It's all in the little details, Ubisoft made sure to deliver.

Taking you around the beautiful state of San Andreas in this Grand Theft Auto V Machinima. The song featured in the video is Quiet Nights by Catching Flies. Feel free to leave a rating and subscribe for more GTA V content.

Did this dude crawl out of a chimney? I know people get sunburned out in the hot desert a lot, but this guy can sure use some lotion! - Don't forget to leave a rating and subscribe for more funny and epic moments from GTA V! Captured on PS4.

The Sole Survivor goes on a wasteland safari.

Franklin missed his flight to Liberty City, so he had to rely on more unconventional means of travel. Unfortunately, the police were not on his side. Be sure to hit like and subscribe for more GTA machinimas and gaming content in general! The song featured in the video is Baby Blue by Badfinger.

First attempt at making a fan made trailer for a game. Song used: Paradise City by Guns N' Roses Please leave a rating and subscribe if you enjoyed the content!

Watch a lone warrior in a Cargobob survive the craziest thing Man Vs. Wild could throw at him in this Micheal Bay movie moment straight from a JJ Abrams movie. - Don't forget to rate the video and subscribe for more funny gaming moments!

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV gets remade using the advanced PC movie editor in Grand Theft Auto V. Link to original GTA IV trailer for reference: . If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave a like and subscribe.

Some goofy highlights from my recent Just Cause 3 shenanigans. Feel free to like and subscribe for more gaming content of the sort:D

It's not everyday you see a 747 crash right across the street from you. unless you're in Los Santos.

My passive-aggressive Frogger stands up against the almighty Savage that was bullying innocent players in the server. Hit like and subscribe to keep up with more awesome GTA content!

If you're a biker, whatever you do, don't brake check Trevor Philips.

It's raining men! The most bizarre glitch I've ever seen in a video game.

Random video I made of Trevor going on a rampage, never got around to finishing it but decided to upload what I had made so far. Like/Share/Subscribe is appreciated, thanks for watching :D

Somehow didn't die during this chain of melee kills.

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