Lego Spiderman Prison Break Fail is Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. A Prisoner Spiderman Escapes From Lego City Police Station.Created By LEGOSTOP Films. Lego Fail. SUBSCRIBE: Lego GYM Body Building - Fat Lego Lego Iron Man Prison Break Lego Bank Money Transfer Robbery Lego Prison Break - SWAT Lego Prison Break - Lego Spider-Man and Iron Man Bank Robbery Lego Batman and Hulk Shark Attack Lego Spiderman Prison Break - Home Robbery LEGO IRON MAN BABY (Lego City) Lego Batman And Thomas Vs Joker. All of our videos are about lego toys. You can subscribe to our LEGOSTOP Films Youtube channel to get the videos of lego stop motion animation we made faster. Thank you for following us.

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GTA V - HEIST GETAWAY Available in 2160p 4K FOLLOW ME ON: Twitter ► Facebook ► Second Channel ► Show support on Patreon ► Business Email ► My PC Specs: GPU : Nvidia GTX1060 ASUS CPU : i7 6800k Memory : 16GB of RAM DDR4 Motherboard : Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming Power Supply : 650W LC Power Silent Giant CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Evo 212

Lego Batman Hulk Spiderman Superhero Funny Stop Motion is all episodes of lego superheroes videos. It is 20 minutes compilation of lego stop motion movies. My channel Please Subscribe!!!!!! My all Videos- Brick Minds videos Other Movies Lego PRISON BREAK Lego Toilet Fail in Lego City Lego Toilet Fail 2 Lego Money Chase Music and Sound Effects: Impact Intermezzo by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Fig Leaf Rag by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Big Blues by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist: Fight Scene by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist: Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Future Gladiator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Mechanolith by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: High Tension by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist: Lego Batman Hulk Spiderman Superhero Funny Stop Motion Full

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00:00 LEGO Motorbike Race 04:24 LEGO Experimental Cars 09:35 LEGO Cars - Trucks Musik by Kevin MacLeod, Audionautix

Мультик про танки по мотивам игры World of Tanks. В данном видео вы увидите : Все серии истории про Левиафана + бонусная концовка ! Помогите HomeAnimations достигнуть 200.000 подписчиков Кликните, чтобы подписаться! ►Не забывайте оценить ТанкоМульт и оставить свои комментарии! Подписка и репосты - приветствуются! Мне будет очень приятно ощутить вашу поддержку! ►Две новые серии каждую неделю! ► Тут можно узнать всю инфу и задать вопросы Рисунки и анимация: Костриков Александр Анимация создана в программе Adobe Flash Pro homeanimations мультики_про_танки танки про_танки_мультики танки_мультики мультики_про_world_of_tanks диверсия левиафан мультики

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Lego SWAT - The Robbery is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Created By FK Films.

The Mario Kart Legend himself has lost his kart! Hopefully some random dude doesn't find it and unintentionally cause havoc! //// Starring: Seth McMurry () Mike Brabender () Michael Scott () Park Lanford () Raven Duda () VFX: Andrew McMurry () Klay Abele () Sound/Music: Andrew McMurry Various artists (If you hear your sound in this video and want me to add your credit in here, email me. Email is in my channel's About tab) Country song: Shake That Little Foot - Western Country //// Like us on facebook: Tweet me: Snap us: Nukazooka

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Click to tweet! Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk Warfare. 3.0?! Created by 17 year old Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh from South Carolina Make sure to share, like, and subscribe! Check out the Making of! . Before & After VFX! . Enjoy the music? Check out the composer's youtube channel! . & . If you haven't already, check out Chalk Warfare 2! . Links! Facebook! Twitter! Second Channel! Contact us! Thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible: Sam Wickert Justin Robinson Cody Ravan Bob Reese Eric Leigh Jamie Costa Gunner Willis Chris Burch Timoth Roberts Missy Roberts Andrew Bradford Nico Sexton Zach Millsaps Harrison Given Keaton Cable Greg Cotton Andrew Gerlicher Mark Sommerville David Gaskin Jay Biediger Austin Williams Samuel Ling

Monster School : GRANNY HORROR GAME Monster School : HELIX JUMP Monster School : PUBG VS FORTNITE Monster School : TEMPLE RUN Monster School : BALDIS GAME CHALLENGE MonsterSchool : GRANNY VS HELIX JUMP GAME CHALLENGE Video For This Week Monster school playing helix jump challenge with granny. This is my original video about monster school. Sorry if the animation is not good, thanks for watching guys. I will upload videos every week on this channel, so what are you waiting for, let's subscribe now and do not forget to press the bell button Music : Outro Music by NoCopyrightSounds Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release] Background Music by OurMusicBox and if you like this video please click Subscribe button ► Subscribe : ► Likes & Share if you like :D ► Follow Instagram : characters in the video Zombie, Skeleton, Slime, Ghast, Wither Skeleton, Enderman, Zombie Pigman, Creeper, Eben Ezer Minecraft. all material in this video is free from copyright! Thanks!

Lego Batman Spiderman Hulk Funny Stop Motion Animation About Superheroes.

Nerf. Nerf never changes. The Nerf Captain takes his men behind enemy lines to reclaim their territory. Surrounded by the brutal realities of Nerf Blasters, grenades, and tanks, each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their own strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor, decency, financial difficulties from all the trips to Toys R Us.

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Lego Minecraft Movie This is not a official Lego or Mojang release nor production nor it is supported or sponsored. This is a fully self financed and produced fan movie inspired by the Minecraft Universe. On April the 10th went the first episode live. now 6 months and 24 episodes later the season is over. This is my version of Minecraft Story Mode and it is not finished yet. There will be more and more new episodes in the Lego Minecraft Survival Series. I would like to that everyone for supporting me over the last months. Some of your questions and requests I implement in the series. This Full Movie includes a few extra images and different soundtrack at some times. Also near the end it is differently cut. This lego stop motion animation is fully shot at 15 frames per second, it consists ~55.000 still images. 3 Canon DSLR cameras have been used. One completely died and 2 others went to cleaning service due oil speckles on the sensor. 530 GB in space was required to store over 243.000 files. Music Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

We all know Spider-Man is an inventive super hero, but he takes it to another level by testing some modded web types. Enjoy! Socials: Cast/Crew: Creator: Andrew McMurry () Spider-Man: Kristof Waltermire () Troubled girl: Raven Duda () Bandit 1: Park Lanford () Bandit 2: Ethan Patterson () Bandit 3: Nathan McMurry Bandit 4: Keegan () Let me know if you enjoyed this Spiderman video! Spidey is my favorite super hero, so if you have any ideas on future Spider-Man videos, let me know in the comments! Sound/Music: Various artists (If you hear your sound in this video and want me to add your credit in here, email me. Email is in my channel's About tab)

Lego Street Race in Las Vegas City, Camaro vs Mustang (Stop Motion Animation) Display: - 3600 pictures - 15 frames per second Music from: - Youtube audio library -.

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Are you sick of waiting for millions of years to pass to see the process of evolution take place? Why wait any longer - just watch this handy video. Be a leader and follow me on Twitter: Music: Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Nethervision brings a VR game to life unlike any other! Experience horror with all the blood, sweat, and tears. Oh, and pain. Lots of pain. Credits: Directed by Andrew McMurry () Soundtrack by Stefan Smith () Cast: Ethan Patterson () Park Lanford () Seth McMurry () Brett Ihler () Makeup: Raven Duda () Check out the soundtrack:

A group of criminals attempts to rob a bank. Special thanks to the following artists for providing their music royalty free. Kevin Macleod- Dangerous -Gnarled Situation -Impending Boom Josh Kirsch- Its coming Jingle Punks- The Driving Force Dangerous by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Gnarled Situation by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist: Impending Boom by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist:

The ultimate battle between good and evil. Toy Story meets Star Wars. Enjoy!

Pokemon GO in real life can be dangerous. SOCIALS: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Nukazooka

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie ► LEGO Jurassic World and Jurassic Park Following the full epic storylines of Jurassic Park movie, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3, as well as the highly anticipated Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World is the first videogame where players will be able to relive and experience all four Jurassic films. Subscribe now for the Latest & Hottest Games News, Game Trailers, Teaser & Games Walkthroughs.

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: Took some animal stock footage and made them do cool things. Enjoy! Facebook: Twitter: Sound/Music by Matthew McMurry () Guinea Pig footage from:

NERF WAR : S.W.A.T Warriors Nerf Guns Fight Attack Crime Group Bad Man Mask brought to you by LTT Films! In this Nerf war, Squad SWAT must use new Nerf guns to compete in a Nerf battle Crime. Subscribe for more Nerf videos! This is an entertaining video. is not intended to provoke or aggravate. Watch new videos at: Page Facebook : Subscribe & More Videos: Google + : Thank for watching, Please like share and SUBSCRIBE

lego city drone fail stop motion animation Music from: - Youtube audio library - (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License) -

In PUBG, you're never safe. Josh's Twitch: My twitter: CREDITS: Main Player: David Kleitch () Misc player: Wesley Kleitch () Undies Man: Nathan Ogburn () Misc player: Joshua Harrison () Banana Man: Raven Duda () Misc player: Stephen Jones () Music: Theme remix was made in Auxy. Hope you all enjoyed this Battlegrounds video! I've been incredibly addicted to it, so I had to make a video about it at some point. I'm hoping to do more Battle Royale type videos in the future since it's such a fun idea to play with. Let me know if you have any ideas for future PUBG videos!

Lego Car Robbery - Invisible Man 2 is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Created By FK Films.

Ever get bored of vanilla Minecraft? Steve downloads a mod for Star Wars, Mario, NERF, Harry Potter, Lego, Skyrim, Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 5 to kill MOBS with style. 2nd Channel | Twitter | FaceBook | Instagram | Other Links Making Of | VFX Breakdown | Before and After | Music Pegboard Nerds - Badboi | Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds meets a very colorful enemy. Fortnite and PUBG face each other in a frenzy of battle royale madness. Credits: Grillz: Michael Scott () Glasses: Jesse Johnson () The Black Knight: Rodney Mosley () Raptor: Jacob Tyler Brown () Christmas man: Latavian Johnson () Pan man: Park Lanford () Knocked dude: Ge'Shaun Faison () Pickaxe swinger: Ethan Patterson () Pan swinger: Jolli Khoo () PUBG girl who gets pwned by the Knight: Rachel Haislip () The Skull Trooper: Tink Pendergrass () Guy who yells AK : Johny Bosworth () Sound: Raven Duda () Soundtrack: The point of this video isn't necessarily to say that PUBG is better than Fortnite or vise versa. They're both great games in their own right. I made this to show some of the cool/funny moments that could happen if they collided.

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Mario enters the upside down.

Hi kids! Today, I’m going to unbox, build, and play with the Lego City Ambulance Plane (60116). Watch me unbox, build, and play with the Lego City Ambulance Plane (60116). I also made a bike trail using the Kinetic Sand. Enjoy watching the video! 😊 Click the link and subscribe to my channel to watch more fun toy videos: This is what airplane are called in other languages: avion, विमान, ہوائی جہاز, Flugzeug, 비행기, самолет, 飛行機, avião, avión, विमान, ਜਹਾਜ਼, طائرة, ವಿಮಾನ, aereo, samolot, uçak, Máy bay, eitleán, বিমান, વિમાન, awyren, letoun, fly, Vivamus, літак, flygplan, lentokone, pesawat terbang, เครื่องบิน, الوتکې, هوائي اڏي, விமானம், យន្តហោះ, αεροπλάνο, manureva, מטוס, vliegtuig, repülőgép, авион, हवाइजहाज, ұшақ, zrakoplov, თვითმფრინავი, inqwelo-moya, vliegtuig, lėktuvas, təyyarə, ເຮືອບິນ, lietadlo, ගුවන් යානයක්, aeroplan, авион, онгоц, lidmašīna, ինքնաթիռ, lennuk, paghjella, avió, letalo, ajruplan, လေယာဉ်ပျံ, ndege, sefofane, ndege, 飞机, 飛機. This is what ambulance are called in other languages: रोगी वाहन, ایمبولینس, Krankenwagen, 구급차, скорая помощь, 救急車, ambulância, ambulancia, रुग्णवाहिका, ਐਬੂਲਸ, سياره اسعاف, ಆಂಬುಲೆನ್ಸ್, ambulanza, ambulans, xe cứu thương, otharcharr, অ্যাম্বুলেন্স, એમ્બ્યુલન્સ, ambiwlans, ambulanssi, รถพยาบาล, امبولانس, ايمبولنس, ஆம்புலன்ஸ், линейка, швидка допомога, ambulanse, រថយន្តសង្គ្រោះបន្ទាន់, ambulânse, ασθενοφόρο, waka tūroro, אַמבּוּלַנס, mentőautó, хитна помоћ, यम्बुलेन्स, жедел жәрдем, hitna pomoć, სასწრაფო დახმარების, iambulensi, greitosios pagalbos automobilis, təcili yardım, hitna pomoć, ຂົນສົ່ງຄົນເຈັບ, ambulancie, ගිලන් රථ, ambulancë, брза помош, түргэний тэрэг, ātrā palīdzība, շտապ օգնություն, kiirabi, ambulància, reševalno vozilo, ambulanza, ရှေ့ဉီးသူနာပွုကား, amburenzi, ambulense, 救护车, 救護車. This is what motorcycle are called in other languages: moto, मोटरसाइकिल, موٹر سائیکل, Motorrad, 모터 사이클, мотоцикл, オートバイ, motocicleta, मोटारसायकल, ਮੋਟਰਸਾਈਕਲ, دراجة نارية, ಸೈಕಲ್, motociclo, motocykl, motosiklet, xe máy, gluaisrothar, মোটরসাইকেল, મોટરસાયકલ, beic modur, мотоциклет, motorcykel, motorsykkel, moottoripyörä, sepeda motor, รถจักรยานยนต์, موټر سایکل, موٽر سائيڪل, மோட்டார் சைக்கிள், ម៉ូតូ, motorfyts, μοτοσυκλέτα, motopaika, אופנוע, motorfiets, motorbicikli, मोटरसाइकल, motorcikl, მოტოციკლი, isithuthuthu, ngesithuthuthu, motociklas, motosiklet, ລົດຈັກ, motocykel, යතුරු පැදි, motoçikletë, мотор, motocikls, մոտոցիկլ, mootorratas, trial, motorno kolo, mutur, မော်တော်ဆိုင်ကယ်, mudhudhudhu, sethuthuthu, pikipiki, 摩托车, 摩托車. pour les enfants, बच्चों के लिए, بچوں کے لئے, für Kinder, 아이들을위한, для детей, 子供のための, para as crianças, para niños, मुलांसाठी, ਬੱਚੇ ਲਈ, للأطفال, ಮಕ್ಕಳು, per bambini, dla dzieci, Çocuklar için, cho trẻ em, do na páistí, বাচ্চাদের জন্য, બાળકો માટે, ar gyfer plant, за деца, pro děti, for børn, pro Kids, для дітей, för barn, lapsille, untuk anak-anak, สำหรับเด็ก, د کوچنیانو, ٻارن لاء, குழந்தைகள், សម្រាប់កុមារ, foar bern, για παιδιά, hoki ngā tamariki, לילדים, voor kinderen, gyerekeknek, за децу, बच्चाहरु को लागि, балаларға арналған, za djecu, ბავშვებისთვის, izingane, vir die hele gesin, vaikams, Uşaqlar üçün, za djecu, ສໍາລັບການ kids, pre deti, කුඩා දරුවන් සඳහා, për fëmijët, за деца, хүүхдүүдэд зориулсан, bērniem, երեխաների համար, lastele, di i ziteddi, per als nens, za otroke, għat-tfal, ကလေးတွေအဘို့, nokuti vana, etsoe bana ba, kwa ajili ya watoto, 为孩子们, 為孩子們. jeu complet, Spielset, खिलौनों का सेट, کھلونوں کا سیٹ, 장난감 세트, набор игрушек, プレイセット, conjunto de jogo, conjunto de juguetes, नाटक संच, ਖੇਡ ਸੈੱਟ, مجموعة لعب, ಆಟದ ಸೆಟ್, set da gioco, zestaw zabawek, oyun seti, bộ đồ chơi, leagtha súgartha, খেলনার সেট, નાટક સેટ, set chwarae, комплект за игра, sada na hraní, legesæt, Set Play, набір іграшок, lekesett, leksaksset, lelusarja, set perangkat bermain, ชุดของเล่น, لوبه ټولګه, راند مقرر, விளையாட்டு செட், សំណុំលេង, σετ παιχνιδιού, huinga tākaro, סֶט מִשׂחָק, speelset, játékkészlet, сет играчака, प्ले सेट, set za igranje, პიესა კომპლექტი, umdlalo iseti, play isethi, žaidimų rinkinys, komplet igračaka, ທີ່ກໍານົດໄວ້ສໍາລັບການຫຼິ້ນ, sada na hranie, නාට්යය මාලාවක්, komplet lodrash, тоглох багц, rotaļlietu komplekts, խաղի կոմպլեկտ, mängukomplekt, ghjocu cumeddia, conjunt de joguines, igra set, play sett, ကစားအစုံ, kutamba mitambo, bapala sete, kucheza kuweka, 一套玩具. Please like 👍🏽 and subscribe ✔️ to my channel 😊 Thank you for watching! 😊

What should he buy?

It's another day in LEGO City and the Fire Brigade is busy putting out fires and keeping the citizens of LEGO City safe! But being heroic is a tough job, and that requires food dogs. Explore LEGO® City Fire: See the awesome new LEGO City Fire Station:

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GTA Vice City Secrets 1! Shark, Apartment 3C, Ghost Ships, Myths and Easter Eggs, Secret Places, Submarine, Shipwrecks, Ocean View Hotel and much more! Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! Read full description and subscribe my channel for more! Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs! ► In this video you can find Easter Eggs and Secrets in GTA Vice City videogame! Subscribe my channel and follow my Facebook fanpage. Stay tuned for the next part and other videos and big movies! ► JizzyVideos FB fanpage: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Video clips of the Large/Awesome Lego Train Set, that had some glitches, while trying to video the Train Set. Link to the Main Lego Train Set Video: Link to Part 2 Fails:

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: Minecraft in real life would be terrifying, apparently. SOCIALS: Snapchat: Nukazooka Facebook: Twitter: Apparel: Makeup - Raven Duda () Music/sound - Matthew McMurry () Cast: Seth McMurry () and Michael Mayo() Director/VFX: Andrew McMurry

The Lego Ninjago movie is coming and here is our first kids parody! We love all things lego and couldn't resist making our own version of The Lego Ninjago movie! Featuring the best lego Ninjago characters in real life! For more original videos SUBSCRIBE: Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a comment as we read every single one and reply to as many as we can. We are a family that make fun videos. A mixture of song parodies, film parodies, and a few crazy short films to entertain you. From Superman and other super heroes to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From Ghostbusters to Lego Batman and Power Ranger - We have it all! Special thanks to our wonderful subscribers & regular viewers for all your encouragement. You are all awesome!! The Gorgeous Movies family is David, Janet and their three boys Daniel (12yrs), Harry (10yrs), and Charlie (4yrs). David started making videos with the boys as a way to entertain them. Daniel insisted we put one on Youtube and the rest is history! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Gorgeous Movies ►Subscribe - ►Instagram - ►Twitter - ► PopJam -

Portal vs Half-Life T SHIRTS: Chell and Gordon fight for some cake. No lie. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTA: Sound/music: Matthew McMurry () Starring Seth McMurry () and Cymber Browder () Written/Direction/Visual FX by Andrew McMurry Props by

WATCH OUT FOR THE RAGDOLL MAN My Twitch: Ragdoll Man: Peter McIndoe () Friend of Ragdoll Man: Joshua Snell () Reporter: Raven Duda () Jazz song by Sub-d on Ragdoll song: Yakety Sax

Lego SWAT is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Created By FK Films.

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: T-SHIRTS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Mario and Minecraft Steve don't get along. Watch the behind the scenes! Creator: Andrew McMurry Music/sound: Matthew McMurry Jason Willey: Mario Harrison Trigg: Steve Grant Wild: Little Mario Kathleen Suit: Princess Peach

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Do you want to see more LEGO Speed Build videos from BrickBuilder? Subscribe this channel and see all new lego sets as the first! On my channel is all most popular lego series such as Chima, Trains, City, Ninjago, Creator, Star Wars, Movie, Super Heroes, Hobbit and other awesome lego sets! Pieces: 4867 pcs Ages: 16+ Price: $299.99, €299.99, £259.99 ► Lego Ninjago 2016 playlist Other favourite Lego series: ► Lego Movie playlist ► Lego Ninjago playlist ► Lego Super Heroes playlist ► Lego Technic playlist ► Lego Star Wars playlist Includes 16 minifigures: Jay, Kai and Lloyd Garmadon (each with new-for-August-2017 high school outfit decoration), Green Ninja Suit, Misako, Jamanakai Villager, Sally, Ivy Walker, Konrad, Severin Black, Tommy, Guy, Juno, Mother Doomsday, Shark Army Gunner and Officer Noonan, plus Sweep the maintenance robot. Features a 3-level model (each level lifts off for easy play) connected by a sliding elevator, plus a traditional fishing boat. Level 1 features a bridge, sewer outlet, stream with translucent-blue and translucent-green water elements, sliding elevator with room for a minifigure, traditional fish market with fish and crab elements, house with dining room and bedroom with sliding screen doors and foldout ‘solar panels’, Sweep the maintenance robot's service station with assorted tool elements, and a taxi stand with telephone element. Level 2 features a modern fashion store with 2 mannequins and assorted NINJAGO® product elements, a construction site with a bonsai tree, a comic book store with brick-built sign, cashier desk, comic book stand with assorted elements including collectible NINJAGO training cards, a crab restaurant with brick-built crab entrance sign and oven with ‘crab-grilling’ function, a cash-dispensing ATM, 15 bank note elements (ATM can dispense up to 13), and a movie poster display stand with 4 interchangeable movie poster elements. Place the uncooked crab element in the oven, turn the dial and open the oven to reveal a cooked crab element. Press the handle behind the ATM to dispense bank note elements. Level 3 features a radio tower, modern rooftop sushi bar with sushi conveyor belt function and brick-built food, bathroom with sliding door, and brick-built puffer fish and squid sculptures, Lloyd Garmadon and Misako's apartment with an opening window, bunk bed, kitchen unit and attic space for the Green Ninja Suit minifigure. Turn the dial to activate the sushi conveyor belt. Weapons include Jay's chain with spike and Shark Army Gunner’s fish flame. Recreate and role-play exciting THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ scenes. NINJAGO® City measures over 24” (63cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 16” (42cm) deep. Traditional fishing boat measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide. Source: Facebook: Google+: Subscribe: =

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