I’ve been stalking professional fortnite players on Twitch this week and some were even kind enough to offer tips suitable for all of us. Let’s see how many you already use… 1. Pulse grenade to push you quickly towards the safe zone. 2. Parachute deploys at it’s lowest away from the island. 3. If you’re a covert player attempt to enter the safe zones from the smallest side. 4. Running towards gunfire in the distance. 5. Get used to the unique sounds of each weapon… 6. Throw a trap in the top of your base to warn off any would be base rushers. 7. Placing traps at the foot of the base to catch those snooping below 8. And one more way to use traps on your bases is by putting them inside. 9. Most people use metal and brick for final bases. This makes complete sense as they are the stronger materials but many people miss how weak they are during the first few seconds of the build. Wood on the other hand has immediate integrity and can take the brunt of a shotgun blast and still stay intact. Whereas metal is smashed to pieces immediately. 10. With bigger trees try to keep the last 50 health in tact and move to the next one. 11. Palettes, rock formations, huge pine trees… the beast trees at moisty are great too. 12. There’s a small glitch which can be used when gathering materials. 13. Building ramps above your head when climbing high can save your life. 14. you can peak through the slats in the structure and get the drop on the enemy. 15. edit your structures 16. sniper window 17. Hit a wall a few times to see through the top layer 18. Never stand still 19. Stone covers. 20. Sky Bridge security 21. fall damage 22. spam the ramp in the hopes of negating any fall damage. 23. If you’re trying to make an impossible jump use the roof tile to bridge the gap. 24. silenced weapons, use them for checking bushes or knocking down trees and walls without giving away your position. Don’t watch… Switch 25. immediately switching 26. Pop a ramp when fighting. 27. rifle can snipe through the cracks in some structures. 28. Switch to your axe while looting 29. Loot Trap 30. the effects of the campfires stack 31. Keep weapons in the same slots 32. check the patch notes! 33. By changing the pyramid structure to a ramp we are able to minimize the number of clicks needed to build. 34. Use console aim assist to check bushes for wookies. 35. Buttons can be reassigned on console

Just Cause 3 is crammed with Easter eggs, cultural references, memes and other secrets. On your way to Platinum this explosive sandbox heres 33 moments you should witness for yourself. 00:17 - DK Pistol - Golden Eye N64 - Donkey Kong 01:08 - Weeping Angels - Dr Who 01:37 - Teleportation - Stargate/ Dr Who N 40 42.275 E 5 35.220, at Insula Dracon, above Porto Darsena. The code to teleport here is 2-1-4-1-2-4. At N 40 45.495 E 5 44.620, at Insula Striate, in an abandoned factory. The code to teleport here is 1-4-3-4-2-1. At N 40 42.415 E 5 43.610, at Insula Fonte, north-east of Cima Leon: Transmitter. The code to teleport here is 2-3-3-2-2-3. 02:27 - Lone Survivor - Cast Away 02:49 - Mario in a Cart - Mario Kart 03:09 - Cash Bomb - Back to the Future 03:34 - Lost - Smoke Monster 04:40 - Crater - Thor's Hammer -N 40 48.565 E 5 40.860 05:18 - Stick Around - Predator 05:31 - Skull Island - Skull Rock - King Kong 06:01 - Banana Stand - Arrested Development 06:43 - Cross the Road Dog - Doge Mode - Explain the Meme 07:22 - Dress - Black and Blue or Gold and White? 07:47 - Sword in the stone - Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII 08:02 - Sniper Bonfire - Dark Souls 08:21 - N3 - Youtuber 08:31 - Landfill - Atari ET and other games- New Mexico 08:55 - Train - Simpsons Monorail 09:28 - Memorials Hyeng Woo Shim memorial N 40 41.595 E 5 42.920. Tae 'Jina' Stevenson memorial N 40 37.610 E 5 40.465 Jose Antonio Espinal Lugo memorial N 40 43.290 E 5 34.915 Jim O'hara Cross memorial 09:49 - Snowman Returns - Just Cause 2 09:59 - Mile High Club - Wreckage (there's a cow to ride here too) 10:17 - Mile high club music - Boom box 10:30 - Rave - Bolo Santosi and the green man 11:16 - Puns /license plate 11:27 - Rubber ducks 11:39 - Cow locations -N40 49.050 - E5 36.777 11:47 - Pogo stick -N 40 44.320 - E 5 38.715. 11:55 - Mime Club

Fortnite Battle Royale players continually improve with every game. The days of easy wins are numbered and to be able to compete for victories proves harder every day. To stay one step ahead, here are 8 console settings which will improve your game 1. Combat Pro 2. Pyramid Ramp 3. Aim Assist Pros and Cons 4. Introduction to sensitivity 5. Button mapping 6. Hidden settings 7. Brightness and contrast 8. Surround sound

Battle Royale Season 3 has arrived and brings with it a host of visual improvements and vanity items but it’s what’s under the hood which is most impressive including building options and how the double pump meta has been fixed. Oh and if you haven’t got the limited edition PS4 skin on Ps4, Xbox or PC, we’ll show you how at the end of the news. So if you’re ready lets check out all the changes brought in in patch 3.0.0… 1. New Vanity Items 2. Weekly challenges will be replacing dailies 3. Turbo build mode – No spamming required 4. Auto Material switch 5. Colour Blind Update 6. Bye Bye Double Pump 7. 60 frames per second is now avaible on all consoles 8. Victory dance 9. PS+ Skin and glider

I’ve been playing Friday the 13th this week and although it has quite a few glitches it is one of the most fun games I’ve played this year. Playing as Jason may be the best experience but you’ll find yourself as a counselor 99% of the time… so lets go through 7 tips and tricks to survive your nightmare as a counselor. 1. Communicate 2. Be ready to go radio silent 3. Listen to the music changes 4. Control your fear 5. Don't run 6. Know your options 7. Distract Jason

The virtual cabin for the Friday the 13th, the game is finally here and is a must for any Jason fans as it’s jam packed with references to the films. But that’s not it there are so many hidden easter eggs to find so I thought we’d ignore all easily found secrets and find those ultra rare ones together. Oh and I’ll keep the jump scares in so be warned.

Tekken | Complete Story Breakdown | Mishima Blood Feud | Tekken 1 – 7 Фрагмент с начала видео Tekken | Complete Story Breakdown | Mishima Blood Feud | Tekken 1 – 7 Фрагмент с середины видео Tekken | Complete Story Breakdown | Mishima Blood Feud | Tekken 1 – 7 Фрагмент с конца видео Tekken | Complete Story Breakdown | Mishima Blood Feud | Tekken 1 – 7
Tekken | Complete Story Breakdown | Mishima Blood Feud | Tekken 1 – 7

Tekken 7 marks the end of the Mishima blood feud so I thought now is the right time to recap and retell the story from Tekken 1 through to Tekken 7. I wont be looking at many other characters outside the Mishimas so if you’ve looking for a story of Paul Phoenix or Marshall Law then this video isn’t for you. We are going to look at the devil gene story running through the entire series. I’m going to do this in chronological order so Tekken 7 will bookend all the other games. Its going to be a bit of a confusing affair so garb the popcorn, open your mind and lets do this. Whose team are you on? Jin, Kazuya Heihachi or Jinpachi? Thanks for taking the time to watch. Would anyone be interested in breakdowns of other stories in the Tekken universe?

God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018) Фрагмент с начала видео God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018) Фрагмент с середины видео God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018) Фрагмент с конца видео God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018)
God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018)

With the next god of was series set to continue the story of Kratos, it’s time to go back in time and look at what happened in the original story as Kratos became the God of War and took down the gods of Olympus. Here’s everything you need to know about the God of War series before you start god of war 2018. Footage from God of War God of War 2 God of War 3 Chains of Olympus Ghost of Sparta Ascension

God of War series is set to continue very soon with Kratos leaving the world of Greek Mythology behind and invading Norse myth with his son, Atreus. Now is a good time to go through everything we know about God of war… you ready? Lets let’s do this. Here’s 10 things you should know about God of War. 1. The same Kratos - follows the events of God of War 3 2. Kratos has a son! – Atreus 3. The setting – Norse Mythology (goodbye Greek Mythology) 4. Combat changes – No longer simply hack and slash 5. Leviathan – Axe 6. Crafting System – Build your won armour or armor 7. Costume Unlocks – Mix things up a little 8. Skill Trees and XP 9. 30 hour campaign – No DLC? 10. Release date: 20th April 2018

Sonic Mania is a nostalgic thrill-ride of 16 bit splender. It’s literally one gigantic reference to previous sonic titles and 1990’s culture. Here’s 40 secrets, Easter eggs, and references we noticed and think you should too. By the way… there’s a few boss encounter spoilers here so come back later if you don’t want to know them just yet. references Sonic Spinball Sonic 1, 2 ,3 Sonic CD Dr Robotiniks' mean bean machine puyo puyo puyo pop and knuckles Lock on Technology streets of rage streets of rage 2 daytona USA Dayyyyyytonaaaaaaaa gamegear studiopolis Sega Sonic Pop Corn 90s sega adverts removed content Shinobi Revenge of Shinobi 3 seconds of footage used from sega universe and cyber shell following the fair use policy. Links to both channels in the comments. Please up-vote them.

Hello and welcome to Playstation grenade. I’ve recently started playing Warframe a game which I have put off for over 3 years due to my fear of pay to win mechaincs blocking my progression. Well, I finally gave Warframe the time it deserves and oh my gosh… it is brilliant. Sadly the user interface and the way things are explained are crippling the experience for new players so I thought I’d produce a 2018 beginners guide as I progress through the game and hopefully convince you to add this to your library or give it a little more time if you gave up years ago. PlayStationGrenade Discord Introduction 0:00 1. Platinum – Pay To Win? 1:58 2. Movement 2:30 3. Master Rank 4:54 4. Navigation – What should I do first? 5:43 5. Codex 7:10 6. Blueprints and Resources 7:48 7. Market 8:58 8. Mods / Modifications 10:40 9. Free Stuff 11:39 10. Which warframe to start with? 12:05

With Metal Gear Solid 5 finally hitting PlayStation plus I thought now is the right time to take a look at the Easter eggs, secrets, referencesand the weird and wonderful cutscenes which are surprisingly missable during a typical playthrough. I’m sure there are many many more hidden secrets and nods to pop culture so if I miss any, write them in the comments and receive the praise you deserve. There are one of 2 mild spoilers but nothing which will ruin the complex stoyline of Metal Gear. Here’s what we’ve found… 0:40 Kojima Recruitment Poster GDC 1:01 Metal Gear Solid 5 logo on Ocelot’s Glasses 1:28 D-Horse poop on command 1:55 Finding DeeDee (D-Dog) – mission 4 Pup becomes an adult over time Pet D-dog in the field DD will miss you/welcome you back in a cut scene 2:26 Quiet Provocatively moves around the helicopter 3:05 Hidden avatar in the window reflection 3:23 Sniper Wolf’s costume in Mission 40 3:55 Kept you waiting, huh? 4:52 Construction poster warning of falling objects 5:07 Happy birthday from the boys 6:04 Happy birthday from Quiet 6:46 100 percent bond with quiet 9:07 Big boss is watching you - 1984 Big Brother -1984 2=2 = 5 – 1984 10:36 Setting - Lord of the Flies Pig heads - Lord of the Flies Conch Shell - Lord of the Flies Ralph - Lord of the Flies Kingdom of the flies unfinished mission - Lord of the Flies 12:40 Hideo Kojima Cameo – MGS director 12:56 Ziang Tan – MGS level designer 13:12 Radio report – Silent Hills Cassette tape name - Silent Hills Music - Silent Hills Silent Hills sounds at night at Da Shago Kallai 14:50 Snake Eater theme tune – James Bond Tuxedo – James Bond Golden girl paint – James Bond 15:50 Raiden MGS 4 Cyborg Ninja PS1 snake Boss’s sneaking suit mgs3 16:08 Leather Jacket – David Bowie The man who sold the world - David Bowie Diamond Dogs – David Bowie 16:35 Stink hidden cut scene 17:07 Shower hidden cut scene 17:32 Boss quotes snake eater – pod Pie – pod Japanese train stations – pod 18:00 6 million dollar man – bionic sound effects 18:32 LALELULELO – hidden world controlling force 18:56 Chicken hat – for being terrible at video games 19:10 Lil chicken hat aka egg shell hat – you should stop playing video games.

Fortnite Battle Royale is all about looking good on the battlefield and following on from the Playstation 4 skin and glider, free to all PS+ subscribers Twitch Prime are getting in on the act. Here’s how you get the free skins a new back bling, twitch emotes and a glider too and there’s even more for the PVE mode. And of course the word ‘free’ is a little bit of a misdirect as it’s more of a reward for Amazon Prime subscribers. There’s a free 30 day trial you could take advantage of and download this precious loot, so it is possible to get everything for nothing. Step 1: Sign up to Amazon Prime (30 day trial) - amazon.com amazon.co.uk Step 2: Log in/Sign up to Twitch - twitch.tv Step 3: Link both accounts Step 4: Click the Loot crown and claim the fortnite offer Step 5: Go to Epicgames.com and link your PS4/Xbox or PC account Step 6: Confirm and Authorise Step 7: Play Battle Royale!

Over the last week I’ve been trying to find relatively safe areas to land with loot chests near by. I’ve tried to use double chests as starting points with another chest close by. You may find one or two people at these locations non of these should be overly populated and will have you stocked up ready for mid and late game. So here are 6 great landing locations for chests and safety. 1. The Dirt Track - 5 chests 2. Weeping Willow Tree - 6 chests 3. Swamp Tree - 5 chests 4. The risky Tunnel - 3 chests 5. Caravan Cavern - 7 chests 6. Greasy Outskirts - 4 chests

Friday the 13th: The Game is almost here. Here are 13 things you need to know before you buy. Prepare for blood, so, much, blood

Days Gone is one of the most anticipated games seen at E3. It’s now been a year since the initial reveal and we have seen some behind closed doors demonstrations and can now give you more details. In fact here’s 9 things you should know about Days Gone. The world lies broken and battered following a global pandemic, and a lone bounty hunter rides the open road in search of a way to survive. and a reason to live. Let's watch new footage from the upcoming open-world adventure Days Gone on PS4.

Today marks the biggest update to hit Battle Royale since it’s inception just over 100 days ago. I’ve delved into the 2.2.0 patch notes and have found 20 new things you need to know. Of course we don’t just tell you the news we show you the differences the update brings in… you ready? Lets do this… 1. 5 New named areas - Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Snobby Shores Shifty Shafts and the humongous Tilted Towers 2. Scoped AR new crosshairs 3. No more Scoped ARs in air drops 4. All Christmas event items have gone. Christmas trees, additional chests and snow launcher 5. Aiming while jumping and landing 6. Chest loot errors removed 7.reviving a teammate is now prioritized over picking up loot 8. Street lights and open chests can be built on top of 9. Friendly fire disabled. 10. Water no longer stops bullets 11. Water is no longer see-through under the surface 12. Sniper Kills display length of shot 13. Draw distances improved 14. Weekly store now has more items 15. More ammo at dusty depot 16. shipping containers yield more metal 17. Load times improved 18. footstep glitch removed 19. bullet sound glitch removed 20. new plant life and foliage.

I’ve jumped back into famous Second Son latterly and noticed the sheer volume of easter eggs, secrets and cultural references scattered about the open world. If you’ve picked up second son on PS+ then here’s things we think you should witness with your own eyes; On your way to picking up the Platinum trophy of course. Easter eggs include. Sly Cooper with Bentley and Murray Infamous 1 + 2 including Cole and Zeke The Legend of Zelda Knack Ikari Warriors Rocket: Robot on Wheels Pulp Fiction Frasier Loads of Seatle land marks including Gum Wall Big Foot Java Seatle Seahwaks Lincoln's Toe Truck Phoenix Jones Jones Soda Pho Noodles Elephant car wash Crocodile Nirvana Kotaku Game Informer Abercrombie and Fitch Starbucks Xbone Xbox Alex Dracott Suker Punch Call the DUP hotline Panda King a loads more. I'm so so tired. na night all, Adam.

Friday the 13th the video game has already become a cult classic for many of us and although the launch was a little flawed the service has improved and continues to do so with new features and bug fixes. The devs aren’t resting on their laurels and are busy working of new features. So lets look at 9 new things coming to Friday the 13th. 1. New Jason 2. New Emotes 3. New Animations 4. New Outfits and Cosmetic Items 5. New Maps and Fast Maps 6. Single Player Campaign 7. Highlight Reel? 8. Dedicated Servers 9. Physical copy of Friday the 13th with a new Jason skin and counselor clothing Come Join Our Discord

There’s no definitive way to play as Jason but with any luck this will make newcomers better equipped from the outset and those of you who are veterans, hopefully they’ll be things you haven’t considered before. Here are 10 tips and Tricks or a guide if you prefer to be better with Jason. 1. Traps and defensive play 2. Listen out for clues 3. Stalk and give a false sense of security 4. Let sense regenerate 5. Shift and grab 6. Use Fear - Power Cut 7. Throwing Knives are vital 8. Don't always grab 10. Unique hiding spots you're missing Talk to me (Adam) on twitter - Our Discord for video game chat -

The makers of Fortnite; the tower defence crafting, zombie horde culling action title have decided to take the latest video game trend known as Battle Royale and give it their own twist. At this point you’ll have a few different reactions… 1. A free to play game, I’ll give it a try. 2. Free to play… that’ll be pay to win or grind to win, or 3. Wait is this a PUBG rip-off? Well, I've jumped in and I started off absolutely terribly getting killed almost right away but after a few battles I pieced together a few tips and tricks which made me a better player in solos and with teammates. I won’t talk about landing on roofs to find chest or the best weapons to use. I think at this point you already have a handle on that. Instead this is 8 ways to turn a good player into a great player. Ok, lets do this. 1 Hide in Bushes 2 Jump during close encounters 3 Land fast 4 Bait or Kill 5. Revive behind constructions 6. build around loot to protect yourself 7. Loot with your pickaxe to prevent picking up the wrong thing 8. Friendly fire is on! use it to your advantage Fortnite: Battle Royale is now a permanent fixture on PlayStation Grenade. Please subscribe for more content.

Full line-up for PlayStation Plus (PS+) from Tuesday April 3rd Mad Max (PS4) Trackmania Turbo (PS4) In Space We Brawl (PS3) Toy Home (PS3) 99 VIDAS (PS Vita) Q*Bert Rebooted (PS3/PS4/PS Vita) Plus Fortnite Battle Royale skin and glider Leaving PS+ on Tuesday April 3rd Bloodborne (PS4) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3) Mighty No. 9 (PS3 and PS4) Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita and PS4) Bombing Busters (PS Vita and PS4)

Full line-up for PlayStation Plus (PS+) from Tuesday March 6th Bloodborne (PS4) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3) Mighty No. 9 (PS3 and PS4) Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita and PS4) Bombing Busters (PS Vita and PS4) Plus Fortnite Battle Royale skin and glider Leaving PS+ on Tuesday March 6th Knack (PS4) RiME (PS4) StarBlood Arena (PS Plus bonus – PS VR required) Spelunker HD (PS3) Mugen Souls Z (PS3) Exiles End (PS Vita) Grand Kingdom (PS Vita & PS4)

It’s surprisingly common for a video game to be cancelled during it’s development. Maybe the mechanics aren’t fun, or the art style is dated, or the narrative is underwhelming, or worse still someone on high decides the developers are better used on other projects. Usually the reasons to cancel a game are within reason but sometimes it’s a crying shame and a potential masterpiece is left gathering dust. With that in mind here are 7 Cancelled Video Games that would have been epic. Star wars 1313 - Criminal Underworld 8 days - Real time events over 8 days Scalebound - Xbox exclusive Batman: Gotham By Gaslight - Steampunk Batman! Rainbow 6: Patriots - Wall Street Criminals Legacy of Kain: Dead Son - Cancelled after 3 years of work Silent Hills - We wouldn't have Resident evil 7 without it. Oh Lisa. One day we will be together

2017 was a bumper year for PlayStation gamers with a heap of Exclusives to play Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon zero dawn, persona 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Hidden agenda uncharted the lost legacy and so many more. 2018 is shaping up to be even more crammed with video games only available on PS4. So prepare your wallet for an almighty battering and plan your way through 2018. Here’s 9 PlayStation Exclusives that will blow your mind throughout 2018. 00:34 Days Gone Release date ‘Early 2018’ – Exclusive to PS4 01:58 Death Stranding Release date 2018-2020 – Exclusive to PS4 03:20 Shenmue 3 Release date 2018 To Be confirmed TBC – PS4 and PC 04:23 God of War Release date ‘early 2018’ – Exclusive on PS4 05:33 Shadow of the Colossus Release date ‘February 6th 2018’ – Timed Exclusive on PS4 06:37 Marvel’s Spider-Man Release date ‘Q2-Q4 2018’ – Exclusive on Ps4 07:45 Detroit: Become Human Release date ‘Early 2018’ – Exclusive on PS4 09:19 Final Fantasy VII Remake Release date ‘TBC 2018’ – Timed Ps4 Exclusive 10:23 The Last of Us Part 2 Released date 2018-2020 – Exclusive on Ps4

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is probably the most popular video game currently out there with over 20,000,000 users around the world. We’ve all seen 101 videos about landing spots, loot locations and tips and tricks so in this video I want to remind you guys of some of the mechanics you may not be utilizing fully. Here are 21 Battle Royale skills you still don’t use. 1. Beware of an ambush – be suspicious around high quality weapons 2. Use Your traps – Weaken Your foes and down a few foes 3. Edit the architect’s house – a grab the 3 chests too 4. Edit each others structures – Don’t knock them down 5. Learn all edit options – There are more than you think 6. (Attacking) Shoot enemy forts – if you have the ammo 7. (Defending) Build Repeatedly – use everything you have to stay alive 8. Pyramid covering – hide everything 9. Pen in an enemy and cover a friend 10. Practice in the lobby – Or play ninja warrior? 11. Check the Patch Notes – Weapon buffs and nerfs 12. Take a silenced SMG - Quietly get airdrops 13. Quietly remove trees – a clear vantage point 14. Use the storm – Stock up on health items first 15. Fire Hydrants Tiny jump pads 16. Transparent structures Spy on the opposition 17. Controller Options – Combat Pro / Keyboard and Mouse 18. Bush wookie aim assist 19. Fall Damage 20. Parachute Spam 21. actively look to for confrontations

Video Game Villains are designed to be hated and despised for their outrageous beliefs and evil deeds. It keeps us going to the bitter end to see the main baddy get their comeuppance. Sometimes, in a few flitting moments, these dastardly criminals actually have a point which turns the tables on the way we perceive things. With that in mind here’s 6 Video Game Bad Guys who were right all along…. If you can get past all the murder and nastiness, that is. 1. Assassin’s Creed 3 - Haytham Kenway 2. Far Cry 4 - Pagan Min 3. Borderlands 2 - Handsome Jack 4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Kreia / Darth Traya 5. Infamous - Kessler 6. Batman: Arkham Origins - Anarky (Anarchy) Let the sarcasm begin!

In a world full of triple A titles and sequels it can sometimes be difficult to notice the potential of smaller indie titles. One in particular looks to be doing something different, something unique and dare I say it pioneering. I’m talking about A way out. Not only does it have the most charismatic and endearing directors behind it, Josef Fares, we’ll get to him soon. But it also has a new take on cinematic cooperative storytelling. Here are 8 things you should know about A Way out. 1. Vincent & Leo - an unlikely duo 2. A new genre? 3. Split Screen only – 2 player title, not for solo players 4. Replay Value - Play it again, Sam 5. Josef Fares - Director and Adam’s Hero 6. Published By EA - Will that hurt the game? 7. Friends play for free - Shareplay 8. March 23rd 2018

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is filled with secrets, easter eggs and damn wired stuff. Come see it all here. Movie references - The Matrix, Alive, Mad Max Video Game references - Assassin's Creed, The Division, Dark Souls Weird Stuff - Dogtown, Ghost Boy, Don't Push The Buttons, Yeti Easter eggs galore!

The Far Cry series has been with us since 2004 and over the years it has evolved into a must play series. Which one is your favourite? Far cry 3 remains my personal fave. With far cry 5 (march 27th 2018) only touching distance away it’s time to go through everything you should know before spending your hard earned cash. 1. Mature Audience – Setting the scene 2. Custom Character - Be who you wanna be 3. Co-op Campaign - Play everything together 4. Recruitment - Guns for hire 5. Fangs for hire – Animal friends 6. Villain – Father Joseph Seed 7. Vehicles – Land, Sea, Air 8. Mini games and side quests – fishing, hunting, Races 9. Melee focus 10. The Resistance Meter 11. Map editor returns – Endless New missions 12. Release date & bonuses - March 27th 2018 13. Season Pass - New Blood Dragon?

How are things going for you on Warframe? What planet have you unlocked? In this episode we are looking at building your first warframe, locating blueprints, customising your ship and what the best items to spend your precious platinum on, oh and void fissure too. The links to each section are below if you want to jump to any specifics or replay any segments 00:00 Introduction - what to expect 00:46 Unlocking Phobos Junction 01:28 Codex Scanner - Mars Cephalon Fragments 03:00 Void Relics Fissures (pronounced fishers) 05:14 Let’s Build Rhino - Warframe farming 08:29 Platinum – buy weapon and warframe slots 10:18 Ship Customisation – Make it look like home… or a psychopaths house PlayStationGrenade Discord

A few months ago it looked like Friday the 13th had been abandoned by the developers and we all died a little on the inside. Well not only were the reports completely wrong but an entire year of content has been mapped out for us. On Friday the 13th 3 more pieces of DLC will be unleashed on us with part 4 Jason, a new counselor named Mitch, a new weapon a new map and a round of emotes to to enrage Jason New Jason - Friday the 13th the Final Chapter aka Part 4 New Weapon - The Pig Splitter New Map - The Jarvis House from Friday the 13th Final Chapter aka Part 4 New Counselor - meet Mitch Floyyd. He's Chuck from Friday the 13th part 3 New Emotes - 10 new moves to bust out. these will cost real money though $2 in fact. Follow Adam - Our Discord -

Battle Royale has had a remarkable update today which changes many things. So lets quickly break them down. This is 9 new things is update 1.8 1. Halloween Event 2. Locker Menu 3. XP and Leveling 4. Leaderboards 5. Rocket Launcher 6. Slurp Juice 7. Voice Chat 8. Automatic pickups 9. Weapon balancing and new control support

Outlast 2 is about to release but the hype surrounding it has vanished. I'm hoping this video will help you decide whether to play the game or not.

10 years ago Burnout Paradise hit the PS3 and 360 to rave reviews but it never received the second outing it truly deserved. So much time has now passed that many new players have never heard of Paradise but Oh my word, the remaster is absolutely perfect, and I’ll happily tell you why. The awesome speed and crashes, the hidden game modes, the compelling online, it’s all here… so Here’s 7 ways Burnout Paradise Remastered is the perfect arcade racer. 1. The open world and core gameplay 2. Unlocking vehicles 3. Hundreds of cars, bikes, buggies and movie/tv vehicles 4. Secret route collectables 5. Rule Every road 6. Soundtrack 7. 8 player online

Fortnite’s Battle Royale has had yet another huge update. From the outside it may appear to be a Christmas event but it goes much deeper than that. Let’s look at 11 new things brought in in patch 1.11

Red dead redemption 2 in only 12 months away so we jumped back into its predecessor and came up with 101 things to do in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption Story | In 3 minutes | Everything You Need To Know Фрагмент с начала видео Red Dead Redemption Story | In 3 minutes | Everything You Need To Know Фрагмент с середины видео Red Dead Redemption Story | In 3 minutes | Everything You Need To Know Фрагмент с конца видео Red Dead Redemption Story | In 3 minutes | Everything You Need To Know
Red Dead Redemption Story | In 3 minutes | Everything You Need To Know

The Next Red Dead game is almost upon us! The only thing to do now is refresh your memory of Red Dead Redemption! We've got the video for you and will have you up-to-date in 3 minutes. Please like and subscribe and help our channel grow. Watch all Red Dead Redemption cut scenes here

Full line-up for PlayStation Plus (PS+) from Wednesday 3rd January Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4) Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4) StarBlood Arena (PS Plus bonus – PS VR required) That’s You! (PS Plus bonus – PlayLink) Sacred 3 (PS3) Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS3) Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (PS Vita) Uncanny Valley (PS Vita & PS4) Plus Warframe - PlayStation Plus Booster Pack II Bundle Including 100 Platinum 50,000 Credits Akmagus Dual Pistols Akmagnus Obsidian Skin Dragon Mod Packand other boosters Leaving PS+ on Wednesday 3rd January Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition (PS4) Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends (PS4) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS Plus bonus – PS VR Required) That’s You! (PS Plus bonus – PlayLink) Xblaze Lost: Memories (PS3) Syberia Collection (PS3) Forma 8 (PS Vita & PS4) Wanted Corp (PS Vita)

The standout title from E3 2017 was Anthem. Bioware’s shared world shooter coming in 2018. Due to the placement of the project many people don’t know this will be available on the PS4. I’ve gone through the footage and I’d like to outline 10 reasons to be excited about Anthem… oh and a few reasons to be worried too. UNITE WITH FRIENDS Up to four players band together to take on whatever perils you discover as a heroic team. As your friends support you in your journey, so do your victories and rewards benefit your friends. RISE TO ANY CHALLENGE Wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Customise them with gear you earn and craft, then use them to fly, leap, and climb through a contiguous open world. CHART YOUR PATH Experience massive, world-altering occurrences like Shaper Storms. Fight savage beasts and ruthless marauders. Delve forgotten ruins as you seek to defeat the forces plotting to conquer humanity The Anthem gameplay unveiled at E3 2017 reveals a shared-world action RPG from RPG specialist studio Bioware, with a few Destiny elements about it. You and up to three friends are Freelancers ready to be the hero this world needs.

Wrestling games have had an up and down existence on consoles. The highs of being a 6’3” Man winning the women’s championship in Smackdown 2: Know your role trough to the terrible glitches found in 2k14ones things for sure we’ve had a blast over the years. The future is here and it’s WWE 2k17 and it looks to be the best wrestling experience ever. So here are 5 reasons to buy WWE 2K17. First on the list is the sheer number of characters in the game. Over 150 superstars and Divas, oh can you say Divas anymore? Over 150 superstars and lady superstars are somehow rammed into this game and each one is a marvel to see. The entrance animations can by mistaken for the real thing as the lighting and sound add to the immersive experience. Just look at Shinsuke Nakamura walking to the ring. A Pixel perfect representation of the King of strong style. Another reason to add this game to your collection is the ‘My Career’ mode which pits your newly created superstar against the might off the wwe. Progressing through the performance centre and potentially NXT you have the chance to be part of story. Wrestling fans will understand what I mean right away but those of you who are aren’t wrestling aficionados will probably see to steroid abusing men pretending to hurt each other. Well, that’s not the case. Wrestling is storytelling it may be rags to riches, it may be the small guy taking on the corporation it may be 2 foot midget trying to find his Dad. Yeah, ok, it’s not for everyone. Bloody Hornswoggle. In addition to climbing the ladder of success at WWE you learn to micro manage merchandise and T-shirt sales, build stables and cut a promos like never before. And hey, you can even be a Paul Heyman guy. The gameplay has had many tweaks and refinements from the last little iteration. Gone are the ridiculously fast paced matches, which are now slower and allow the impact of moves to be felt by the opponent. The new submission system brings back button bashing it a tense race to fill the bar blue – to escape or red to tap them out. Similarly ladder matches now have a unique mini game in which you have to use timing. Basically a spinning circle with a segment missing rotates constantly and your job is to place a ball in the hole. Sounds easy but it’s surprisingly difficult when the pressure is on you. Lets move on to Signature moves and these are a wonder to witness and experience. The effect of being hit by an F5 or Style Clash, or a chair for that matter feels far more impactful and of course the blood adds to the spectacle if you’re into that kind of thing. Finally, another reason to buy this game is for the backstage action. Ever wanted to fight in Vince McMahon’s office? Go for it? Ever wanted a dustbin fight with a friend… course you can. The screen splits apart so local coop players can run away with the limits of the screen stopping them. Bump into a wrestlers who’s stolen your eye shadow? Take him down. Ultimately this is easily the best wrestling game on the market. And if you’ve got to this point in the video you must want it. We’ll be picking up a copy and creating ourselves immediately.

Over the course of a typical video game you will slay a few unsuspecting baddies. Don’t worry we can hide behind the fact it’s a video game to disguise our own sociopa thic tendencies. By the time we reach the final boss we’re so driven baddass that we’ll go to any means to take them out once and for all. On a few special occasions we go to extremes and kill the main antagonist in ways that are so over the top they need to be put into list form on a youtube video. So here are 7 times overkill was underrated. Oh and just incase you haven’t guessed… spoilers galore for the following. No game stories covered were released past 2014. 1. Squished like a bug Sinister – Deadpool 2. Do the Stomp Ruvik’s Brain – The evil within 3. Chip off the old block Big Smile Lee - Sleeping Dogs 4. Having a blast Mendoza - Just Cause 5. Rocket Man Baby Panay - Just Cause 2 6. New balls, please Hitler – Sniper Elite Series 7. Knife to meet you Shepard – Modern Warfare 2 LOOK! We have a discord:

Exploits have been around since the dawn of video gaming some are simply amazing, some hilarious and some break the game completely. Ranging from minor bugs and glitches to monumental manipulations of in-game mechanics heres 6 video game exploits we couldn’t resist trying. And be honest can you say, you’ve never tried any of these for yourself? Btw these ideas have come from our discord community so if you’d like to contribute to future videos come join our dysfunctional family. I’ll put a link here 1. Skyrim - Super Leveling Exploit 2. Friday 13th - Roof Glitch 3. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past - 5 minute speed run 4. Destiny 2 - Calus boss fight exploit 5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Cattle Defender 6. Skyrim (yes, again) Bucket Head theft

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is jam packed with cultural references, easter eggs, memes and secrets. Whilst your making your way through this dystopian future here’s 20 things to look out for. 0:15 Antique shop – Portal Cube, Tomb Raider Legend, Soul Reaver, Hitman, Deus Ex Human Revolution 01:33 Watch Dogs – Aiden Pierce 02:02 Human Revolution – Faridah Malik survived 03:41 0451 – Fahrenheit 451 04:43 Apartment 41 – the void which binds – the hyperion cantos, Josef Severn 05:30 Memes – And Knuckles 06:05 Memes – Doge holly 06:29 – magazines – wired and PC gamer 06:47 – Banksy graffiti 07:03 – CTU 24 07:17 – Blade runner – do androids dream of electric sheep 08:03 – Big – Zoltar Voltar machine ‘I wish I were big’ 09:10 – the big lobowski – sobchak security 09:25 – UFC of the future – HMFC 09:33 – The golden penguin – the golden rookery

Watchdogs Story | Everything you need to know | In 3 minutes Фрагмент с начала видео Watchdogs Story | Everything you need to know | In 3 minutes Фрагмент с середины видео Watchdogs Story | Everything you need to know | In 3 minutes Фрагмент с конца видео Watchdogs Story | Everything you need to know | In 3 minutes
Watchdogs Story | Everything you need to know | In 3 minutes

Today we take a look at watchdogs as many of you are playing the sequel. Get up to date here!

Arriving on Tuesday October 3rd Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4) Amnesia: Collection (PS4) RIGS: Mechanised Combat League (PS Plus Bonus – PSVR Required) That’s You (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink) Monster Jam Battlegrounds (PS3) Hustle Kings (PS3) Hue (PS Vita & PS4) Sky Force Anniversary (PS Vita & PS4) Leaving PS+ inFamous: Second Son, PS4 Strike Vector Ex, PS4 - NORTH AMERICA Child of Light (PS4) - EUROPE Truck Racer (PS3) Handball 2016 (PS3) We Are Doomed (PS Vita & PS4) Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4 & PS Vita)

Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4, Pc and the Xbox which makes it time for Monster Hunter new comers everywhere to try to care about it. Spending the last 9 years on Nintendo, although there was a vita version but that is only available in japan, now it's time to bring it to the other home consoles. Coop gameplay, breathtaking environments and a living breathing eco system which is a funky way of saying monsters eat each other and urinate everywhere. what a time to live in Monster Hunter World comes out on PS, PC and Xbox in 2018 but no date has been confirmed yet. Intro The Monster Hunter Franchise has never really caught on in the west even though there has been more than 20 titles in the series. That is set to change when Monster Hunter World hits the shelves in Early 2018. If you’re new to monster hunter or like me you haven’t played one since 2009, then here are 8 reasons to be excited about Monster Hunter World. -------------------------------- PlayStation Grenade brings you weekly videos about videogames, with a strong focus on the PS4. Join Adam for gameplay, lists, and random other things that won't be put ion a box. Cheers for watching and try not to kill each other in the comments.

Sometimes you want to play a new game but don’t have any cash to scratch that itch. Well fear not as PlayStation have your back with over 50 free-to-play games on PS4, Ps3 and vita. Lets start off with Let it Die! This is one of the most charismatic and bombastic games on this list. IT’s clear to see this is based on the mechanics of dark souls and the title should also prepare you to die… a lot. Following a catastrophic event a huge tower has appeared in Tokyo… and you task? To get to the top of course. The fighting is fun but misses the skill-based timing of Dark Souls but the weapon crafting makes up for that and occasionally feels like Dead Rising. This is at the top of the list for a reason and is definitely worth your time. Kill Strain is next on the list and is free to all PS+ members. Originally released in 2016 the key additions and patches make this one worth your time. This is an online PVP, that’s player vs. player that pits 3 teams against one another. What’s pretty cool is the ability to change team sizes by ‘spreading the strain’ and turning humans into mutants. Daily missions, XP and leveling and even perks, its all here. That’s enough killing for a while lets look at sports and football or soccer if you prefer. PES 2017 trail edition is essentially an expanded demo of the full game designed to get FIFA fans to switch teams. PES is brilliant and doesn’t require me to talk about mechanics but keep in mind the missing elements in this free-to-play title. Quick online match is missing, Champions league isn’t here, become a legend is cut and the sacred master league is omitted. Get past those limits and enjoy a football sim that rivals FIFA in almost every way. Do you have PSVR? Or should I say do you have something to play on PSVR? As early adopters to a new piece of VirZOOM Arcade comes in. Yes I know the title is terrible but this has a lot of potential. This is an arcade with multiple mini games to try out. You can ever track how many calories you’ve lost if that’s something you do. VirZOOM Arcade use a token or credit system to push you into buying additional turns, just like in the arcades of the 1980s. Ride a unicorn, drive a tank there’s something for everyone. If you’re a fan of telltale games and there wondrous choose your own adventure stories then you can pick up episode 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode. In this title you explore the blocky world of Mincraft playing as young builder Jesse with his friends on their way to a building competition. Lets just say things don’t go to plan. If that’s sounds interesting go grab it from PSN now. Also, Telltale 6regularly give away the first episodes in their games. In the past we’ve had the walking dead season 1 and 2 , tales from the borderlands and Game of Thrones so it’s worth checking back regularly. If you fancy punching people in the face then give Dead or Alive 5: Last Round a try. If you’ve ever played tekken, street fighter or Mortal Kombat you pretty much know what to expect here. Like with PES this is a cut down version of the game with limited fighters to choose from and the story mode is locked. DOA5 is trying to get you to purchase characters after you inevitably get beaten up by them. Neverwinter is your massively multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG for short, offering a similar playing experience to World of Warcraft. This one has 100s of hours of gameplay as you explore your surroundings and battle multiple enemies based in a dungeons and dragons-esque world. Expect regular and heavy updates with this one as it attempts to make you forget about school, work and going outside. Another game which could take over your life is Star Trek Online! Its another MMO which came out last year and follows the PC version. This is similar to Neverwinter but with a Sci-Fi setting but the key difference is the space combat where you captain a Starfleet ship around the galaxy. The lighting effects make this engaging but I’m a star wars man myself so I’ll leave this be. How about a rhythm game? Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone. Again this is more like a demo than a full game as you will only have the chance to try 2 tracks. Your job is to perfectly time the button presses with the screen prompts to complete Miku’s performance. This is making me slightly uncomfortable… lets move on. Lets finish with a strategy title in the shape of Battle Islands: Commanders. This is about the art of war as you take part in world War 2 battles from the safety of your seat. Coordinate attacks and plan defensive maneuvers. In real time, build your army and defeat your opposition. Kind a reminds me of command and conquer.

It’s the time of the year when annualised video games throw down their latest markers. The WWE and WWF video game lineage is no different and have been yearly outings for almost 18 years now. Oh how I miss the old school story mode in WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. If you’re like me and a bit skeptical of buying the same game every year then here’s 7 new things, improvements and updates in WWE 2k18 that distance it from last years version. And by the way try to spot as many wrestler finishing moves as you can. 1. Huge Roster with 30 female superstars 2.Improved visuals! Lighting, Shader and Camera Angles 3. New commentary team. Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Cory Graves 4. 8 characters at once. So many sweaty men 5.New carry mechanic. fireman's life, cradle, powerbomb, shoulder 6. Creation suite. Huge updates and changes 7. My Career, Road To glory and Universe Mode Others - Free Roam, New OMG moves, the brand split! Follow Adam - Our Discord -

Resident Evil 2 Story | Everything You Need To Know in 3 Minutes Фрагмент с начала видео Resident Evil 2 Story | Everything You Need To Know in 3 Minutes Фрагмент с середины видео Resident Evil 2 Story | Everything You Need To Know in 3 Minutes Фрагмент с конца видео Resident Evil 2 Story | Everything You Need To Know in 3 Minutes
Resident Evil 2 Story | Everything You Need To Know in 3 Minutes

Resident Evil 7 is just around the corner so it's time to refresh your memory from 1998 (unless you played the Umbrella Chronicles). Over the next month we'll be uploading 3 minute refreshers for the pivotal games in the Resident Evil Franchise so please press subscribe and support our little channel. Resident Evil 2 in 3 minutes 2 months after Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine survived the original game come Resident Evil 2. You play as either Claire Redfield, on a mission to find her brother or Rookie Cop Leon Kennedy on his first and only day in the Raccoon City Police Department. The T-Virus which was thought to have been eradicated in the mansion incident has reached Raccoon City which is now infested with zombies. Leon and Claire quickly discover police Chief Brian Irons knew about Umbrella’s experiments and kept it quiet for personal benefit. As the story unfolds Leon meets Ada Wong who is looking for her boyfriend John and Claire meets Sherry, the daughter of Umbrella Chief Scientists William and Annette Burkin. A secret bio lab is discovered which holds the G-Virus which unlike the T-Virus which turns it’s victims into mindless Zombies the G-virus has potential to create the ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon. William Burkin has decided to sell the G-Virus to the US government after a disagreement with his superiors causing Umbrella to shut down the program, Killing him and taking all the G-Virus Samples. In a last gasp way to prolong his life, Burkin injects himself with the G-Virus. It did work and Burkin survived but his mind was no longer his own and his body went through a few changes. He main focus is now to find his daughter and implant her a G-embryo thus fulfilling the virus’ need to reproduce. Venturing further into Umbrella’s underground Facility Claire and Leon battle zombies, the freakishly terrifying Lickers, an Ivy plant, a giant moth, cockroaches, larvae and of course William Burkin in his various G-Virus states. To make matters even worse depending on the play through a T-103 Tyrant pursues our heroes throughout the story. Anyway, back to the story. Burkin finds and for want of a better word impregnate Sherry with the G-Virus Embryo he then kills his own wife but not before she tells Claire how to create a vaccine for Sherry. Leon and Ada share a lovey-dovey moment as she is revealed as a spy attempting to steal the G-Virus for an unknown organization. Somehow they are completely in love after only spending 10 minutes together. A true story of love at first sight. Leon and Claire create a vaccine for Sherry and save her life, all against the backdrop of the now famous Resident Evil self-destruction sequence. Finally, Burkin returns in his final form but is no match for our heroes and Claire, Leon and Sherry escape their nightmare. To tie up a few odds and ends Claire continues her search for her brother, Leon is hired by the US government and Sherry, well Sherry’s story will be further uncovered in Resident Evil 6. So, That’s it that’s resident evil 2 in 3 minutes with a little bit of the the darkside chronicles thrown in for good measure. If you’ve enjoyed this please help our channel grow by clicking the sub button. We’ll be looking at all major instalments in the RE universe so please check out our videos.

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