This one is all ledge and ladder kills. I had a lot of extra footage from the last play through and some more new stuff from this weekend. This one had me laughing a lot. ENJOY!

I've been playing through Unity's campaign and i've been havin a lot of fun with it. The kills aren't as diverse like they were in AC 3 or AC 4, but the combat is more reminiscent of the first two AC games, which is a good thing in my opinion. I don't feel like a God anymore that can just kill everything but this one requires a little bit more skill. I plan to make a better compilation in the future, but i just wanted to showcase some of the cool kills i've seen so far in while playing the story. ENJOY!

This game is fun as hell. I don't really see why there is so much hate for this game, i'm still having a blast blowing these dudes away. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry about the delay of videos last weeks, i had my finals and i'm glad that's over with. Uncharted 4 might be a T-rated game, but it's violent as hell and it has some sweet rag dolls/kills. Lots of cool moments here, hope you all enjoy!

A lot of brutality in this one i must say. There are a few funny moments, and a lot of weird glitch moments. But overall there is some very brutal scenes in this one. I'd say this is one of the more darker compilations. Not to many car wrecks in this one like the last, but over all this one is pretty enjoyable. I hope you guys like sniping because there is a shit ton of sniping kills in this one. You might think gravity cheat is on, but it wasn't despite how animated these kills may be. I want to thank you all again for how big my channel is growing, its freaking crazy; you guys are the best!ENJOY and don't for get to make requests in the comments!

You have every right to call me an idiot; Why did i just now discover how fucking awesome this game is? The rag doll physics and the gore in this game is insane!! Also i want to give a huge shoutout to my buddy IRISU99 who made this video possible for me; he gave me a shit ton of awesome weapons to fuck around with and he is the one who convinced me to play this game. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this and would like to see more Dying Light!

Got a lot of requests for best of moments. So i figured i would go through some of my best moments. These are some of the craziest car crashes/traffic kills i've got, but there's plenty more that i didn't put in. Give me some requests for particular Best of videos!

God damn this was a funny collection of footage. I'm almost hitting 90 of these volumes isn't that nuts! Hope you all enjoy this one :)

I finally completed the game so here is a mixture of the end campaign kills and roaming around. I used the spear and went the the French Prison haha. I had some more footage but i accidentally deleted it like an idiot, so i'm kinda bummed…ENJOY!

This compilation is hilarious, so many crazy weird moments. I also spend some time with nature towards the end and i encounter a cliff where animals seem to commit suicide haha. Hope you guys enjoy this one and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

I try to be humble about my work, but I absolutely loved this compilation in particular, its an instant classic in my opinion. I found myself watching this one over and over, lots of badass moments with Franklin and Trevor as they hammer down on the gangs of Grove Street. They make a great duo. Hopefully this can make up for my compilation 44, which was pretty tame compared to my track record to be completely honest. Don't forget to make requests in the comments!

This is probably the most brutal compilation i've done for RDR. I tried to capture some of the most unique headshots and kills that bring out RDR's physics in the craziest way. Stay tuned for MGS5 next week and some GTA5 from the newest update. ENJOY!

Haven't made a gang kill compilation in a while and its always cool to play as Franklin and fuck up the gangs of Grove Street. I also play with the Deer and Jesus Christ in the directors mode, haha. I loved editing this compilation, lots of cool moments. ENJOY!

I kinda liked this mission, it was pretty memorable for a Hitman map and the whole protest scene along with the army and stuff was really cool. Had some fuckin crazy glitches and stuff that were absolutely hilarious, hope you guys enjoy!!

Still getting tons of requests for this game, its great knowing people still want to see more of this amazing game. Messed around with the NPC's more in this one and spent some time around the tower. Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more vids!

I have been waiting for a game like this to come out on the PS4/XBO generation for a long time. It's just classic single pIayer old school fun where you play as a cool dude and you wreck havoc on your enemies in a variety of different environments. It's addicting as hell and i absolutely love it! Special thanks to CRASHCRAIN

I can't thank you enough for 200,000 subscribers, and i'll personally make a video after this to thank you. Apologies for the unusually long wait, i had two exams last week and i didn't have time to work on videos, but i plan to make it up this week. Hope you guys enjoy this crazy compilation!

Holy shit, 19 volumes, haha. When's watch dogs going to come out LOL. Enjoy and don't forget to make requests in comments.

I'm seriously convinced that RDR has the best kill animations in all of gaming. Hope you all enjoy this one, i apologize for not posting a RDR vid in a while. ENJOY!

Here is the long awaited volume 13. This is quite the brutal play through. Have a lot of gunplay in this one, and some of those oil tower rig kills at the end. I ran into a lot of weird/funny moments, and some creepy encounters with the nuns, haha. ENJOY!

Bethesda's Wolfenstein The Old Blood is a pretty good buy for 20$ if you wanna shoot up some nazis. It has a more old school Wolfenstein feel rather than a more futuristic setting that The New Order had. They added in some more takedown kills with the new melee pipe and i also included some gunplay action with Nazis and of course ZOMBIES! Hope you guys enjoy this crazy compilation! Stay tuned for more videos and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

I play as Franklin again in another Gang kill compilation, and a ton of crazy shit happens. Lots of funny/brutal moments in this one. I also get Trevor to help me towards the middle, and i ran into a lot of brutal moments with the cops fighting the gangs and innocent bystanders. Enjoy!

Just another crazy day in Los Santos. Made two short films with the theatre mode for the first time. I hope you guys enjoy and apologies for the lack of videos lately; i was on a short vacation for thanksgiving. ENJOY!

Tons of requests for height ledge kills, so here it is! I also had a ton of weird moments and questionable moments particularly with the molotovs. This is definitely one definitely has a lot of memorable moments in this volume. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

I think they're tanks killed more soldiers than i did, haha. This is definitely in the list of one of the most epic volumes, great way to start off VOLUME 50!!!!! Holy shit, i've done 50 of these vids. That is fucking crazy to think. Just goes to show that GTA 5 still has a lot to offer. Don't forget to make requests in the comments!! ENJOY!

I got TLOU on the PS4, and was replaying through it. I start off with some funny pistol kills, and then some shotgun frenzy kills. Then i move over to the infected and clickers for some freaky moments. I think the physics are a little more enhanced on the remastered version so far. I'm sorry if i haven't been posting compilations as frequently. I had a pretty big exam this week, and i've been focusing on that. But i'm right back to making vids, ENJOY!

Lots of good shit in this one, had too much car stuff in the last volume but i went back to killing zombies the good old fashioned way. Me and my buddy IRISU99 both went pretty crazy on those zombies. Hope y'all enjoy this one and don't forget to make requests in the comments. I might be making a commentary soon so help me come up with a good game to do that with. ENJOY!

Even after six years, RDR is still amazing in terms of its physics with the kills. I tried finding those headshot kills where the NPC's stumble around first before they drop; its a pretty crazy how Rockstar made these details possible. This one is definitely more brutal than funny. Stay tuned for more and ENJOY!

Sorry for the long wait, i hope you all had a nice easter weekend. Here is volume 71! I've done 71 of these compilations, its crazy. Thankfully the release of the PC version is coming soon, so i can't wait to play with some of those mods! Here is a collection of mountain cliff kills, free way crashes, some army and uzi action going on. Enjoy!

Since the release of the PS4 remastered version of The Last of Us, i've had a number of requests to play some Last of Us. This is still the Ps3 version, but its always a good time to replay this game. I got a number of crazy kills, almost too crazy. This definitely goes in the list of one of the most graphic videos i've ever done. But i hope you can enjoy Joel and Ellie brutal rampages. Stay tuned for more!

Messed around with the new Hitman episode, walked around Rome and fucked around with some bystanders, but i then went in the mansion and shot up the whole place. Sorry for the lack of uploads these past few days, i've been pretty busy with school with finals and stuff.

Sorry for the delay, but my computer broke this weekend and as a result i lost a small portion of some good footage for this one. However, there's still some pretty good stuff in this one with lots of chaos. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

This one had me laughing like crazy at a lot of parts. Also the police towards the end at the towers are absolutely hilarious. And people say the Cops in GTA 4 are are retarded xD I also really like the new Marksman Pistol, and some of these kills seem like it gives the gravity cheat, but i never had it on in this compilation at all. Hope you guys enjoy this one and stay tuned for more vids!

A lot of funny moments in this one, hope you guys enjoy this and don't forget to make requests in the comments!! ENJOY!

This one is pretty damn ridiculous. One kill in particular is pretty nasty in a hilarious way, i'm sure you guys will know which one. A lot of funny shit with random civilian happened in this one. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

Here is the long awaited Volume 9. I've been getting so many requests. Sorry if i have been delaying vids recently, these past few days have been pretty busy for me since school has started again. But I'll try to keep up like i did last year. Crazy to think its almost been a year since my channel has been up. Hope you guys enjoy this and don't forget to make requests in the comments!

Lots of weird shit in this one and some of the most unbelievable crashes i think i've ever captured out of all the volumes. Hope you all enjoy!

Had a lot of requests for this for some time. This game has aged like a fine wine, such a fun zombie game!

Joel laying out his brutality on his foes and it ain't pretty..

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Apologies for the lack of videos, its just that i was kinda busy this past holiday week. But i'm back on schedule and here is a compilation of some of the usual GTA 5 craziness in this volume. Nothing that different, just the some ladder, truck and ledge kills. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to make requests in the comments!!

I was just fucking around after i died at the hospital and i didn't realize i had five stars as i was causing chaos, one thing led to another and this happened. I should've died so many times, this was crazy. ENJOY!

I had fun with this game for a short while, but i'll be honest it got kinda boring fast. Even though its not as broken as AC Unity, i found the world of Unity a little more enticing than the old London in AC Syndicate. Nevertheless, i felt i would post a video of some of the kills i encountered and thought maybe you guys would enjoy it. Stay tuned for a Red Dead video and some more GTA, and of course the release for Fallout 4!

This one had me laughing my ass off, lots of crazy shit in this one. Hope everyone had a nice holiday and new years! Enjoy!

I had a lot more footage, but i really turned Los Santos into a Warzone with this compilation. A lot of frenetic snipe kills and free way madness. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Hello everyone, i'm back from spring break. Sorry for the long delay, but i'm back to posting vids like usual. This one is pretty crazy and towards the end i found a decent spot for those long awaited mountain tumble kills, and also some more bulldozer kills as requested. ENJOY!!

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