad God 6: HeroWarz 5: Tree of Savior 4: Master X Master 3: MU Legend 2: Marvel Heroes 2016 1: Path of Exile Other top quality suggestions: Lost Ark Lineage Eternal Seventh Dark Online (Laplace) Arpiel MapleStory 2 Join our forums! Watch our amazing weekly free to play games show Free to Play Unlimited. Visit to discover the best free to play games and coverage and don't forget to register! Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Video Editing and Script: Vítor Alexkayl Braz Voice Work: Skylent Shore: BGM: Rule This World - Tomas Skyldeberg Some footage by the awesome Rendermax () and Scion Storm ()

Best offline (play without internet connection no WiFi needed) Games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere Like the list? Go through my channel you'll find more interesting videos Following are games name & links:- 1)Brandnew Boy:- 2)Blade Of God:- iOS- 3)Lord Of Zombies:- Android-apk- need their app to extract it :- 4)Earth Wars:- 5)Animus- Stand Alone:- 6)Kingdom Quest 3D:- iOS- 7)Bloodwarrior:- 8)Reign Of Amira:- iOS- 9)Dungeon Hunter 4- need internet just for first try:- 10)Epic Conquest:- iOS- 11)Icey:- 12)Smashing The Battle:- 13)Beast Quest:- 15)The World 3:- 15)Samurai ll: Vengeance:- 16)Godfire: Rise of Prometheus:- 17)Portal Knights:- 18)Dawn Break Origin:- 19)King Battle- Fighting hero legend:- iOS- 20)Stormblades:- 21)Titan Quest:- 22)wake.meet:- for some reason on new version they remove the English language so better search up earlier apk Or just search up the apk 23)Battle Of Gods & kings 3 glory ( not totally sure about name I just translated it's in Chinese language):- Ingame Songs:- 1)Raven Kreyn- Biscuit 2)Nekzlo- Found You 3)Stahl- Pushed Down (feat Caroline) 4)x50- Home RPG ngoại tuyến cho android 新しいRPGアンドロイド&iphone 새로운 rpg 안드로이드 아이폰

With many great action RPG's out there, it becomes hard to choose which title are you going to invest time and money in. That is why we felt obliged to present our top 5 action RPG's out there. What are your favorites? 1 Path of Exile 6:37 2 Diablo 3 5:06 3 Drakensang 3:05 4 Torchlight 2 1:21 5 The Adventure of Vanhelsing 0:00 Subscribe to channel for more gaming videos:

Top 10 NEW Upcoming Action RPG Games 2018 & 2019 | New PS4 Xbox One PC Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Action RPG Games of 2018 00:00 Lost Soul Aside 03:28 Athem 04:47 Monster Hunter World 05:35 Edge of Eternity 06:39 Biomutant 07:47 Darksiders 3 08:54 Code Vein 12:23 Kingdom Hearts 3 13:52 Kingdom Come Deliverance 15:27 GreedFall 16:02 Shenmue 3 17:30 Sea of Thieves 19:52 Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Here 10 of Bests New Upcoming Action RPG games 2017 & 2018 will release for Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Pc. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts Also please watch my Girl friend videos. kids mobile games fun and educational for children. thanks for supporting her

В этом видео мы кратно рассмотрим хронологию Diablo подобных игр. Diablo I Nox Diablo II Sacred Магия Крови Titan Quest Diablo III Музыка: Warcraft II OST - Human Track Diablo I - Intro Frank Klepacki – Main Title Diablo II - Tristam Sacred OST - Menu Магия Крови - Кровь и Камень Bang Camaro - Rock of Mages Diablo 3 - The Eternal Conflict Diablo 3 - Worldmap ВК: Twitter:

This is a gameplay video showcase for Farstorm, an Indie action RPG that's coming to Steam very, very soon! Reminiscence of Ragnarok Odyssey Ace and Dragon Quest games it is a very nice looking indie game available now to try out on gamejolt.com. I go over what the game is and my opinions on what the game is like* *The available demo is V0.6 but the game itself is on V0.9 with alot of the things I've pointed out fixed, much more content added and more polishing. ►Farstorm: Action RPG by CG Creations Farstorm is a 3D Action RPG with simplistic but awesome feeling controls. Fight Goblins, Spiders, Slimes, and more! Kazuko needs your help to change her future and the future of her people! Her father's tyranny has been led on for too long! Can you save the elves? Take Control of Kazuko, an elven princess which went back into the past to stop her father from taking control of the land. Her father is a tyrant, who rules with an iron fist. He has enslaved almost all of his people to do his bidding and his only daughter is out to stop him. In a last-ditch attempt to stop her father, she managed to cast a spell that brought her 40 years into the past, when her father took the throne. She's going to try everything to stop him from taking that throne, even if it takes her life.

Resonance of Fate originally released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2010. now coming back with a remake in 4K on Pc & Ps4.

Join us and step into the Old World, as the team takes us through Nuln's sewers on a quest to dispatch a Chaos Mutilith. Warhammer: Chaosbane is the first Hack N' Slash set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. Step into the Old World, taking up arms as you engage in an enthralling story, collect loot and team up with friends as you take on the forces of Chaos. Release: TBA 2019 / Pc, Ps4, XBoxOne Info Game Twitter : Info Game Facebook :

Ashen is an open world co-op action RPG about a wanderer in search of a place to call home. Passive Co-Op Multiplayer As you adventure through Ashen, you'll occasionally encounter other players in a massive open world, akin to the passive multiplayer of Journey. It's up to you to decide how to deal with them - fight together against evil, invite them into your party or simply ignore them. Ashen is faithful to the souls genre of stamina-based combat, introducing players to a punishing yet satisfyingly vast world. But here’s the twist - no two gameplay experiences are alike. Whether you’re exploring bogs, investigating a fjord or pillaging an old palace, where you are at any given moment will dramatically alter the course of your adventure. It's a brutal open world; you're just living in it. Release: TBA 2018 / Windows Pc Game Website: Steam Link:

Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. digital bei Gamesplanet.com: (Werbung) Shadows: Awakening für PC, PS4 und Xbox One ist die Fortsetzung des PC-exklusiven Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. Damit nicht genug, legt es gleichzeitig den ersten Teil neu und verbessert auf, sodass die gesamte Story in einem Spiel erzählt wird. Wir übernehmen die Kontrolle über einen Dämon, der die Seelen verschiedener Helden verschlingt. So wechseln wir in den Taktik-Kämpfen frei zwischen verschiedenen Charakteren, statt eine Party zu kontrollieren. Außerdem gleiten wir von der echten Welt in die Schattenwelt und wieder zurück. Toller Service für PC-Spieler: Besitzer des Vorgängers erhalten Shadows: Awakening kostenlos. Im Testvideo nehmen wir sowohl die PC-Version als auch die Konsolenfassungen genauer unter die Lupe und klären, ob sich auch Kenner des Vorgängers noch einmal mit dem Spiel beschäftigen sollten, das schließlich große Teile der Originalgeschichte noch einmal erzählt. Shadows: Awakening auf GameStar.de: GameStar auf Facebook: GameStar bei Twitter:

Let's make WoW feel like more of an Action RPG? Why? Eh, it's fun and interesting - perfect for an Allied Race run. Article Link: ●Patreon - ●Twitter -

New best action RPG games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere Brought y’all some great quality action RPG games of this year hope guys find some good to play. Following are games name and links:- 1)Honkai Impact 3:- 2)Maze Shadow of Light:- iOS- 3lDarkness Rises:- 4)Animus - Stand alone:- 5)Fantasy Plan Hearts Collection:- 6)Alaz:- 7)Grimms Notes:- 8)Legacy of Atlantis:- 9)Dragon Nest M:- 10)Heat The Soul:- iOS- 11)Ace Sensor:- iOS- Ingame Songs:- 1)Paul Garzon- Meraki:- 2)Dizaro- U know:- 3)Ecl!uz- Fairytale:- アンドロイドiphoneのための新しい最高のRPGゲーム 안드로이드 및 아이폰을위한 새로운 최고의 RPG 게임

New Best Hack & Slash Action RPG (Role Playing Games for android & iOS 2018. Some of the newest released best action RPG games, out of all those just Icey is playable offline. Following are games name and links:- 1)Shakugan no shana:- 2)2017 God of Highschool:- 3)AIIA English:- 4)Dawnbreak:- 5)El Chronicle :- 6)Elsword M:- 7)Hunting Era:- 8)Forever 7th Capital:- 9)Icey:- 10)Hit Reboot:- 11)Persona Asceston:- Ingame Songs:- 1)MBB- Happy:- 2)Wonki- Anywhere:- 3)Kovan & Electro-Light - Skyline:- Intro Song:- Halvorsen- She Got Me Like 새로운 액션 안드로이드 용 RPG 게임 アンドロイド用の新しいアクションRPGゲーム

Let's create a custom power-boosting potion using UE4's Gameplay Ability System in the Action RPG Sample Game that ships with Unreal Engine 4.20+! This tutorial teaches you how to add your own abilities and skills to the RPG Game project. This tutorial builds on the C++ Action RPG Tutorial Project (in this video we only use Blueprint classes) We'll cover Gameplay Abilities, Gameplay Effects, and Gameplay Cue's as part of Epic's Gameplay Ability System. It's a show-by-example tutorial where I go step-by-step as an introduction to the system, none of the classes explained in detail yet, I simply wanted to provide an introduction. Get the Action RPG Project: If you want to learn more UE4 and C++ check out my 140+ lecture course! More info: Twitter:

Поиграли в Tempest: Pirate Action RPG. Прикольная штука, но нужно кое-что еще. Подпишись на канал, тысяча чертей! Скачать Tempest: Pirate Action RPG: ********************************************** (☞°ヮ°)☞ PDALIFE приложения ☜(°ヮ°☜) Наш сайт: Мы Вконтакте: Мы в Твиттере: ********************************************** (☞°ヮ°)☞ PDALIFE про гаджеты ☜(°ヮ°☜) YouTube канал: Веб сайт:

В Tempest: Pirate Action RPG для ПК мы отправимся покорять моря в открытом мире, торговать, драться с пиратами, другими фракциями, а также с морскими чудовищами. В нашем распоряжении будут разные корабли, помощники, арсенал орудий и боеприпасов, а кроме того различные магические артефакты. Есть возможности кастомизации корабля и орудий, парусов, корпуса и прочих элементов. В общем всем, кому хочется почувствовать себя в пиратской шкуре, рекомендую к ознакомлению. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Вступайте в группу ВК: Моя страница ВК: Мой твиттер: Rylothen Tempest Tempest2017 TempestGame

In this video, We take a look at the top new RPG(role playing game) for android and iOS in 2018 so far. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comment down below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 10 Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War (Online) Android: Size : 68 MB iOS : - Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 9 Final Fantasy Awakening (Online) Android: Size : 53 MB iOS : Size : 210.9 MB Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 8 HIT Reboot (Online) Android: Size : 51.44 MB iOS : Size : 178 MB Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 7 Dark Avenger 3 (Online) Android: Size : 92.51 MB iOS : Size : 1.64 GB Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 6 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (Online) Android: Size : 90 MB iOS : - Price : Free -=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 5 Lineage 2 Revolution Android: Size : 91.75 MB iOS : Size : 1.15 GB Price : Free =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 4 Animus (Offline) Android: - iOS : Size : 2.1 GB Price : $7.99 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=- 3 Shadowgun Legends (Online) Android: Size : 517 MB iOS : Size : 1.2 GB Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 2 Final Fantasy XV (Offline) Android: Size : 360 MB iOS : Size : 785.5 MB Price : Free -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1 Black Desert Mobile (Online) Android: Size : 61 MB iOS : Size : 78.8 MB Price : Free

Looking for the best action rpg games / Hack and slash games? This video is for you, drop a like and enjoy! ❤ Help Android Gamespot Reach 100,000 Subscribers ❤ Subscribe to our other channel: Android Plays 10- ArcheAge Begins (Free) 9- Dynasty Warriors Unleashed (Free) 8- Bushido Saga (Free) 7- Shadowblade ($1.99) Shadowblade Reload ($4.99) 6- Iron Blade (Free) 5- Ntales Child of Destiny (Free) 4- Icey ($1.99) 3- Shadowblood (Free) 2- Dragon Spear (Free) 1- Honkai Impact 3 (Free) ❤ Help Android Gamespot Reach 100,000 Subscribers

Часто молодые люди хотят создать мега игру, не имея базовых навыков программирования и графического дизайна. И можно услышать: “Мы хотим сделать уникальную ММО игру в духе Elder Scroll Online или вторые Assassin's Creed с открытым миром и нелинейным сюжетом и рандомным процессом генерации квестов и обязательным сурвайвлом и крафтом предметов”. Друзья, хочу вас разочаровать и приободрить одним простым выражением: “Все через это проходили! И это вполне реальная задача, только давайте сначала уменьшим обороты и начнем постепенно и медленно идти к нашей гениальной мечте.” Мы планируем серию встреч, которые будут проходить в формате вебинара. На них мы рассмотрим процесс создания миниатюрной игры, которую вполне реально сделать самому и издать под платформу Android или IOS при большом желании. Это проект для начинающих энтузиастов, которые уже хотя бы немного знакомы с игровым движком Unity 3D и языком программирования С. На первом вебинаре мы планируем пройти первые 5 пунктов программы. Мы рассмотрим процесс подготовки к созданию мобильной игры. Заставим игру летать на мобильном устройстве. Соберем и настроим главного героя, а также несколько врагов, и научим их преследовать игрока. Сделаем рабочий билд, в который сможет поиграть каждый желающий, если у него есть Android телефон или планшет. Также мы познакомим вас с полезными бесплатными Unity 3D плагинами, которые облегчают разработку игры. Ведущий: Юрий Шерстобитов, основатель VandCDevTeam, Game Designer и Unity 3D разработчик. Целевая аудитория: Начинающие разработчики игр, гейм дизайнеры и программисты с базовыми знаниями Unity 3D и С и огромным желанием сделать свою собственную первую игру своими руками.

Update 10/04: Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank you for all the heartwarming support I received for this project. I'm sorry to confirm that I have temporarily paused the development of Sunless Chronicles. The main reasons for this are both an significant increase in my fulltime job responsibilities and lack of funding. I have decided to focus on a smaller mobile-oriented project for the time being. This will help me understand how the videogame industry works in terms of publishing and, ideally, get enough funding to continue developing Sunless Chronicles. While I understand that these might not be the news you were expecting, I want Sunless Chronicles to be a great indie title that makes it worth your while, and I can't achieve that for the time being. Then again, this is just a temporary halt, and I hope to return to development shortly. Thank you all for your understanding. ---- This is an very early prototype of a one-man project partially inspired in the Souls series, developed entirely in Unreal Engine 4. This is a demo level using Epic's Infinity Blade maps (Frozen Cove) to show off the combat mechanics (developed from stratch using UE4's Blueprints system) which are still in progress. Please note that most of the art assets used in this video (3D models, sounds, etc.) are placeholders as this is essentially a prototype. The game will be released for Windows (+ all platforms I can get the license for), hopefully in 2017/2018. Would you play it? Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Edit: yeah, sorry about the skeletons with blood particle effects. I didn't notice that until the video was out. There's still a long way to go in regards to special effects :)

Thank you to Toadman Interactive for providing us with a Code to the Game. Immortal Unchained is the latest dark souls like ultra hardcore action RPG. • Download Immortal Unchained For STEAM ► Join The G4KNinjas By Becoming A Channel Member Today, Unlock Special Perks And More ► Games4Kickz Partner Treats • Humble Bundle Games ► • GamerSupps 10% Promo ► • LogicServers 20% First Month Promo ► Connect With Games4Kickz • Join the G4KNinjas ► • YouTube ► • Twitch ► • Discord ► • Twitter ► • Facebook ► • Steam Group ► Support Games4Kickz • Patreon ► • Merchandise ► ☺ Viel Spaß and Happy Gaming ☺ ImmortalUnchained DarkSouls ActionRPG UltraHardcore ToadmanInteractive Gameplay Commentary Facecam ------------------------------ Intro And Outro Jingle Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ------------------------------ About The Game Unleashed and unforgiving. Can you rise to the challenge? Immortal: Unchained is the latest addition to the genre of ultra-hardcore action RPGs. Take the role of a living weapon, unleashed to stop the source of a cataclysmic event threatening to end all worlds. Being an ultimate weapon, you have been locked up for millennia by those who fear your potential. It will require many harsh lessons to unlock this potential in an unforgiving universe full of murderous foes. On your journey, expect no mercy and no assistance: Those that aren’t trying to kill you, will instead try to use you to further their own agenda. Trust no one. ------------------------------ Game Features • Explore futuristic fantasy worlds, and sift through lies to unveil their secrets, in a story written by a narrative team including Anne Toole (The Witcher) and Adrian Vershinin (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 1). • Tactical, up-close and personal action with a combination of ruthless gunplay and vicious melee combat. • Annihilate legendary bosses in godlike clashes that will be remembered for eternity. • Undying but unforgiving: Death is not the end, but the pain is very real as you struggle to redeem your mistakes. • Delve into the vast possibilities of builds and weapon choices to find your own playstyle and defeat your opposition your way.

Support us with Humble Monthly! - Subscribe here! - Follow us on Twitter! - Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - Sources- 00:35 - New DIABLO in Development 01:47 - For Honor Season 7 Details and Release Date 03:20 - BF5 Will Include Grand Operations at LAUNCH /slide/1 04:41 - Onrush BIG New Update Coming 06:00 - Super Life of Pixel Launches August 22 07:30 - No Man's Sky NEXT is Very Successful /slide/1 Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (.) Source: -. Artist:

Top 10 Action RPG Games For Android 2018 HD High Graphics HI Guys Here Are Some Best Action RPG Games For Action Game Lovers Most Of Them Have Console Quality Graphics. Hope Guys Like The Video And Games. Games List. 1. Dragon Nest 2: Legend Dragon Nest II: Legend requires a minimum of OS 4.0.3., 2GB RAM, and 2.1GB free space. It is compatible with Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and comparable or superior devices. Download - 2. AION: Legions of War Witness the mobile game revolution! AION: Legions of War is the first strategy RPG to combine visceral gameplay, breathtaking console quality graphics, and massive-scale battles Download - 3. Iron Blade: Monster Hunter RPG Neither fate nor lineage can make a hero -- you must grab your sword and become one yourself! Download - 4. Angel Stone RPG Step into a war between Angels and Demons and enter the world of Angel Stone. Angel Stone is an action RPG that puts you in control of the fate of a post-apocalyptic world. Download - 5. Ire: Blood Memory Welcome to the brutal dark fantasy world that is Ire - Blood Memory. Take on the role of an anonymous champion on a pilgrimage to piece together a broken realm, and to subdue the forces of nightmare. Download - 6. Bladebound: hack and slash RPG Bladebound is a dark and dynamic action-RPG with a spectacular battle style, hundreds of fastidious opponents and console-quality graphics. Download - 7. Rise of Ragnarok - Asunder Start your journey in Rise of Ragnarok - Asunder, the Unparalleled Mythological MMOARPG! Fight with your heroes for a historical adventure, Tear the immortal world asunder! Download - 8. Lineage2 Revolution Lineage's high quality graphics and favorite landmarks are optimized for mobile and brought to life in breathtaking detail thanks to the Unreal 4 Engine. Download - 9. Immortal Swords Immortal Swords is a beautiful MMO combat mobile game, it will satisfy all your imagination to a perfect game world! Download - 10. Wrath of Dragon The best romance of Dragon Fantasy! Wrath of Dragon starts to roar. - You can battle with the last weapons of RPG in Wrath of Dragon Download - Thanks For Watchig..

We neck a full bottle of rum and take to the seas to test out pirate RPG Tempest on iPhone, iPad, and Android. APP STORE: GOOGLE PLAY: SUBSCRIBE TO APPSPY: VISIT:

Project Awakening Trailer - Project Awakening PS4 Deutsch Infos / Details - Project Awakening Gameplay - Project Awakening Neues Action RPG angekündigt - Project Awakening Monster Hunter Konkurrenz 🌟Mein Discord Server Cory Army🌟 Finde Mitspieler, diskutiere über Games und finde neue Freunde. Auch ich bin öfters im Discord Chat zu finden. ;) 🌟Wer meine Arbeit unterstützen möchte kann gern über Paypal spenden🌟 PS: Bitte beachte Du spendest hier immer freiwillig eine Summe um mich zu supporten! Nicht um einen Gegenstand oder eine Dienstleistung zu erwerben!! Mein Equipment: Mein Aufnahmegerät: Mein Micro: Adapter: Mein Schnittprogramm: Meine Tastatur: Meine Maus: Hier das nächste Video. ;) Viel Spass beim Anschauen.

A new aRPG Kickstarter begins to compete with Path of Exile, Diablo, and Grim Dawn. Last Epoch release date: April 2020. Can this game compete with an eventual Diablo 4? Here are my impressions and demo review. Play the Last Epoch demo on Kickstarter: ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► ▬ Support the channel on Patreon to unlock rewards: ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► Executive producers: Recramorcen, Sarge9017, MohEternal, Kiskaloo, NickTick, 2hoste, Levi Jordan Special thanks: Maia Nashira, Remiehneppo, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, Matthew Feiteira, Lamer of Sweden, trouble982, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Lionblade, Valentine Judnich

Nuevo top con mis 8 RPG/Action RPG preferidos, ¿compartimos gustos? Deja los tuyos en la caja de comentarios :) 5 - Sígueme en Twitter: Xanocueva: Xanocómic:

Project Awakening Is a Japanese-Made Fantasy Action RPG Coming to PS4.

5 Game Android Action RPG Terbaik 2018 Sudah tidak diragukan lagi bahwa game bergenre RPG merupakan salah satu genre game terbaik yang pernah ada. RPG identic dengan perkembangan player nya yang dinamis, crafting weapon dan equipment dan juga player customizable nya. Biasanya game-game RPG mengharuskan pemainnya untuk melakukan berbagai quest sesuai dengan cerita yang dimiliki game dan pemain akan bertambah kuat seiring berjalannya waktu. Game RPG pun dapat dipasangkan dengan genre yang lain seperti genre Action dimana player akan lebih aktif berperan di dalam game. Nah kali ini Efek Revisi akan membagikan list game RPG yang dipasangkan dengan Action. 5 Game Android Action RPG 2018 untuk Anda ! Efek Revisi adalah sebuah channel yang membahas mengenai game dan teknologi, kami menyuguhkan tontonan yang menarik, unik, dan juga dapat menambah wawasan anda seputar game dan teknologi. Selain itu, kita juga menyuguhkan video dalam bentuk lain yang tidak kalah menarik ! Leave us the like and comment! Also don't forget to subscribe our channel! Thank you for your support! 5 GAME ANDROID ACTION RPG TERBAIK 2018 list : 🎮 Like a Boss (Online) 🎮 Dungeon Legends (Online) 🎮 Guild of Heroes (Online) 🎮 Hunters League (Online) 🎮 IRE: Blood Memory (Online)

Reaction to PROJECT AWAKENING, a new action RPG in MONSTER HUNTER style. ----------------------------------------------------------- TWITCH Streaming Link: REVIEW CHANNEL: Co-op kanal za Balkance: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Top 10 Upcoming High Graphic Action RPG Game 2018 ( Android & IOS ) Global Version EP 2 : 00:00 - Blade 2 1:09 - FOX 1:35 - Hundred Soul 3:21 - ICURA M 5:33 - Royal Blood 6:57 - Lineage 2 Revolution 7:50 - Tera M 9:13 - Dark Avenger 3 10:45 - Black Desert M 11:14 - AxE ( Alliance X Empire ) PlayList: Daily New Game: Game News & Trailer: Lineage 2 Revolution: AXE: HIT Guide: HIT: - Guide & Tutorial: Track; Discrepancies - Art of War Music provided by FlyingTunes Watch; Track: TULE - Fearless [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream: Buy Pc Game With 10%-80% Discount - CHANNEL SUPPORT AND SOCIAL MEDIA: PayPal: Donation: Facebook: Twitter: Thank for Watching - IceXgame

Обзор MyWorld - Action RPG Maker на русском MyWorld - where action RPG begins. Fill your world with savage skeletons, tricky turrets, quests and towering bosses - the choice is yours! Play, create and share solo, co-op and PvP adventures online. Spark your creativity playing the included pre-built worlds, or ones users have created! Игра в Steam - ► Steam - ► Подпишись - ► Группа VK -

Halo semua, akhirnya gw buat LIST kaya gini juga. Ya ini adalah 8 Game Android Action RPG Dungeon-based dengan grafik terbaik menurut pendapat pribadi. Jika ada tambahan game lain, bisa dikomen dibawah atau jika ada pendapat urutannya beda juga bisa dikomen dibawah. Terima kasih :). GAME LIST : KON (Knight of Night) Qooapp : AppStore : Devilian Qooapp : AppStore : Lost Kingdom Playstore : AppStore : HIT Playstore : AppStore : Luthiel Qooapp : AppStore : Honkai Impact Taptap : AppStore : AION Mobile Qooapp : AppStore : Dark Avenger 3 Qooapp : AppStore : Musik Awal : Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist:

Welcome to a preview video of Umbra. Umbra is an open world action-RPG taking place in a corrupted world that is falling apart. In Umbra, you are a former soldier, forced to flee the death penalty because of your magic powers. Being tracked down by humans and hunted by the monsters of the Wild, you are recruited by a mysterious group of Templars, and thus your epic adventure begins. This is an extremely early prototype so keep in mind the game could change drastically over the course of its development. Find out more info and support this game here: - - - - - Recent Playlist you will enjoy: ►Watch My RimWorld Series: ►ReCore Playlist: ►Kingdom New Lands Series: ►Rogue Wizards Series: - - - - - Zueljin T-Shirts: Mailing Address: PO Box 1411 Abbeville, LA 70510 Follow Me On Social Meida! Subscribe: Donate: Patreon: Twitter: Steam: . Twitch: Askfm: ask.fm/Zueljin Instagram: instagram.com/zueljin Google+: Intro Music: Render - Prism:

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An adventure RPG that won the hearts of over 50.000 Steam players is now on your mobile! Become a daring pirate, prowl the seas on a ship armed to the teeth, trade, and assemble your crew from the best cutthroats. You will need a massive arsenal: cannons, mortars, flame throwers, and various rigging. But you will only earn the most devastating sea artifacts for completing difficult and interesting multilevel quests. OPEN WORLD Endless travels over the boundless seas, full of adventures and mysteries. FASCINATING STORY Over a hundred quests on dozens of islands in three regions. PLAY WITH FRIENDS Share the huge world of Tempest with two friends: fight a war with each other, or become companions. NAUTICAL WONDER Buy ships, upgrade ships, and decorate ships. PIRACY WITH A BIT OF TRADE To buy cheaper and to sell dearer is not a pirate's path. Rob galleons, sink warships, and destroy forts! SEA MONSTERS The Kraken has brought its sea friends! NOT ONLY CANNONS Use mystic crystals to deflect enemy cannonballs, bring meteors down on enemies, or summon a giant octopus. ASSEMBLE A CREW OF CUTTHROATS Upgrade your pirates from green hands to salted sea wolves.

New Best Action RPG (Role Playing Games) Games For Android & iOS 2018 part 2 l VinIsHere First part Top 11 Arpg for Android 2018:- Some more cool ARPG of this year it's part 2 out of all earth wars & ff xv is offline to play, you guys can download using VPN or from app like taptap. Following are games name and links:- 1)Mobile Suit Gundam:- 2)Witch Weapon:- iOS- 3)Blade 2:- CBT just got over a day ago its coming soon I'll notify 4)Dragon Spear:- 5)Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition:- 6)DC Unchained:- I played it at the time of CBT it just got over a month ago I'll notify when it gets up 7)Earth Wars:- 8)Tokyo Ghoul Mobile:- iOS- 9)Grand Chase for kakao (kr):- 10)Breakers: Dawn of Heroes:- Beta ended a week ago check out here for more info 11)ReverseD:- 12)FOX Flame of Xenocide:- Ingame Songs:- 1)Paul Garzon- Intrepid:- 2)Retrovision- Campfire:- 3)Skylike- Limitless:- 4)Morgan Nagoya- Phoenix:- 최고의 액션 RPG 게임 android ios Android用の最高のRPGゲーム

Hello and welcome to my let's play series on Tempest: a Pirate Action RPG by Lion's Shade and published by HeroCraft! In Tempest you are tasked with gathering the most cutthroat crew you can find in order to seek out riches from warring factions by playing them against each other or, (if you prefer) you can trade honestly by hauling different cargo across the seven seas. But be careful! Not only will rival factions by out for your blood but you will also have to face fearless pirates on the seas who are looking for an undefended ship to plunder. and there are WORSE things out there than pirates too. sea monsters are very real in this game!! So join me as we batten down the hatches, hoist the main brace and with a little luck not die too much in Tempest! In this episode we start out in the middle of the ocean after just surviving the tail end of a Kracken attack which we were lucky to survive! But our old shipmates has been strewn across the far reaches of the sea and it is up to me to get the old crew back together! We manage to locate our boatswain and are then tasked with finding his brother who's been kidnapped by a rival pirate. it's time to hunt the scurvy sea dog and teach him a lesson in privateering! Oh, and get a crew member back too. and maybe make a bit of money in the whole piratey sense of things. A BUSY DAY!! -- ABOUT THE GAME -- Hey Captain! Now that you’ve got the Jolly Roger fluttering in the wind over your ship, you’re ready to rove the seas, take on merchant ships loaded with booty and storm formidable fortresses. Set sail and get your hands on all those legendary treasures that are just waiting for the picking! When we created the Tempest, we focused on the most thrilling part of pirate life – sea battles. As you navigate the dangerous waters of the game you won’t just catch up with merchants, but you will encounter fellow pirates, creepy followers of a mysterious cult and terrible mythical monsters: Kraken, Leviathan and other infamous creatures. Your ship – the pride and joy of any freebooter – can be customized in many ways. You are free to change almost everything – from the color of your flag and sails to the ship’s hull and figurehead. Of course, there are plenty of weapons to choose from for every battle, including cannons, mortars, flame throwers and so on. Also there are special tools ready to help you to rig the ship for any purpose. However, you can win the most valuable artifacts only by finishing the multilevel quests called “legends”. - Game Features - Always something to do: Three regions, dozens of islands and hundreds of quests! Free roam: Limitless sailing in real time - use Global Map only if you want to! Pirate cooperation: Share the world of Tempest between you and your friends. Pirate, trade and do quests together, or declare war to each other and watch the ocean burn! Pure singleplayer: Want to be a lone sea wolf? Multiplayer is only an option, the game is originally designed for singleplayer mode. Seafarer’s adventures: Buy ships, upgrade your ships, decorate your ships! Being a pirate: Marketer or Racketeer? Buy something cheap and sell it at a higher price… Or plunder galleons, sink warships, destroy forts! Fight huge monsters: Kraken’s sea-friends are waiting for you! Not only cannons. Use mystical crystals to escape the enemy’s cannonballs, bring down meteorites onto your opponent or call a huge octopus to your aid! Create a great, loyal crew: Level up your pirates, let them grow from sailor boys to skilled old salts! The game is available for android and apple devices now! (You can find them yourself though. you dirty mudblood.) You can get the game from Steam here: Alternatively you can grab it from Good Old Games (GOG) here: You can also check out the developer's website here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whilst you're here check out my other videos! Check out the Padge Plays! playlist here: Let's Play WESTSLINGERS: Let's Play Project Zomboid Survivors! Mod:

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is bringing action-RPG gameplay to the Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade fans have been keeping an eye on this game, which also released for the PS4 and Vita. So is Ys 8 worth checking out? Let's find out! Patreon: Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: Site: Facebook:

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